A Guide to High-Street Lingerie Brands in Spain

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Author: Estelle

It is the last day of my Christmas holiday in Spain (boohoo!) so I thought it was about time I ultimately finished this draft post that I started final time I was here, in summer time. You won’t find an Ann Summers, Boux Avenue or Bravissimo in Spain, but there are lots of other lingerie chains to explore. Women’s Secret, Oysho and Selmark are the homegrown ones, and then there a number of Italian and French brands that are popular here.

Even though there may possibly at very first glance to be a lot of choice, I discover it to be a lot of the exact same. Spain has a lot of budget-friendly lingerie retailers, where you can choose up a bra set for 20-30€, and a dearth of plus-sized and full-busted brands. In reality, it is not uncommon to stroll into a retailer right here and have to genuinely hunt via the racks to find a bra that isn’t a 32B, 34B or 36B. Oysho in certain was founded in 1977 but only introduced C cups to their sizing a few years back, and other people such as Tezenis and Women’s Secret technically go up to a D or DD but what that actually means is that they’ll have some plain t-shirt bras at the back of the shop in larger sizing, while all the pretty issues in the window display come in a B or B-C only.

You will discover a couple of brands on the list beneath that do incorporate bigger band and cup sizes in their range, but for these you may be far better off seeking in an independent lingerie boutique. Those as well can be fairly diverse to the UK – half of the boutiques I’ve visited have been tiny tiny places with products piled higher in white boxes behind the counter, waiting for you to ask for some thing in specific – but that is a subject for yet another post!

As per the title, this list does not contain independent boutiques or on the web-only stores. I’ve also excluded Modify which does exist here, and delivers full-bust sizing, but only has 7 locations by way of the nation. The under is intended to be a guide to what you will generally locate on the higher-street, wherever in Spain you decide to pay a visit to. Appreciate!


Left to right: Women’s Secret push up bra (32-36B), lowered to 11.99€, bralette (32-36B), decreased to 11.99€, t-shirt bra (32-36B), lowered to 17.99€


Left to right: Women’s Secret chemise, reduced to 15.99€, lengthy chemise, decreased to 19.99€, bodysuit, 27.99€

UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XXL

Typical value range: 15-30€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Women’s Secret (I wonder which brand this shop is trying to imitate with a name like that…) is one of the most widespread stores, with 271 places across the nation. They have a vast product variety, with over 300 bras alone on their website right now, most of which are moulded or push-up styles. For the most portion, there’s a lot of smooth microfibre and minimal detailing. The bralettes are where you’ll locate some far more trend-led design and style details, but there are not several and almost none come in anything other than a B cup.

Women’s Secret also delivers a wide range of nightwear, each of the comfy-PJs-with-a-cute-slogan kind, and the swishy-and-lacy sort. My favourite items from this store have to be their bodysuits and chemises, which had been also amongst my favourite pieces from the Spanish higher-street in common and super affordable – there are a number in shop correct now in various sparkly, textured fabrics that I actually want carried by way of to the rest of their lingerie.


Left to proper: Oysho push-up bra (32-38B), 15.99€, bralette (32-38B), 19.99€, push-up bra (32-38 B-C), 16.99€


Left to appropriate: Oysho robe, 49.99€, bodysuit, 29.99€, chemise, 22.99€

UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-C cups, XS-XL

Typical price tag range: 13-26€ for bras, 7-13€ for knickers

Oysho was the very first Spanish lingerie shop I found, and I was shocked to realise that they only stocked 32-38B. They have 190 retailers in Spain so this is not a minor retailer! They have considering that expanded that variety slightly but the sizing is nonetheless the most limited of all the brands on this list – fewer than half of their bras are offered in C cup sizes. Oysho provides a lot of fundamental, microfibre t-shirt bras, as effectively as a modest variety of bralettes and some designs with a small lace detailing.

You will also uncover a lot of cute, comfy pyjamas and loungewear at Oysho, along with teddies, bodysuits and slinky chemises. Although you will find some nods to current lingerie trends, most of the nightwear designs are straightforward, classic and timeless.


