That Time I Realised That My Body Didn’t Require To Modify By Rosie Red

Oh hey guys! So my gorgeous friend Rosie Red of Rosie Red Corsetry &amp Couture has written me yet another outstanding post. Take it away gorgeous…

When I sit on the toilet (bear with me) I have a mirrored cabinet directly opposite me. I haven’t but put it on the wall. As a lot as I’m good with a needle and thread, I would feel significantly more comfy glue gunning it, and I just don’t feel it would be robust adequate.
Anyway, back to the point… when I am about to get in the bath and I sit on the toilet this mirror is positioned in the exact way that I can see my naked physique, hunched more than. I have a tummy that sits on my lap, and I have boobs that in spite of getting large and searching gloriously spherical in a bra, realistically sit in uneven melted ice creams down my chest.
When I am naked and looking in this mirror I do see my narrow waist and big hips, but I mainly see all the fat regions that are by all intents and purposes seen by the mass media as ‘bad fat’.
Lets be real, curvy is acceptably appealing. I can pose in a bikini and look the ‘good’ kind of fat. The shaggable type of fat. It’s only very recently that I have come to realise that a person can locate my physique lovely. They do not just find it acceptable, but really beautiful at any and every single angle.

I don’t know anybody that hasn’t had problems with their physique. Mine had been far a lot more prominent as a child and teenager. I consider as I have grown up I have taken a more f*** you approach to it. My body has had so much rubbish thrown at it, and but it has accomplished incredible things. That stated, I’ve usually thought in attracting (and maintaining) a mate I would have to alter my physique. Or, if I decided not to, that a person would have to tolerate it. My body would never ever be adored, or loved, but tolerated. How grim is that?
But it is happened. Someone thinks I’m lovely. Not just gorgeous in a tight jumper and high waisted skirt hiding all my ‘flaws’ type of way, but the hunched-on-the-toilet-belly-roll sort of beautiful. It got to a stage in our partnership exactly where I realised I couldn’t hide my physique or just pose flatteringly anymore. This person was going to see me naked. Opening the curtains in broad daylight sort of naked. And guess what? He didn’t run.
When we fall asleep in bed he typically holds my tummy. He doesn’t have a weird fetish (or if he does I am however to discover it), but the information are that it is soft, and perhaps in some approaches comforting. If I’m being honest I feel the 1st time he went to hold me there it was a sort of trust test: would I flinch, ask him to cease or move his hand away. I didn’t. He desires me he deserves the correct to be permitted to adore each portion of me. I don’t ever want our bodies to be off limits from every single other because of insecurity.
I am sometimes painfully aware that his ex girlfriends have been far thinner than me. But, they are ex girlfriends for a cause, and are in his past and not his present. It’s odd is not it, how we typically feel threatened by someone’s previous. How odd that we pin all of our concerns over someone’s appearance. It is as though we have been programmed to think this way.
It was in the course of a bath time conversation I dared to ask that dreaded query ‘would you choose me to be thinner?’ He told me that he loved me. Weight doesn’t play any element in that. The tube in my stomach (you can read all about my kind 1 diabetes right here), the bionic implant in my arm, and my ‘chunky bits’. They make me me. Wonderful I thought. But constantly wanting to pry a bit deeper I then asked, but what if I was to lose weight, or to acquire weight? Would you nonetheless discover me eye-catching then? Now as some background info, my chap is a really black and white type of guy, he’s to the point. “Yeahhh”, he said, “Do what you want with your physique. It’s your physique. I love it when we have sex, I adore it when we have days out, I adore it when we go for meals and to the cinema and for drinks. I really like the experiences your physique affords, why change?”
And that was it. That was the turning point for me. Not only did I realise that this guy found me entirely appealing, but that my appearance is not the only thing he’s attracted to (duuurrrrr naturally). He’s the initial man in my life that openly calls me lovely. Not the teenage boyfriend’s compliments of yeah you’re quite but kind of weird hunting, or later down the line of, yeah you are sort of hot in your own way… He says that I am stunning. And it is not a one particular off, he tells me often.

So this is my straightforward message to you, and I apologise for obtaining it to you in a quite rambly way: your body deserves to be far more than just tolerated. Your physique deserves to be loved, adored and worshiped. No buts, or maybes, or after you’ve lost 20lbs, but right now. This immediate.
I consider I grew up with the idea that to have a person love you (and your physique) you had to adore your self and your physique initial. Properly that is bollocks. I came into this relationship far from content with my naked body. Occasionally it takes a person else to assist glue our pieces with each other, and to teach us that those tummy rolls and those melted ice-cream boobies are loveable, not tolerable.

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Evaluation: Colette & Sebastian Elise Bra, Thong & Suspender Belt

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: I received this lingerie set free of charge (except for $ 25 postage which I paid) from Colette and Sebastian to review. All opinions are, as always, one hundred% sincere.

