Careers in Lingerie: In-Home Lingerie Designer with Heather Mercer

Author: Estelle

Previously in the Careers in Lingerie series I’ve spoken to each an independent lingerie designer and a freelance 1. Right now, I’m speaking to Heather Mercer, lingerie designer for British brand Lovehoney, to locate out far more about what it is like designing underthings in-residence for somebody else’s brand. Heather has been with Lovehoney considering that they very first launched their eponymous lingerie line in 2014, obtaining prior worked on behalf of major high-street and luxury lingerie labels.

Right here, she discusses the style method, what a common day in the office includes, and her tips for other aspiring lingerie designers…


Hi Heather, thanks for taking the time out to join my Careers in Lingerie series and answer a handful of inquiries about your function as lingerie designer at Lovehoney! What drew you to the world of intimates?

No difficulty at all, thank you for your interest! I’ve constantly loved generating things, beginning out on a extremely old Singer sewing machine. Ahead of I studied Style and Textiles BA (Hons), I worked as a lingerie sample machinist and this introduced me to the fantastic planet of lingerie.

How well did the Style and Textiles course prepare you for a profession in lingerie style?

It was a superb course that allowed me to be as creative as feasible. I was introduced to lingerie pattern cutting and construction while I was functioning as a machinist and our main buyer was Marks and Spencer. So by the time I went to university, I utilised the information I currently had and fused it with new methods.


Would you advise the very same educational route to other folks hoping to get similar roles?

A lot of style jobs will count on candidates to have a degree level education in a relevant subject, so I would suggest carrying out a style degree. But I would say that obtaining as considerably industry encounter as achievable, such as intern perform for tiny brands and big firms, will permit you to see how the industry actually works and will inform which route you make a decision to take.

Let’s talk far more about your current role. What does a common day in the office involve for you?

As you can envision, a common day with Lovehoney is usually entertaining! There’s usually something going on. Not too long ago we’ve had the Lord and Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Somerset here to present the owners Neal and Richard with the Queen’s Enterprise Award for International Trade.

For me, a day would commence with answering emails – we perform with suppliers all more than the planet so the time difference signifies a full inbox by the time I arrive. Then depending on exactly where we are with the season it could imply trend research and design, or sample fitting we match every thing in-residence with our own models so this keeps me busy. At the moment we’re pulling collectively tips for our Spring/Summer season Lookbook for 2017 and we’ve just had a exciting photo shoot for our brand new Seduce Me range – our largest range but.


Do you design and style every thing your self, or operate with a team or with other people for specific aspects of the style method?

I am the only lingerie designer at Lovehoney, but we work as a team to make positive we provide what our consumer wants. When we initial produced Lovehoney Lingerie 2 years ago we began with a enormous client survey that had thousands of responses, in order to get an thought of what our consumer genuinely wanted. I constantly study all the testimonials and this truly aids us to get it appropriate. Lovehoney as a company has over 150,000 testimonials from clients live on the website – the biggest database in the planet.

And what’s the procedure for designing a complete new collection every single season?

It all starts with looking at the trends, researching and sourcing new fabrics and looking at colours. We really listen to our buyers so this plays a massive component in informing the designs too. I sketch out all my tips and present this to the group, then we select the designs we want to go forward with.

I then generate the CADs, technical illustrations and technical specification packs to send to our manufacturers. They then create the notion samples and the fitting method starts.


What’s your favourite part of designing Lovehoney’s range?

Designing for Lovehoney usually has an element of enjoyable, it is what we do! We want to make individuals really feel sexy and good about themselves, and reading excellent testimonials tends to make it all worthwhile. I really like it when a new collection launches and it does effectively it is incredible to see that it is creating somebody, somewhere, pleased.

And are there any tedious or tough components that you’re not so keen on?

You can not imagine how many garments I’ve measured more than the past two years! All fitting samples need to have to be measured in detail, the same with the pre-production samples, and at the starting I measured the bulk quality control samples also. So this is almost certainly the most tedious portion, but also incredibly crucial as we take high quality and fit quite seriously.