Left to appropriate: Yamamay push-up bra (32-38B), lowered to 13€, lace bra (32-38 C-D), lowered to 10€, balconette bra (34-38 B-DD), reduced to 15€


Left to proper: Yamamay chemise, decreased to 15€, robe, 39.99€, chemise, 49.99€

UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Typical price variety: 17-40€ for bras, 7-20€ for knickers

Yamamay is an Italian brand with a large presence in Spain, and has a slightly ‘sexier’ image than any of the other brands on this list. There are push-up bras galore and lots of lace, even though you can also find plenty of basic seamless and t-shirt bras right here. My impression of the shops is a rather chaotic mix of aesthetics, and the high quality is not quite to the same level as other shops on this list.

Satin chemises and lace robes are effortless to locate right here, but there are also plenty of cartoon-print PJs if that’s far more your thing. You can also locate some lingerie-inspired outerwear here (sheer lace tops, lace-panelled leggings and so forth.).


Left to right: Selmark basque (32-38B), 94.48€, t-shirt bra (32-44 B-DD), 45.49€, lace bra (32-44 B-E), 51€

UK Sizes: 30-48 bands, A-E cups, S-3XL

Standard price range: 33-62€ for bras, 8-34€ for knickers

Selmark is a Spanish brand by origin, with stores across the nation as effectively as abroad. It has the most expansive size range of all the brands on this list in terms of band sizes, despite the fact that you’ll notice it still only just touches on DD+ sizes. Most bras are moulded even though there are a few unlined designs.

Selmark specialises in high-good quality each day lingerie, such as smooth bodysuits and ‘solution’ bras, and shapewear. However their variety also includes some far more particular pieces, such as basques and suspender sets in fairly laces, and overall their aesthetic is simple, classic and sophisticated.


Left to appropriate: Intimissimi lace bra (34-36B), 29.90€, silk bra (32-36B), 39.90€, push-up bra (34C), 35.90€


Left to appropriate: Intimissimi bodysuit, 25.90€, silk slip, 69.90€, satin slip, 45.90€

UK Sizes: 30-38 bands, B-DD cups, S-L

Typical price variety: 20-40€ for bras, 9-26€ for knickers

Intimissimi (an Italian brand but well-liked in Spain) is a step up from shops like Oysho and Women’s Secret, both in terms of price tag and good quality it’s a tad far more costly than most, but here you can locate silk knickers and some truly beautiful laces and embroideries. Push-up and plunge bras reign supreme, but you can also discover basic lace or cotton bralettes. Sizing is nonetheless quite limited even though – only the plainer bras come in a D cup or above.

I really love Intimissimi’s nightwear choice, and the shop I went to dedicated as much wall space to slips and chemises as it did to bras. You can also find good-high quality basics right here, for both underthings and loungewear.


Left to right: Etam lace bra (32-38 B-D), 29.99€, cami-bra (36B), decreased to 27.99€, plunge bra (32-38 B-D), 32.99€


Left to right: Etam white bodysuit, 39.99€, red bodysuit, lowered to 23.99€, slip, lowered to 23.99€

UK Sizes: 30-40 bands, A-E cups, S-XL

Common price range: 20-40€ for bras, eight-30€ for knickers

Hands up Brits, who remembers Etam? This French lingerie chain disappeared from the UK higher-street a lengthy time ago, but it is nevertheless going sturdy in Spain. With pricing comparable to Intimissimi, this is one more spot exactly where you can uncover some actually lovely laces and uncommon details with no splurging on luxury lingerie.

Etam is especially very good for bodysuits – they have a lot, and a mix of every day and ‘bedroom’ types. As for bras they have a very good mix of padded vs. unpadded, push-ups vs. bralettes and so forth. I really nearly purchased a bra set in right here the other day, which was my favourite factor from a day’s worth of exploring Barcelona’s lingerie shops.