Colette &amp Sebastian is a new US lingerie brand by Colette Khalil. The brand has debuted with a pretty narrow 32-36 B-DD and S-L size variety, but it is no wonder when you see how a lot of merchandise there are – there are 59 bras alone! There’s a tiny bit of some thing for everybody, from lined balconettes to sheer bralettes and super-strappy pieces. I was offered a set from Pure Temptation, a collection of classic, unlined bra and suspender sets, and obviously went for the 1 with sparkles.

Colette and Sebastian Elise bra set review


Black and gold is a single of my favourite colour combinations, it constantly adds a sense of opulence no matter how simple the design and style it is a component of – and Elise is a relatively easy bra set, not one particular that would have caught my eye in plain black. I know that due to the fact it’s also available in black as the Alexandra set, which is nice sufficient if you just want a simple, lacy bra, thong and suspender set – but when you can add a glittering gold shimmer for just $ 11 additional, there’s no query in my thoughts more than which to go for!

Not only is the Elise metallic, it has my other favourite point in a lace, scallops, which continue all the way about the base of the band and trim the cups and thong. They adorn the straps too all the way to the shoulder, which is a fairly touch. I like it when bra straps don’t get forgotten about.

There are no bows as you so typically locate on lingerie. The decor details all really subtle – the gold rings breaking the suspender straps in the middle, for example – producing this a classic, timeless style, and minimalistic despite the lace. It’s one that operates just as well for daytime as it would for particular occasions.

Verdict: 7 / ten

Colette and Sebastian Elise bra review

Colette and Sebastian Elise review


Continuing the subtly-accomplished decor theme, the lace pattern is symmetrical all through, which I appreciate. It’s not some thing you notice right away, but it is 1 of these small information that sets larger-finish lingerie apart from the inexpensive stuff.

The bra is a 3-part cup with a silicone trim along the cup edge to keep the lace flush against the skin. The hardware is metal and the fabrics and elastics utilized are all really soft, including a mesh lining inside the bra’s cups.

Verdict: 8 / 10

Colette and Sebastian Elise suspender belt review


I received the bra in a 32D, a sister-size up from my present usual size of 30DD, and the thong and suspender belt in a S (UK 10 / US six) so a couple of dress sizes bigger than usual. I’d for that reason expected that they’d need to have some alterations to fit me, but the thong has sliders at the side and is so adjustable that it wasn’t an issue at all.

The suspender belt on the other hand kept slipping down to my hips so I took 4″ off (tutorial here if you missed it) and it now fits considerably far better, even though it didn’t resolve the slipping-down difficulty. The lace and elastic are each fine, soft and stretchy, so it just will not stay place at waist-height. The suspender straps are also not fully adjustable due to the gold ring detail, so it doesn’t maintain my stockings quite as high as I’d like. It is a lot more of a boudoir piece actually, or for someone tall.

As for the bra, the band is accurate to size as a 32 and the cups are just my size. It is not a especially supportive bra – the vertical seam is on the lining layer only and feels unsubstantial so it doesn’t do any aggressive sculpting – but it is comfy and fits effectively.

Verdict: 6 / ten

Colette and Sebastian review - black and gold lace suspender belt


Colette &amp Sebastian’s Elise set is hand-wash only, even though you’d most likely be fine popping it on a delicates cycle in a mesh lingerie bag. I’ve worn it about five occasions so far and haven’t noticed any troubles, it still appears virtually new.

Verdict: 9 / ten

Value for Income

The Elise bra is $ 114 (~£92 / ~107€), the thong is $ 61 (~£49 / ~57€) and the suspender belt is $ 72 (~£58 / ~68€). That’s a lot more than I would have considered paying for it personally if I’m sincere. I like the set, but I have a tendency to value trend-led design and more striking components (like the embroidery on the lovely Allegra suspender belt), and would be looking something much more exclusive if I have been going to drop a couple of hundred pounds on a lingerie set.

It is fairly though and extremely comfy to put on. It is worth taking into consideration if what you want is a classic, sophisticated set that will look just as fashionable five or ten years from now.

Verdict: 6 / ten

Colette &amp Sebastian lingerie set review

Colette &amp Sebastian also makes a plunge version of this bra called Andriele, which has a tanga bottom and slightly distinct suspender belt, and there’s a Madison balconette and brief also in the exact same lace, so you can mix and match among the 3 ranges to generate your perfect set. The slightly less expensive, non-metallic Alexandra version of this Elise set also comes in red and white.

What do you consider of this Elise bra set, and the rest of Colette &amp Sebastian’s debut collection?


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Win With Marina Rinaldi

Rock, pop, jazz or romantic? I am a full blown rock chick! And here is how I would style a rock outfit from Marina Rinaldi:


Which a single are you? Why not enter Marina Rinaldi’s most current competition to be in with a likelihood to win:
* three night’s keep in Milan at a Hotel (4 stars minimum), complete board.
* 1x ticket to attend the Marina Rinaldi Event on February 24th in Milan, which includes return transfers to the place of the event from the hotel.
* 1x Marina Rinaldi Voucher valued 500 € (or equivalent currency) to be spent in a Marina Rinaldi Store.