You’ve previously created for both high-street and luxury labels, and now you’re working for Lovehoney which is 1 of the most budget-friendly lingerie brands about. How does the price tag limitation change issues, and do you feel far more restricted in what you can create?

I believe there are always challenges in each and every level of budget, even at high-end you really feel like you have to work to a specific price. Of course with Lovehoney getting at the decrease end of the pricing there are limitations, but we’ve worked tough to source the really best fabrics feasible, and I’m very proud of the level of high quality we offer at such a great price.

The small Lovehoney logo charms are a good touch and unexpected at this value point. Have been they your concept? 

The Lovehoney heart is such an iconic logo now it seemed obvious to have this on our lingerie! I developed this with a supplier I had worked with for years to make certain it was the ideal top quality. And it is been in silver, gold, black and soon to be in rose gold.

Thanks for answering my queries! Exactly where can my readers find the brand on-line? (check out the brand new Seduce Me variety from Lovehoney at and Instagram at

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Is this what you imagined working as a lingerie designer to be like? If you have any other questions about this job role that I didn’t consider to ask, leave them in the comments under.


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Careers in Lingerie: Freelance Lingerie Designer with Laurie van Jonsson

Author: Estelle

I kicked off the Careers in Lingerie blog series by speaking to Ayten Roberts who has her personal brand, but there’s a lot more than one particular way to be a lingerie designer and they don’t all involve the endless admin that comes with running your own boutique. I’m also going to be speaking to a few lingerie designers who’ve taken a distinct route, starting these days with Laurie van Jonsson of How to Turn into a Lingerie Designer.

Like Ayten, Laurie has at 1 point run her personal brand, but today she’s a freelance designer generating ranges for multiple brands. Here she speaks about designing freelance vs. in-home, the myriad items that ‘designing’ actually entails, and how your first graduate role could shape your entire profession.

Estelle: Hi Laurie, thanks for joining the Careers in Lingerie series! Could you inform my readers a tiny bit about yourself and the brands you’ve developed lingerie for?

Laurie: Thanks Estelle, I’ve been designing lingerie for about sixteen years! Right after I graduated I worked for a UK manufacturer which hunting back now I was so fortunate to do, as there are not a lot of UK producers left, so I genuinely got to see the processes from commence to finish. In this company we made for the UK higher street – Topshop, River Island, Next, Tammy Girl, and Etam.

From then with the need to travel, I purchased a a single way ticket to Thailand and whilst understanding to dive got to know the owner of a swimwear shop, and ended up staying out there for a while and designing swimwear for her in European sizes. From there I headed to Belfast to live exactly where I established my own lingerie brand Vanjo which catered for tiny backs and huge boobs, which led me to writing lingerie books. But any person who has travelled knows that that require to maintain seeing new locations still stays with you, so I secured a job inside Melbourne Australia, gained sponsorship and worked for a company out there designing for the Australian high streets.

Right after ten years of living abroad I headed back to the UK to work on my business Vanjonsson Style full time, which involves freelancing for lingerie businesses, running my website How to Turn out to be a Lingerie Designer, writing about lingerie and generating patterns which you can purchase.

Betsy knicker pattern by van Jonsson

Betsy knicker sewing pattern by van Jonsson

E: You studied Contour Style at De Montfort University so I envision you knew from the start off that you wanted to style intimates. What drew you to lingerie over other regions of fashion style?

L: When I was leaving college I had secured a spot at Loughborough Art college, as I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to head in. I loved altering clothing (my poor wardrobe didn’t survive my enjoy of making use of scissors and re-sewing / re-hashing garments back together) and playing about with fabrics. I toyed with obtaining into style but at 18 years old, the industry intimidated me a tiny and I didn’t view myself as trendy. As for the clothing I attempted to make, I by no means had adequate floor space to reduce them out or ended up spending so a lot on fabric for the garment not to turn out appropriate.

The spring just before I left school I saw a programme about lingerie design and knew that was what I wanted to do. I loved the way that you could adjust the whole way you really feel just by garments that no-one else saw. I also liked the notion that it wasn’t just about designing pretty lingerie, it was about how it fitted as well. I loved the technical side of things.