Left to correct: Tezenis push-up bra (30-32B), 15.90€, bralette (S/M), 9.90€, fringed bra (34B), 15.90€

UK Sizes: 32-40 bands, A-D cups, XS-L

Standard cost range: 10-17€ for bras, five-10€ for knickers

This is an Italian brand that’s widespread in Spain, and a younger sister brand to Intimissimi (they’re each part of Calzedonia Group, as of course is hosiery retailer Calzedonia). I would say it is primarily targeted at older teens, which shows by way of in the pricing (it is the cheapest lingerie chain in the country) and the types (a lot of bralettes with emoji-style patches appropriate now!). As for sizing, although some designs go bigger, Tezenis appears mainly focussed on serving a 30-32B buyer.

Despite the fact that there are some pieces on the web that caught my eye, in store I felt like I was surrounded by endless rows if extremely plain, dark-coloured push-up bras, plus the odd colourful bralette. Getting aimed at a younger industry, you will also discover athleisure-put on in Tezenis, particularly leggings. I couldn’t find something I liked in this shop personally, but then I believe I’m about a decade older than their target market.


Left to appropriate: Undiz push-up bra (32-36 A-D), 16.95€, bodysuit (XS-XL), 19.95€, sports bra (XS-XL), 19.95€

UK Sizes: 28-38 bands, A-DD cups, XS-XL

Standard price range: 10-20€ for bras, 6-15€ for knickers

Just as Tezenis is the younger sister of Intimissimi, French brand Undiz is portion of the identical group as Etam but aimed at a younger buyer. The Undiz product variety even so is much more ‘fun’ than what you’ll find in Tezenis, with bright pops of colour, graphic prints and, appropriate now, lots of strappy specifics. This is a location exactly where you can uncover furry pug knickers with ears, or a Harry Potter bralette. Speaking of which, I was shocked not to see much more bralettes – this is mainly a shop for those who like underwire and lightweight padding.

Once again, the athleisure trend is essential for this shop and they stock a sizeable variety of lightweight-help sports bras and leggings. As for nightwear, you can uncover each cartoon-print PJs (lots of them!) and a smattering of lace-trimmed camisoles, chemises and bodysuits. Loungewear is a massive point here also!


Left to appropriate: Chantelle Intuition bra (up to H cup), C Chic bra (up to H cup), Satine bra (up to F cup) – pricing not obtainable on-line


Left to correct: Chantelle Opera camisole, Palais Royale slip, Pure bodysuit – pricing not offered online

UK Sizes: 30-44 bands, B-G cups, XS-5XL

Typical price tag variety: 55-99€ for bras, 17-52€ for knickers

Chantelle, a French brand, is the only luxury lingerie chain present in Spain, producing it the priciest location to shop (some independent boutiques aside, of course). However, it’s also the only multi-place place where you can go to attempt on and get bras in a UK F, FF or G cup.

Chantelle provides both fundamental, everyday lingerie and fancier pieces – like a wide range of stunning lace bras – with a concentrate on top quality construction and a great match. Like Selmark, the aesthetic is chic and timeless rather than trend-led, though I discover the laces and embroideries Chantelle uses much more delicate and high-priced-looking.


Left to appropriate: Calzedonia sparkly socks, three.95€, shiny tights, 12.95€, more than-knee socks, eight.95€

UK Sizes: XS-XL

Standard value range: three-8€ for socks, five-15€ for tights

Lastly there’s Calzedonia, an Italian brand that is everywhere in Spain, which is a specialist hosiery store – I want we had something like this on the UK high-street! The retailers are tiny but jam-packed with tights, remain-ups, the odd pair of jeggings and lots of socks. Fluffy socks, novelty socks, long socks, ribbed socks – you name it, they’ve got it. The only issue you won’t really discover right here is stockings.

This is a great location to go to stock up on basics such as plain black tights, but they also have some wonderful style items. I was specifically drawn to their sparkly ankle socks, and their black tights printed with stars and small cats!

Have you ever gone lingerie buying in Spain? What was your impression of the retailers and boutiques, and do you have a favourite? 


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2016 Christmas Lingerie Present Guide: £50 and Beneath

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This blog post includes affiliate links.

It’s December and officially okay to commence wearing your Christmas jumpers and playing Slade! If conversations with my siblings are anything to go by, numerous of you are just starting on your Christmas shopping, so it is time for yet another present guide. Last week I shared my favourite gift concepts costing £25 or significantly less, which were mainly little, stocking-filler variety products.