Click here to read all the terms and circumstances and enter the competition! And excellent luck!


Blouse (size 27): Marina Rinaldi
Jeans (size 27): Marina Rinaldi
Jacket (comparable): ASOS Curve
Footwear (equivalent): ASOS
Sunglasses: ASOS
Earrings: ASOS
Belt: ASOS Curve
Clutch (comparable): ASOS
Brooch: Erstwilder

*This is a sponsored post. My charge usually covers my exposure and attain. It By no means sways my opinion.*

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Lingerie Sales for the Week of 2/18/17

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Sequin Embellished Babydoll via Yandy

Is your organization operating a lingerie sale? Send it to sales@thelingerieaddict.comNote: (On the web only) Sales have to be received by Friday at 12pm PST for inclusion in that week’s sales post. There is no charge for inclusion in the weekly sales post.

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Valentine’s Lingerie Styling

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and for a lot of us that means dusting off the nurse’s outfits and digging out the tingly lube. But if you are anything like me, the thought of seducing your companion while you wear a strappy set of lingerie can seem daunting, bordering on embarrassing. I really feel self-conscious about my physique at the ideal of occasions, let alone when I am supposed to be oozing sex appeal. Sexy lingerie utilized to = skimpy lingerie for the most portion, and my wobbles and bulges would really feel something but attractive when trussed up like a piece of belly pork!
So right now I want to show you a couple of diverse outfits and ways of pairing lingerie products to suit a few distinct comfort zones! I will be sharing my personal thoughts and those of my amorous assistant aka – my husband Robbie!

The new Voodoo set is a clever small creation! It appears like you will need to have a degree to get it on, but it is really truly simple, and the effect is spectacular! Wearing the bra with it is bondage like styling under a sexy bodycon dress is a cheeky way to flash some lingerie with out getting too brazen about it.
Robbie: Err nicely yeah, this is pretty attractive! I don’t get how those strap items operate but I like how they appear! I do not need to have to perform out how to undo it to see boobies do I?

I adore love Love this Scantilly Unleash set. It provides me boobs a excellent shape in and out of garments, and I do think that pleather needs to be involved in lingerie a lot a lot more. The high-waisted briefs assist me really feel a tiny better about my wobbly tum, and the cheeky peephole at the back is a nice touch. Anything like this would function effectively beneath an outfit, and then a naughty tiny striptease when property would go down a treat – excuse the pun! If that is a little out of your comfort zone, why not send your companion a saucy snap prior to going out or whilst out to get the blood flowing and pulses racing!
Robbie: I am not the greatest fan of leather, but this tends to make your tits look so excellent, I do not even care!

The tuxedo! I wasn’t too positive about this piece, as I favor a higher waisted brief – so I decided place on the Unleash knickers underneath and it worked a treat. But then Robbie went to photograph me in it and he…ahem…REALLY loves a bow tie/collar on a woman – who knew?! This item can be worn with or without undies – and if you opt for with out, there’s no want to eliminate it if you want to bump uglies. Apparently.
Robbie: *X-rated appreciative response*

If you are soon after anything with a bit a lot more coverage, then the Unleash smock best is a actually nice choice that is nevertheless sexy without having becoming as well revealing. Wearing knickers is optional.
Robbie: This looks like a attractive nighty. My penis approves.

Quite babydolls for big boobs? Enter the Ritzy babydoll! Gone are the days of worrying about your boobs falling out of an ill fitting flimsy piece of fabric, the Ritzy babydoll is pretty, supportive and sexy.
Robbie: Ooh, purple! I really like the tiny skirt.

I genuinely *Actually* enjoy the Knockout set, but appreciate the large reduce-out at the front may be a tiny risqué for some. If you want to try the Knockout set but do not necessarily want to bare all appropriate away, you could team it with a robe, or the set even appears excellent with plain briefs and hold ups.
Robbie: That set is amazing, and I adore the cut-outs. The robe is pretty cool. And I truly like the tights…

A tiny variation on the final look – why not show up house or at your partner’s house wearing some thing saucy beneath a coat. You can nevertheless keep slightly covered up, and who does not enjoy a sexy reveal!
Robbie: You can’t ever put on this coat once again. I will forever be asking yourself if you are wearing something naughty underneath, and it’s not often appropriate to feel these things…

I bet you have been curious about that sneak peek of a set from the first photo? Well your partner will be too! And this is what lies beneath – the stunning Voodoo set! It is exciting, flattering and the harness information are like catnip to men! The ideal set to seduce in this Valentine’s Day.
Robbie: Wow. Just…wow.