I ended up writing a letter to De Montfort and found out you could do a late entry application and it would be on a points-based system to get in, not on a portfolio viewing or interview. This was a excellent point as when I told my art/sewing teacher I was changing my thoughts and going to De Montfort University, she told me it was a bad notion as my sewing was awful and I didn’t know something about the industry – she was proper but that didn’t cease me.

E: Would you advocate the identical course for other hopeful lingerie designers?

L: Yes. Despite the fact that I don’t believe it’s needed to do a degree, a degree gives you the space to try out new tips, the resources to use and the time to acquire information from individuals who have worked preceding in the industry. It also gives you a likelihood to develop up your portfolio.

What I also consider it does which is crucial, is give you a time structure for when to comprehensive things. If you don’t have the money to do a degree then you should program out your time to get items accomplished. How a lot of of us have dreamed about a new profession and realised that a couple of years have passed from getting the original notion of a career adjust? Despite the fact that I don’t think you usually want a degree, I do believe that some sort of course is beneficial, such as creating patterns, as it will save you time in the long run. Working out almost everything your self can be very time consuming and disheartening if you’re not acquiring it appropriate.

Costing - a big part of lingerie design. Stock image.

Costing – a large portion of lingerie style. Stock image.

E: I’m positive some men and women consider lingerie designers just sit about drawing fairly pictures of bras all day, but much more goes into it than that! For those asking yourself if lingerie design is the right profession path for them, what can they anticipate to be carrying out exactly once they land a job?

L: Drawing/preparing out next season’s variety including trend boards is such a little part of being a lingerie designer. Your day is spent juggling future seasons, getting them sampled up, receiving them fitted, altering the patterns, going for second fits and so forth. Costing the garment, going back and forth with the buyer and factory to settle on a expense, altering a style so it fits the cost…

Then you’re juggling with the orders that are to be delivered, making confident they are on time, and sorting out everything when it goes incorrect – deliveries late, incorrect fabrics, various fits from the 1st sample, wrong shade of elements to the 1 that was chosen. A purchaser altering their thoughts over a colour.

With everything moving so fast and in some cases with a 3-month turnaround, you do commit a long time on your timeline spread sheet making confident almost everything is where it requirements to be. You require to be in a position to develop very good relationships with the buyer you’re operating with and the factories. Some mornings I would get to perform and there would be 50+ emails waiting for me to be answered, so you need to be capable to make decisions swiftly and have a good organisation program.

E: Is there anything that’s surprised you, that you didn’t know would be portion of the function of a lingerie designer?

L: When I started out it was very effortless to move between positions, e.g. designer to grader to account manager, but today it seems rarer to be capable to do that. Also I located it close to impossible as an employee to switch in between different designs of getting a designer. For instance my roles have been mostly supplier-based – which implies the organization you operate is an independent business and offers lingerie to various shops/brands. You’re not operating for just 1 company, so if I’ve ever applied for a job opening of working for just one brand, the feedback I’ve received is that I’ve not the expertise of becoming committed to working for one brand.

Also getting been mainly designing for the higher-street has meant that applying for designer lingerie brands hasn’t been productive. Working although as a freelancer has worked opposite my CV shows that I can design in a multitude of designs so this has opened doors for various firms. So if you are planning to be a designer for a certain region of lingerie it’s ideal to attempt to secure that location near the commence of your profession as it’s tough, although not impossible, to change it later unless you freelance.


Stock image.

E: So having worked both in house and freelance, how do the two differ in terms of a common functioning day, regularity of perform/income, responsibilities and so forth.?

L: In-house you have the safety of a wage, but the higher you progress the much more you delegate the perform so you’re accountable for a lot a lot more, as you’re seeing every little thing from start off to finish season after season. Whereas freelance you may possibly be brought in for just a single section or 1 season. In-home your functioning hours are standard, you have your nights cost-free and your weekends, whereas freelance it is a lot more of a balancing act.

I like freelance as you appear to perform on lots of distinct items. My primary clientele employ me usually for the technical side they have the design already done and I perform out their spec sheets, create up their tech packs, draw up their designs, attend match sessions and so forth.

I have two small kids at the minute so freelance performs perfectly. Despite the fact that in property I earned far a lot more (peaking at £45,000+) freelance enables me to have flexibility to appear soon after each of them and still perform. I also have more creative satisfaction functioning freelance.

E: You mentioned you also had your personal lingerie brand, Vanjo, which existed from 2005 to 2009. Have you preferred running your personal brand or designing for other companies, and why?

L: Possessing my personal brand was incredible. I don’t feel I realised how well I was performing at the time, I was the initial independent brand to be stocked by Topshop that offered bras above a DD cup. But having worked in the business prior, at the the time I always thought I must be performing more. I was so use to the fast-paced style side of things, it was a bit of a shock to be the one undertaking almost everything and the time it took to do it all.

Having your own brand, though you are responsible for every thing, one thing I did miss was other folks. But when people wrote to me saying how considerably they loved my brand and how it fitted it did make it all worthwhile. I did understand a lot undertaking it all myself, and would absolutely do it once more.


Stock image.

E: Obviously, to grow to be a lingerie designer you require a particular quantity of knowledge about how bras are constructed. Aside from technical expertise even though, what do you think it requires to be a productive lingerie designer?

L: Flexibility. Occasionally you have a excellent design and style and you have to be ready to let it go and be altered or criticised. When you style some thing there are so many people who have their opinion – the buyer, the fitter, the sample machinist, the factory, even your boss who might not have any knowledge about designing! You want to choose the best advice and be ready to alter your design, or be prepared to state your case why what you made does not need altering. You also want to be always maintaining an eye on the market place and consistently be knowledgeable about what’s going on about you.

E: Thanks for taking the time to inform my readers about your job! Where can they locate you on the web?

Facebook – how to grow to be a lingerie designer

I’ve also started to do #transformationtuesday on Instagram which basically is your likelihood to ask me any question or guidance about the sector, designing, patterns, grading, starting your personal label and so forth.

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Did you realise that lingerie design and style involved so a lot a lot more than actual designing? Have any other questions about life as a freelance lingerie designer? Leave a comment below!


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Careers in Lingerie: Independent Designer with Ayten Roberts

Author: Estelle

Have you ever dreamed of operating in the lingerie industry? If so, then this new blog series is for you! I’m excited to announce Careers in Lingerie, which will be an ongoing series providing a behind-the-scenes appear at diverse jobs accessible to those with a passion for underthings.

Designing bras, modelling, styling, launching your own lingerie label… all of these factors can appear super glamorous, but the truth is that every single job has its negatives as properly as its positives and will appeal to various types of individuals. By way of speaking with men and women truly working in these roles, I hope to give you a little insight into what it’s like to do it for a living and which expertise, qualifications and knowledge can support you get there, so that you can choose which lingerie-sector profession is the proper a single for you.

Oh, and if you are just plain curious about what these jobs are genuinely like, this series is for you too!

I’m kicking the series off with 1 of my favourites: independent designer. Ayten Roberts is the designer behind Ayten Gasson, a luxury, British lingerie and nightwear brand that specialises in silk items. She runs her brand complete-time – Ayten Gasson has been around for over a decade now, and as of just a couple of months ago has a brick-and-mortar boutique in Brighton as nicely as the on-line shop. Since the launch, the lingerie is all now sewn on the shop floor so that nearby clients can see specifically how it’s made.


Ayten Gasson boutique in Brighton

Estelle: Hi Ayten! Welcome to the blog. Nowadays we’re shedding some light on the life of an independent designer for those who are taking into consideration pursuing their own lingerie brand. Let’s commence with the starting of your career – what did you study?

Ayten: I started off with a BTEC diploma in Style at London College of Fashion and then a 4 year BA (HONS) in Style Print at Central Saint Martins. I had always planned on a profession in textile style, but identified I preferred functioning with lace and appliquéing onto silk.

I worked in Knickerbox – a high street underwear shop which has considering that closed down – while studying, and that is where my passion for lingerie grew. It was frustrating trying to sell lingerie which was made from cheap polyester fabrics as an alternative of silk and cottons, so I researched into vintage lingerie, handmade laces, the old lace sector in Nottingham and the benefits of silk.