Must you want to pair the Voodoo set with something with a tiny a lot more coverage, then this beautiful Collectif robe will do the job! Plain black knickers will function perfectly with it must you want to mix’n’match the set, and you can never go incorrect with hold ups!
Robbie: I feel like I have x-ray vision and I can see correct by means of your dress. I know which super power I want now…

So there you have it, my guide on how to make sexy undies work for different diverse comfort zones. I hope it has provided you some concepts on how to go forth and be a sexy minx – but don’t forget, naughty undies are for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.

*This is a sponsored post. My charge usually covers my exposure and attain. It By no means sways my opinion.*

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The Ewa Michalak Croptop

That Ewa, she is constantly creating some thing new and fascinating! One particular of her newest additions is the PL Croptop Maskarada.


It’s a plunge bra with a bralette croptop sewn onto it, and it is fairly cute!


Given that my boobs would destroy a flimsy bralette like two wrecking balls, this appears like a genius notion! Certainly the bra is visible, but it is playing into the entire ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend. And as the ladies at Ewa demonstrate perfectly, this would be a quite attractive appear with a black skirt and jacket.


I am wearing this in a 38J/20 as per with my Ewa size, and it fits really properly! I consider I will attempt to wear this under some thing sheer rather than with a skirt, as I am not fairly brave enough to rock that look! I also like it just as underwear, as I do have a small chub beneath my bra band that I can be self conscious about, and this veils it perfectly! The thong briefs are a genuinely lovely match – no cutting in and ample crack room (practically nothing worse than a thong that is a small as well short…). I am not generally a fan of briefs that go under my tummy, but these are so comfy!

Bear in mind, if ordering from Ewa confuses you, I have a post here known as ‘Ewa Michalak Explained’ that talks you by means of pricing and sizing.

Do you like the Ewa croptop? How and where would you put on it?

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Forest of Symbols: Tisja Damen 2016/17

Tisja Damen

A single of our prior “Best of Lingerie” winners, Tisja Damen 1st caught our eye with intricate patchwork lingerie that was much more akin textile art than intimates. I fell in love with their exclusive, directional method, and I’ve been checking in on the brand ever sense. In a way, it is almost tougher when you debut with such a sturdy viewpoint. Men and women expect brilliance, and that can be a hard bar to attain season right after season. Thankfully for the lingerie world, Tisja Damen manages to clear it very easily.

Tisja Damen

Envisioned as a organic progression from the initial collection, “Fleurs du Mal,” Tisja Damen’s second collection, “Forest of Symbols” moves beyond the label’s trademark (but likely time-consuming) patchwork aesthetic and explores some new ideas. Although many popular trends, such as higher neck bras and harnesses, make an appearance, the assymetrical “Bridal Hymn” bralette, shown at the best of this post, is a certain standout. I adore the way the lace is cut, and I can’t recall any other designer working with lace and asymmetry in this way. It’s intriguing and effectively-done.

Yet another standout is the green “Symphony” robe with exposed shoulder detail. Whilst all the robes for this collection are gorgeous, the forest print feels specifically apropos. And let’s be honest, I really like a excellent silk. For this collection, the fabrics take center stage, and I do not think that is a bad point. Nonetheless, consumers who crave the patchwork appear will appreciate the “Ophelia” bra which gives an off-the-shoulder accessory.

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen has gorgeous designs and a robust point of view. This is lingerie that’s unabashedly for cost-free spirits and bohemians. I’m excited to see what Tisja Damen comes out with next. It is always exciting to watch a brand grow up. What do you consider of the new collection?

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Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

Tisja Damen

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Careers in Lingerie: Managing Director with Jemma Barnes

Author: Estelle

Today’s post is part of my Careers in Lingerie series, a behind-the-scenes look at distinct jobs in the lingerie industry – what they’re genuinely like, and how to get into them. Previous installments include an online boutique owner and an owner of an independent brick-and-mortar boutique, and today I’m moving on to the role of managing a lingerie brand when it’s owned by somebody else.

I spoke to Jemma Barnes, the Managing Director of Anita in the UK and previously of Aubade, who reveals the many different tasks this job role entails, shows that you don’t necessarily need to have a degree to land a equivalent position, and explains what personal qualities she’d be hunting out for if she have been hiring her own replacement.

Hi Jemma, thanks for joining the series. Can you start off by telling my readers a little about the business you work for, Anita UK Ltd.?

Anita UK Ltd. is a subsidiary of Anita Gmbh, a German/Austrian firm which is 130 years old and still in the ownership of the founding household, some four generations later. Anita has one particular simple purpose to provide functional, comfortable lingerie for ladies at each and every stage in their life and for every eventuality life throws at them! We have five sub-brands:

Anita Care – for post breast cancer surgery

Anita Maternity – for for the duration of pregnancy and then nursing newborns

Anita Active – for specialist further help needed when exercising

Anita Comfort – for ultimate comfort, especially for those will a fuller type

Rosa Faia – for “big cup beauty” sized from A – I cup

We have lingerie and swimwear in all 5 sectors and also supply health-related aids such as compression bras and silicon breast types to ladies who have undergone breast surgeries. In addition to our retail operation, we supply many of the NHS trusts and their hospitals across the UK, as well as supplying several private clinics all through the UK.