E: Would you suggest a comparable course for budding lingerie designer-makers? 

A: One of my assistants studied at De Montfort University and I am really impressed with the courses they have to supply. I would suggest any person who is interested in lingerie style appear into these courses.

Ayten Gasson, Emma ivory silk bed jacket - £97 (approx. $ 126 / 113€)

Ayten Gasson, Emma ivory silk bed jacket – £97 (approx. $ 126 / 113€)

E: Stroll us by way of what a standard day in your boutique-studio appears like. Simply because I’m certain it’s not just sewing pretty knickers all day long, as beautiful as that would be!

A: My day-to-day routine has changed drastically given that Might 2016, when I opened my initial boutique in Brighton. My studio is now inside the shop, so I perform around my clients. I am based in Brighton’s Seven Dials, which is quieter than the centre of town, so I am capable to do that.

I usually get in for 9.30am, providing me time to set up the computer systems and the till, and do a quick bit of cleaning ahead of I open at 10am. I then verify emails, and pack any web orders which have come in overnight. I then focus on sewing and restocking the shop. I now make all the lingerie which is on our website so I have to hold up to date with which pieces have sold, how a lot fabric I have obtainable from that variety and how lengthy it requires to make every piece.

I am able to concentrate on my buyers when they come into the shop and offer you a a single-on-a single service to assist them discover what they are seeking for. I also sell a choice of gifts, such as stationery, cosmetics and candles from other UK independent designers, so I have to make positive I restock and preserve an eye on my ideal sellers so I don’t run out.

Ayten Gasson boutique in Brighton

Ayten Gasson boutique in Brighton

E: What are your common functioning hours running Ayten Gasson? Do you stick to 9-five?

A: I open the shop at 10am and close at 6pm each and every day except for Sundays and Mondays. If I am extremely busy or have had a busy weekend I will open on a Monday too so I can use the studio space.

E: Is there anything that your perform entails that surprises men and women, or that most people wouldn’t know is component of the job?

A: There is so a lot admin! I have an accountant, but there is nevertheless so a lot to preserve on best of. I have several boxes about the till area filled with receipts, delivery notes and invoices. I am shocked by how numerous licences you need to have when you open a shop, and have a specific section below the till for official letters!


Ayten Gasson, Emily blue silk knickers – £34 (approx. $ 44 / 40€)

E: What do you enjoy most about being an independent lingerie designer?

A: I truly enjoy sewing and producing my lingerie. It is the very best component of my day, and one thing I missed when I worked with UK production homes and factories. Some folks are makers, some are more business-oriented, some are both. I definitely appreciate the creating much more than something else.

E: And what do you dislike?

A: The admin side of things and attempting to preserve track of all the bills coming in and the invoices going out, particularly now I have the internet site and the boutique. It feels like they are two fully distinct firms and I am still getting utilised to that, even although it has been 4 months.

Ayten Gasson's boutique in Brighton

Ayten Gasson’s boutique in Brighton

E: Qualifications aside, what do you feel it takes to become the owner of a profitable lingerie brand such as Ayten Gasson?

A: I have worked in retail given that I was 16 years old, so that is 20 years of customer service. I feel it’s important to make a customer feel like they are getting the best service and the interest they deserve, regardless of whether they are ordering on the web or in shop. I have had buyers e mail me to tell me they have been impressed with the service we give and I have currently received some great reviews on Google and I feel this is very important, as there is no point designing a excellent product or obtaining a flashy internet site if your buyer service is lacking.

E: So, the million dollar query, would you recommend to aspiring designers that they pursue a profession as an independent designer more than operating for a huge brand, and why or why not?

A: Try to get as a lot knowledge as possible. Each company functions in a diverse way, so attempt to explore all the different elements of functioning in lingerie and see which is greatest for you.

E: Thanks for becoming portion of my Careers in Lingerie series!

You can uncover Ayten Gasson’s on-line boutique right here, and follow the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Her boutique is located at 32A Bath Street, Brighton, BN1 3TB, near to an antiques shop and a vintage interiors boutique.