Anita Active Momentum Sports bra. 30-46 band sizes and A-H cup sizes.

You also head up Eloise alongside a brand manager. What is that organization all about?

Eloise is mostly a mail-order company specialising in products for ladies who have undergone remedy for breast cancer. The company was set up some years ago and had a loyal following who relied on Eloise for option, selection and great service. A handful of years ago the company was up for sale and in danger of ceasing to exist – so rather than allowing the firm to close, Anita decided to acquire the brand and develop it into a luxury mail-order organization for fashionable and discerning ladies struggling to locate lovely lingerie and swimwear to wear with breast forms following surgery.

Whilst the majority of our consumers like the capability to attempt on their intended obtain in the comfort of their homes, some highlighted the fact they would genuinely really like to have somewhere to come and be fitted and to be capable to have guidance on the ideal merchandise to suit their individual needs. From this we decided to open the Eloise Fitting Suite in Milton Keynes, a private, comfy and relaxed environment where ladies can come by appointment only to have a one particular-to-one fitting with one of our specialists.


Anita breast prostheses and bra.

What drew you to the globe of intimates?

Possibility! I was initially going to be a Chartered Management Accountant, very a different career path than the a single I took. Nevertheless feeling a small young and naïve right after finishing school and having grown up in a small village, I was not very prepared for the excitement of living alone in Birmingham, so I took a year out and went to work as a management trainee in family-owned department retailer chain Beatties, in Northampton. My 1st division as a manager, getting graduated via the scheme, was Childrenswear and Lingerie… from that day forward I was hooked!

I by no means produced it to university, I loved the merchandise, particularly all the beautifully-coloured silks and laces. I loved the emotional connection with consumers – fitting them with garments for weddings, 1st dates or merely anything to make them feel better. Usually soon after half an hour in a fitting space collectively we were connected, and the satisfaction of creating them feel comfortable in my care and confident in their body and their purchases is a joy that’s by no means left me! I nevertheless get the very same feeling of satisfaction now when I have carried out breast form fitting in a clinic at a hospital, or in the Eloise suite.


Anita Maternity Kamaka tankini. 30-38 band sizes and C-D cup sizes.

You have the rather lofty title of Managing Director! What does being an MD involve specifically?

It signifies that I have to have a title that satisfies the legal needs and Firms House! I’m not a large believer in titles or pigeon-holing people accordingly. What operating a tiny organization like Anita implies is a lot variety and a huge commitment. I enjoy my job and the fact that I have to put on so a lot of various hats and be so several different men and women as and when the want arises.

I run the sales force, the workplace, the clinic fittings and the company vehicles. I’m accountable for marketing and overseeing the PR agency, I organise the exhibitions to market the brand and its items, I run the companies’ budgets and forecasts and am accountable for sales and monetary performance. I operate with the designers giving industrial input and feedback, I liaise with the parent organization on pricing, advertising and marketing and brand identity, I run coaching courses for retailers and breast care nurses, I run the Eloise subsidiary… I even make tea and place dustbins out!


Rosa Faia Josephine bra set. 32-42 band sizes and B-H cup sizes.

So your job requires a dash of sales, a dash of marketing and significantly much more besides. It sounds super varied! Do you have a certain bit that you get pleasure from more than the other people?
I often have been and will constantly be a sales particular person at heart. Give me a solution I think in and put me in front of a buyer at a trade fair, or in the Eloise fitting suite with a customer, and I’m in my element!

And are there any parts you locate tedious or hard?
Budgets and forecasts – in this ever altering financial environment it is so difficult to predict and program. I’m a perfectionist and I hate receiving it incorrect , but getting it proper is harder and tougher every year!


Rosa Faia Vienna bra set. 32-42 band sizes and B-G cup sizes.

What’s your career and education background, and how did it aid you to land this part?

My education ended after my A-Levels. Spurred on by a headmaster who told me to use my long legs and other charms to uncover a good man as I would never ever amount to something, I was extremely determined to prove him incorrect. As I mentioned earlier I had originally planned to be a management accountant and had a spot at Aston University, but a opportunity chat with a girlfriend on a bus led me to apply for that Management trainee function in a department retailer. I progressed properly in this part and was profitable speedily, and it soon became apparent that I performed greater in a hands-on education and understanding part.

In addition there was yet another simple truth I was earning a wage and so I could acquire good clothes and go out clubbing, whilst my buddies at uni have been all ‘poor students’ scratching around for an odd night out! I decided that staying on and creating a career in retail was certainly the path for me. Any formal qualifications ended after Beatties, from there it was the university of life – I moved from Sales Rep to Region Manager, then to Important Account Manager, Field Sales Manager and National Sales Manager. I did come up against male discrimination along the way and refused to give into the ‘boys club’ or the want to use my charms, as per my headmaster’s advice. Hard function and doing a good job always paid off – I was sooner or later headhunted for my initial position as MD, for Aubade, by reputation soon after getting advised by a number of of my happy clients.