If you have any other concerns for Ayten about what it’s like to be an independent lingerie designer, pop them in the comments section below. I’d also enjoy to know which other job roles you’d most like to see covered next!


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Interview with Luxury Ostomy Lingerie Designer Jasmine Stacey

Author: Estelle

Jasmine Stacey Collection, a new brand for Spring/Summer 2016, popped up on my Twitter feed about Christmas time and immediately caught my eye as something totally different for the lingerie market.

Jasmine’s debut collection is developed with girls with ostomies in mind, but is a far cry from the ‘ostomy lingerie’ at the moment on the market place. A fast Google search brings up lots of bland, high-waisted white, black and beige knickers, and not a lot else. There’s Vanilla Blush, who sell cute knickers with some lace detailing, but there’s practically nothing out there that is actually luxurious. In specific, there’s next to nothing that focusses on delivering a full, matching set rather than just the bit that covers the ostomy pouch – until now that is.

Jasmine Stacey Collection launched with a small but thoughtfully-designed collection that features sumptuous gold and printed silks, chantilly lace and knickers with suspender straps. It doesn’t appear like ostomy lingerie (or at least what ostomy lingerie has looked like up till now).

As a first collection, I enjoy it, but it’s Jasmine’s Autumn/Winter collection that I’m actually excited about. It genuinely pushes the boundaries of what lingerie for women with ostomies can look like, with decidedly sexier and on-trend designs than even these. I not permitted to share the complete lookbook with you just but, but there’s an exclusive sneak preview at the finish of this post.

Although first and foremost an ostomy lingerie brand, Jasmine also describes her lingerie as best for women with abdominal scarring or stretch marks they want to cover – and of course, there’s practically nothing stopping anybody else acquiring this lingerie simply simply because they like the design and style!

See one thing you like? Jasmine Stacey is offering Esty Lingerie readers 20% off in her online shop till the 5th of March 2016 with code ESTYINTERVIEW.

I got in touch with founder and designer Jasmine to chat about what inspired her to launch her own lingerie brand…

Foxy thong, £70

Foxy thong, £70

Can you start by telling my readers what the Jasmine Stacey Collection is all about?

Jasmine Stacey Collection is all about evoking confidence in women who do not meet the ‘social norm’ from possessing to deal with a small also significantly in life. Yes, we may possibly have scars, bags or stretch marks but we must all appreciate our bodies and celebrate that our battle wounds just show that we are stronger since of them!

Even so, sometimes we do need to have a small more confidence in our underwear.  I have created the collection with girls with ostomies like myself in thoughts, who crave attractive, functional, higher-waisted underwear with matching bras, light assistance and enough coverage to help the bag but not compromise on style, so it appeals to each and every lady without having singling us out. 

On your website you say you are a Crohn’s disease sufferer your self – how did that influence you launching this brand?

I have Crohn’s but have been really fortunate to have stayed in remission considering that my surgery. For some of my close friends Crohn’s is a constant battle and I know all to effectively how it tends to make you really feel.

It has influenced my brand, it makes you appreciate the smaller issues in life just mustering adequate power and effort to put your make-up on, maybe get your nails accomplished if you can bear to be away from the toilet long sufficient, even straightening your hair without it breaking and falling out due to remedy. You take these issues for granted, they make you feel so much better when you do them – so I feel that right after surgery there should be that tiny bit of luxury out there to make you feel confident in oneself again.

It’s all about the small information, such as the added assistance, functional aspects and fabric options. I attempt to get the struggle and strength in all my pictures – reflecting the ladies behind the disease unchanged, everlastingly stunning and entire. All of the models have suffered from Crohn’s or Colitis and have scars or bags. 

Foxy high-waisted thong, £70

Foxy high-waisted thong, £70

What does the lingerie landscape at present look like for other ladies with Crohn’s illness? How much option is there, or is it usually a case of ‘making do’ with factors like high-waisted knickers from typical brands?

It isn’t important for women with scars, stretch marks or bags to have to wear higher-waisted underwear, but for me personally I favor the safety of possessing the bag close to my skin so I can feel the help and other women agree! There are other brands who do ‘ostomy underwear’ but the issue for me was that I didn’t want to labelled as an ‘ostomate’.  There was no market out there which provided a tiny bit of luxury for females in the same scenario as me, it seemed to only be shapewear which had a little also much support.

At the finish of the day I’m a normal woman, just with distinct requirements from my underwear. Initially after obtaining my operation I turned to M&ampS straight away and felt awful. The full brief section was horrid, the shapewear section was better but I found it far as well restricting. I knew then that I needed to make anything attractive with coverage and light assistance. I began to study lingerie and it opened up a entire new globe of underwear I didn’t know existed. I really like other brands and appreciate all other designers’ function, trust me I get enough of it. 

Vixen camisole &amp shorts set, £118

Vixen camisole &amp shorts set, £118

What special considerations do women with ostomies need to have to feel about when choosing lingerie, and how do your styles meet these demands?

So when speaking to other girls with ostomies we all just want some thing to feel typical and attractive in! Intimacy can be tough right after having surgery. Having to deal with alterations to your body image is difficult. I’ve tried to cater for this by like ‘envelope crutches’ in the briefs to support with intimacy.

There is added support by choosing fabrics which have adequate stretch to allow the bag to expand but hold it firmly in spot with out causing also much pressure. My new designs all have intimacy in thoughts I am bringing out an ouvert brief, bodysuit with poppers and a deep suspender belt but these will all be revealed soon and I am excited to see the reactions. 

Aesthetically speaking, what inspired your debut collection?

My inspiration for my debut collection came from animals. Almost all of my inspiration stems from animals when I am designing. The Vixen and Foxy (despite the fact that named following foxes) were inspired by snakes, the initial design and style suggestions developed and with the sourcing of local fabrics started to emerge.

I usually had the functional aspects at the forefront of my thoughts. I also take inspiration from a quantity of my favourite brands. My lastest designs draw on inspiration from nature namely spiders. Spiders evoke worry but generate such beauty. I liken this to my brand in a way. The journey behind our scars, stretch marks or stoma bags is a mystery and can be portrayed negatively in our society. What is not a mystery is knowing the ladies behind the scars are lovely, powerful and effective, and this raw beauty must be appreciated.

As well as employing nearby fabrics, your collection is produced in the UK. How critical was it to you to have the garments produced locally?

I am passionate about independent UK primarily based brands! I get when I can from independent English brands and honestly being aware of that someone has designed, crafted and put all their hard work into a garment tends to make it so considerably much more of an knowledge.

I have constantly felt a one thing was missing when paying for something produced in China – you don’t know whether or not a machine or individual even made it! The person behind a brand and the way it is lovingly curated is a promoting point for me usually. I try to get all locally-sourced foods so why be diverse with my underwear? I favor to save and splurge on good quality. 

Finally, tell me more about how Jasmine Stacey Collection performs with the Purple Wings charity?

Effectively I don’t even know where to begin with the charity owner Lauren Henderson is an outstanding lady who works so difficult. I am so proud to say that she is now a close friend. We met by way of social media and she was following my brand for a extended time (when I previously launched in 2013). We connected and genuinely hit it off. We met up and discussed both our enterprise suggestions as they had been both budding at the time and decided how we could function together.

We each want to aid ladies with ostomies (males as properly) in their journey to recover, adapt and overcome soon after life-changing surgery. I did a lingerie catwalk show at one particular of Purple Wings Charity’s balls and have recently carried out a charity calendar photo shoot to help raise funds and awareness. I try to support the charity in all approaches achievable, I donate cash, attempt to support out Lauren when she demands me and give merchandise assist. We are currently working on the very best way for the brand to donate a percentage of each and every buy to the trigger.

And as promised, here a tiny sneak peek of what is to come from Jasmine Stacey Collection later this year!

The Raven bodysuit - coming soon!

The Raven bodysuit – coming soon!

What do you feel of Jasmine Stacey’s debut collection? Which piece is your favourite?


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Interview with Lingerie Designer Heidi Cannon from Glitter and the Moon

Author: Estelle

A couple of weeks ago a new lingerie brand popped up on my Twitter feed that genuinely caught my eye, so I got in touch with the designer Heidi to see if she’d be interested in talking to me about her styles.