My interview with the co-owner of the organization was an knowledge I will by no means overlook. I sat down on her stand in Paris and she asked me a couple of very practical concerns, then at the finish of the formal interview she place a set of her lingerie in my hands and asked me to sell them to her. They have been stunning pieces – I took a moment just to really feel the, touch them and understand what they meant and represented, then I launched into my sales pitch! At the finish of the interview, I was quickly offered the job. She stated “Just before you opened your mouth to describe the merchandise I had already produced up my mind to provide you the job – simply because of the way your eyes lit up when you held the solution“. I guess if you have a actual passion for something then it usually shows via.


Anita Comfort Manhattan corselet. 34-50 band sizes and B-E cup sizes.

Final one – let’s imagine for a moment that you’re hiring for your own replacement. What expertise do you consider is desirable or needed to be the MD of a huge lingerie brand such as Anita, and what would you look out for on someone’s CV?

Oh my gosh, that would be so difficult! I had to do it as soon as prior to when I left Aubade and really in the finish I couldn’t, I left it to the HR division. I was as well emotionally attached! I’m not saying I’m irreplaceable, not for a moment, but I have only ever taken on the part of MD of organizations that I really believe in, that I recognize and that I am passionate about. To date they have also been household businesses exactly where the owners have actually welcomed me into the fold and treated me like component of their extended family members. As such I have a fierce loyalty to their brand and everything it represents – I treat the firm like it is my own. I be concerned about every single penny I invest and invest, I take care when I recruit to make sure I have the appropriate folks with the right outlook, I commit heart and soul and often want to accomplish growth, profit, increased brand awareness and an improved reputation for service.

I would be hunting for the very same type of qualities and the exact same commitment and passion, a person who wasn’t just searching for a wage and a good vehicle! I would want an individual who wanted to comprehend the company and its goods and would embrace all that is very good about it, but show a commitment and drive to improve the good and respectfully address any problems or failings.

Thanks so considerably for sharing some insight these days into what it is like managing a lingerie brand. Where can my readers find you on the internet?

Click right here to see the rest of the Careers in Lingerie interview series, and subscribe to the weblog if you want to make positive you don’t miss future instalments! If you’re seeking to acquire any Anita items, you can get them from Amazon or discover a stockist here.

What would you like to see me concentrate on next for this blog series? Is there a particular job in the lingerie market that you’re keen to understand far more about?Estelle

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Lingerie Sales for the Week of 1/7/17

Disclosure: This weblog post consists of affiliate links

Celestine Bra Black And Peach by means of Agent Provocateur

Is your business running a lingerie sale? Send it to sales@thelingerieaddict.comNote: (On the internet only) Sales should be received by Friday at 12pm PST for inclusion in that week’s sales post. There is no charge for inclusion in the weekly sales post.

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A Guide to High-Street Lingerie Brands in Spain

© Panama00 | – Tezenis And Intimissimi Lingerie Stores

Author: Estelle

It is the last day of my Christmas holiday in Spain (boohoo!) so I thought it was about time I ultimately finished this draft post that I started final time I was here, in summer time. You won’t find an Ann Summers, Boux Avenue or Bravissimo in Spain, but there are lots of other lingerie chains to explore. Women’s Secret, Oysho and Selmark are the homegrown ones, and then there a number of Italian and French brands that are popular here.

Even though there may possibly at very first glance to be a lot of choice, I discover it to be a lot of the exact same. Spain has a lot of budget-friendly lingerie retailers, where you can choose up a bra set for 20-30€, and a dearth of plus-sized and full-busted brands. In reality, it is not uncommon to stroll into a retailer right here and have to genuinely hunt via the racks to find a bra that isn’t a 32B, 34B or 36B. Oysho in certain was founded in 1977 but only introduced C cups to their sizing a few years back, and other people such as Tezenis and Women’s Secret technically go up to a D or DD but what that actually means is that they’ll have some plain t-shirt bras at the back of the shop in larger sizing, while all the pretty issues in the window display come in a B or B-C only.

You will discover a couple of brands on the list beneath that do incorporate bigger band and cup sizes in their range, but for these you may be far better off seeking in an independent lingerie boutique. Those as well can be fairly diverse to the UK – half of the boutiques I’ve visited have been tiny tiny places with products piled higher in white boxes behind the counter, waiting for you to ask for some thing in specific – but that is a subject for yet another post!

As per the title, this list does not contain independent boutiques or on the web-only stores. I’ve also excluded Modify which does exist here, and delivers full-bust sizing, but only has 7 locations by way of the nation. The under is intended to be a guide to what you will generally locate on the higher-street, wherever in Spain you decide to pay a visit to. Appreciate!


Left to right: Women’s Secret push up bra (32-36B), lowered to 11.99€, bralette (32-36B), decreased to 11.99€, t-shirt bra (32-36B), lowered to 17.99€


Left to right: Women’s Secret chemise, reduced to 15.99€, lengthy chemise, decreased to 19.99€, bodysuit, 27.99€

UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XXL

Typical value range: 15-30€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Women’s Secret (I wonder which brand this shop is trying to imitate with a name like that…) is one of the most widespread stores, with 271 places across the nation. They have a vast product variety, with over 300 bras alone on their website right now, most of which are moulded or push-up styles. For the most portion, there’s a lot of smooth microfibre and minimal detailing. The bralettes are where you’ll locate some far more trend-led design and style details, but there are not several and almost none come in anything other than a B cup.

Women’s Secret also delivers a wide range of nightwear, each of the comfy-PJs-with-a-cute-slogan kind, and the swishy-and-lacy sort. My favourite items from this store have to be their bodysuits and chemises, which had been also amongst my favourite pieces from the Spanish higher-street in common and super affordable – there are a number in shop correct now in various sparkly, textured fabrics that I actually want carried by way of to the rest of their lingerie.


Left to proper: Oysho push-up bra (32-38B), 15.99€, bralette (32-38B), 19.99€, push-up bra (32-38 B-C), 16.99€


Left to appropriate: Oysho robe, 49.99€, bodysuit, 29.99€, chemise, 22.99€

UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-C cups, XS-XL

Typical price tag range: 13-26€ for bras, 7-13€ for knickers

Oysho was the very first Spanish lingerie shop I found, and I was shocked to realise that they only stocked 32-38B. They have 190 retailers in Spain so this is not a minor retailer! They have considering that expanded that variety slightly but the sizing is nonetheless the most limited of all the brands on this list – fewer than half of their bras are offered in C cup sizes. Oysho provides a lot of fundamental, microfibre t-shirt bras, as effectively as a modest variety of bralettes and some designs with a small lace detailing.

You will also uncover a lot of cute, comfy pyjamas and loungewear at Oysho, along with teddies, bodysuits and slinky chemises. Although you will find some nods to current lingerie trends, most of the nightwear designs are straightforward, classic and timeless.


Left to appropriate: Yamamay push-up bra (32-38B), lowered to 13€, lace bra (32-38 C-D), lowered to 10€, balconette bra (34-38 B-DD), reduced to 15€


Left to proper: Yamamay chemise, decreased to 15€, robe, 39.99€, chemise, 49.99€

UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Typical price variety: 17-40€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Yamamay is an Italian brand with a large presence in Spain, and has a slightly ‘sexier’ image than any of the other brands on this list. There are push-up bras galore and lots of lace, even though you can also find plenty of basic seamless and t-shirt bras right here. My impression of the shops is a rather chaotic mix of aesthetics, and the high quality is not quite to the same level as other shops on this list.

Satin chemises and lace robes are effortless to locate right here, but there are also plenty of cartoon-print PJs if that’s far more your thing. You can also locate some lingerie-inspired outerwear here (sheer lace tops, lace-panelled leggings and so forth.).


Left to right: Selmark basque (32-38B), 94.48€, t-shirt bra (32-44 B-DD), 45.49€, lace bra (32-44 B-E), 51€

UK Sizes: 30-48 bands, A-E cups, S-3XL

Standard price range: 33-62€ for bras, 8-34€ for knickers

Selmark is a Spanish brand by origin, with stores across the nation as effectively as abroad. It has the most expansive size range of all the brands on this list in terms of band sizes, despite the fact that you’ll notice it still only just touches on DD+ sizes. Most bras are moulded even though there are a few unlined designs.

Selmark specialises in high-good quality each day lingerie, such as smooth bodysuits and ‘solution’ bras, and shapewear. However their variety also includes some far more particular pieces, such as basques and suspender sets in fairly laces, and overall their aesthetic is simple, classic and sophisticated.


Left to appropriate: Intimissimi lace bra (34-36B), 29.90€, silk bra (32-36B), 39.90€, push-up bra (34C), 35.90€


Left to appropriate: Intimissimi bodysuit, 25.90€, silk slip, 69.90€, satin slip, 45.90€

UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-DD cups, S-L

Typical price variety: 20-40€ for bras, 9-26€ for knickers

Intimissimi (an Italian brand but well-liked in Spain) is a step up from shops like Oysho and Women’s Secret, both in terms of price tag and good quality it’s a tad far more costly than most, but here you can locate silk knickers and some truly beautiful laces and embroideries. Push-up and plunge bras reign supreme, but you can also discover basic lace or cotton bralettes. Sizing is nonetheless quite limited even though – only the plainer bras come in a D cup or above.

I really love Intimissimi’s nightwear choice, and the shop I went to dedicated as much wall space to slips and chemises as it did to bras. You can also find good-high quality basics right here, for both underthings and loungewear.