Referred to as Glitter and the Moon, the brand specialises in retro-inspired satin loungewear. Heidi’s debut collection, which launched earlier this month, comprises a robe, a bed jacket and French knickers, all obtainable in red, black or cream. Prices range from £25 to £125.

What really sets these pieces apart for me although is the gorgeous embroidery – each design (and there are fairly a few to choose from) is made by Heidi, embroidered on at her studio and then hand completed with sequins and beads. I especially love her intricate Fortunate Star embroidery shown below!

Head designer and founder of Glitter and the Moon, Heidi Cannon

Head designer and founder of Glitter and the Moon, Heidi Cannon

Estelle: Congratulations on your recent launch! What has it been like getting Glitter and the Moon off the ground?

Heidi: Thank you! Honestly it is been fairly difficult work, but I consider like all independent, creative organizations it tends to take longer than you ever envisage! It is fantastic to ultimately launch and have beautiful positive feedback – it’s been truly encouraging.

Just Rose french knickers and bed jacket

Just Rose french knickers and bed jacket

E: Tell us a small much more about your brand. Who do you envision wearing Glitter and the Moon?

H: Glitter and the Moon is all about adding a bit of vintage-inspired indulgence and obtaining enjoyable with your clothing, the pieces are meant to be worn and enjoyed. I want the wearer to have the ooooooh feeling from when they open the tissue-wrapped parcel to slipping it on and prancing around decadently! It does not matter whether or not you are wearing it whilst preparing for a evening out with your girlfriends, your wedding, a date night in or just to lounge about on your own watching films and eating chocolate.

And it’s ageless as well. Yes, not every person is going to want to wear french knickers and pasties but they might… and they need to if they want! It’s all about how we really feel and style it ourselves.

Just Rose french knickers

Just Rose french knickers

E: How has your background in style come in handy for this new venture, or is designing your own brand a completely different ball game?

H: It certainly came in handy, this combined with operating my own stationery company for the final handful of years has given me a excellent standing. But it is been really distinct as well and there are new challenges… daily!

Lucky Star bed jacket embroidery

Lucky Star bed jacket embroidery

Snow Globe Cities bed jacket embroidery

Snow Globe Cities bed jacket embroidery

E: Glitter and the Moon is all produced right here in England, which I think is fantastic. How important was it to you to preserve manufacturing regional?

H: It is important as nicely as being aware of all the garments are created ethically and to a high standard, I think it’s wonderful to help garment manufacturing in the UK. It also signifies for smaller sized companies like mine we can have smaller sized runs and test the market place with new concepts.

Burlesque Cocktails robe

Burlesque Cocktails robe

Just Rose robe

Just Rose robe

E: There’s certainly anything retro about your designs! Are you inspired by a distinct era, or what else inspires you?

H: I do love vintage / retro style. There’s one thing a little bit mystical and magical about it, in specific the 1950s if I had to pick. My other list of inspirations could go on forever, from the wonderful colours of old shop indicators and peeling paint, to other creatives, Wes Anderson films, cake blogs and little day-to-day things. It can be fairly random, often I’m not confident exactly where an notion comes from either!

Glitter and the Moon black embroidered robe

Fortunate Star robe

E: What will 2016 have in retailer for Glitter and the Moon?

H: I’m actually excited to bring new embroidery designs and merchandise in for 2016! I want to add much more gorgeous loungewear pieces, in particular some fabulous nightdresses and knickers are in the planning. I’m also working on a luxury collection of pasties which I can’t wait to share soon.

Lucky Star bed jacket and french knickers

Fortunate Star bed jacket and french knickers

Snow Globe Cities bed jacket and french knickers

Snow Globe Cities bed jacket and french knickers

E: Thanks for speaking with me! Exactly where can our readers find you on the internet?
H: Thank you as well x

If you’d like to check out the shop, the site is and come join us through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview, and I couldn’t resist selecting a small something for myself (tip: there’s 20% off till tomorrow with code BLACKGLITTER) so I’m sure a overview will follow soon if you’d like to discover far more!


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