Left to right: Etam lace bra (32-38 B-D), 29.99€, cami-bra (36B), decreased to 27.99€, plunge bra (32-38 B-D), 32.99€


Left to right: Etam white bodysuit, 39.99€, red bodysuit, lowered to 23.99€, slip, lowered to 23.99€

UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-E cups, S-XL

Common price range: 20-40€ for bras, eight-30€ for knickers

Hands up Brits, who remembers Etam? This French lingerie chain disappeared from the UK higher-street a lengthy time ago, but it is nevertheless going sturdy in Spain. With pricing comparable to Intimissimi, this is one more spot exactly where you can uncover some actually lovely laces and uncommon details with no splurging on luxury lingerie.

Etam is especially very good for bodysuits – they have a lot, and a mix of every day and ‘bedroom’ types. As for bras they have a very good mix of padded vs. unpadded, push-ups vs. bralettes and so forth. I really nearly purchased a bra set in right here the other day, which was my favourite factor from a day’s worth of exploring Barcelona’s lingerie shops.


Left to correct: Tezenis push-up bra (30-32B), 15.90€, bralette (S/M), 9.90€, fringed bra (34B), 15.90€

UK Sizes: 32-40 bands, A-D cups, XS-L

Standard cost range: 10-17€ for bras, five-10€ for knickers

This is an Italian brand that’s widespread in Spain, and a younger sister brand to Intimissimi (they’re each part of Calzedonia Group, as of course is hosiery retailer Calzedonia). I would say it is primarily targeted at older teens, which shows by way of in the pricing (it is the cheapest lingerie chain in the country) and the types (a lot of bralettes with emoji-style patches appropriate now!). As for sizing, although some designs go bigger, Tezenis appears mainly focussed on serving a 30-32B buyer.

Despite the fact that there are some pieces on the web that caught my eye, in store I felt like I was surrounded by endless rows if extremely plain, dark-coloured push-up bras, plus the odd colourful bralette. Getting aimed at a younger industry, you will also discover athleisure-put on in Tezenis, particularly leggings. I couldn’t find something I liked in this shop personally, but then I believe I’m about a decade older than their target market.


Left to appropriate: Undiz push-up bra (32-36 A-D), 16.95€, bodysuit (XS-XL), 19.95€, sports bra (XS-XL), 19.95€

UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Standard price range: 10-20€ for bras, 6-15€ for knickers

Just as Tezenis is the younger sister of Intimissimi, French brand Undiz is portion of the identical group as Etam but aimed at a younger buyer. The Undiz product variety even so is much more ‘fun’ than what you’ll find in Tezenis, with bright pops of colour, graphic prints and, appropriate now, lots of strappy specifics. This is a location exactly where you can uncover furry pug knickers with ears, or a Harry Potter bralette. Speaking of which, I was shocked not to see much more bralettes – this is mainly a shop for those who like underwire and lightweight padding.

Once again, the athleisure trend is essential for this shop and they stock a sizeable variety of lightweight-help sports bras and leggings. As for nightwear, you can uncover each cartoon-print PJs (lots of them!) and a smattering of lace-trimmed camisoles, chemises and bodysuits. Loungewear is a massive point here also!


Left to appropriate: Chantelle Intuition bra (up to H cup), C Chic bra (up to H cup), Satine bra (up to F cup) – pricing not obtainable on-line


Left to correct: Chantelle Opera camisole, Palais Royale slip, Pure bodysuit – pricing not offered online

UK Sizes: 30-44 bands, B-G cups, XS-5XL

Typical price tag variety: 55-99€ for bras, 17-52€ for knickers

Chantelle, a French brand, is the only luxury lingerie chain present in Spain, producing it the priciest location to shop (some independent boutiques aside, of course). However, it’s also the only multi-place place where you can go to attempt on and get bras in a UK F, FF or G cup.

Chantelle provides both fundamental, everyday lingerie and fancier pieces – like a wide range of stunning lace bras – with a concentrate on top quality construction and a great match. Like Selmark, the aesthetic is chic and timeless rather than trend-led, though I discover the laces and embroideries Chantelle uses much more delicate and high-priced-looking.


Left to appropriate: Calzedonia sparkly socks, three.95€, shiny tights, 12.95€, more than-knee socks, eight.95€

UK Sizes: XS-XL

Standard value range: three-8€ for socks, five-15€ for tights

Lastly there’s Calzedonia, an Italian brand that is everywhere in Spain, which is a specialist hosiery store – I want we had something like this on the UK high-street! The retailers are tiny but jam-packed with tights, remain-ups, the odd pair of jeggings and lots of socks. Fluffy socks, novelty socks, long socks, ribbed socks – you name it, they’ve got it. The only issue you won’t really discover right here is stockings.

This is a great location to go to stock up on basics such as plain black tights, but they also have some wonderful style items. I was specifically drawn to their sparkly ankle socks, and their black tights printed with stars and small cats!

Have you ever gone lingerie buying in Spain? What was your impression of the retailers and boutiques, and do you have a favourite? 


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