If your budget is somewhere between £25 and £50 nonetheless, you can start to look at ‘full size’ gifts such as a pyjama set. At this price you’re mostly searching at higher-street labels, and the fabrics will not be specifically luxurious. But if you know where to look, there are some quite pretty alternatives! Right here are my recommendations in ascending value order..


Lovehoney Midnight Bloom chemise, £29.99 (~$ 38 / ~35€) – plus size here

Ships from the UK (even though I believe purchases made on the .com internet site ship from the US)

With it’s slightly abstract floral print and lace trims on the cups and beneath the bust, this satin chemise is genuinely pretty. Even better, it comes in a S-4XL.


ASOS Blossom bralette, £18 (~$ 23 / ~21€)

ASOS Blossom shorts, £10 (~$ 13 / ~12€)

Ships from the UK

It is not silk, but it appears like silk. This chic and uncommon bra set is a really unusual colour, perfect when you are hunting for one thing that small bit distinct. There’s also a thong accessible for a really price range-friendly £8.


Lepel Tamara bra &amp higher-waisted knickers, £30 (~$ 38 / ~35€)

Ships from the UK

This glossy, D+ satin bra set touches on two present trends – strapping, on the cups, and velvet, in the trims – and comes in 30D to 38G sizes. The higher-waisted knickers are available in a UK 8-16, and there’s also a thong if that’s more your giftee’s style.


Garden of Delight bralette &amp French knickers set, $ 44 (~£35 / ~41€)

Ships from Ukraine

Okay, here is an outstanding deal. Take advantage of the decrease production charges in Ukraine and treat somebody to a true silk bra set for far much less than you’d pay from a UK brand! Do order quickly although, as this set is handmade to order and will take 1-two weeks to be dispatched.


Marks and Spencer Rosie for Autograph pyjama top, £18 (~$ 23 / ~21€)

Marks and Spencer Rosie for Autograph pyjama bottoms, £20 (~$ 25 / ~24€)

Ships from the UK

Here’s a single for the giftee who loves comfy loungewear. This pretty PJ set is offered from a UK 6-22, and for the identical rates you can also get a three/four sleeve top and/or cuffed-hem bottoms, so you can really make confident it suits their private style.


Boux Avenue Latisha chemise &amp thong set, £38 (~$ 49 / ~45€)

Ships from the UK

If your recipient loves lace, you will be difficult pressed to discover anything as quite as this chemise for the identical price! With scalloped trim at the bottom and best, it appears much more luxurious than the price tag suggests – and the matching thong is in fact pretty as well, not just a boring throwaway one particular.


Kiss Me Deadly Asa nipple tassels, £39 (~$ 49 / ~46€)

Ships from the UK

I largely covered the stockings fillers on the £25 and under present guide, but here’s a much more luxurious concept when you genuinely want to treat an individual – bejewelled pasties! They have detachable tassels, and are completely reusable.


Esty Lingerie Trailing Flowers suspender belt, £39.99 (~$ 50 / ~47€)

Ships from the UK

Here’s 1 from me! This suspender belt is one hundred% hand sewn by me, and it is proving rather more well-known than I anticipated. So well-liked in reality that it is sold out in all but one particular size proper now, but I am sewing far more this weekend. With its graphic black lines, it can effortlessly be paired with a black bra set – or a red one of course.


Marks and Spencer Rosie for Autograph dressing gown, £40 (~$ 50 / ~47€)

Ships from the UK

Who doesn’t love a snuggly dressing robe when the temperatures drop?! Offered in both regular and extended sizes and in sizes to match up to a UK 22, this one’s created from a plush fabric in the most divine shade of red!


Intimissimi lace slip, £42 (~$ 53 / ~50€)

Ships from Italy

Accessible in S-L, this quite slip functions an uncommon, leafy, stretch lace – best for an individual who likes fairly sleepwear.


Boux Avenue Malika bra, £32 (~$ 40 / ~39€)

Boux Avenue Malika thong, £14 (~$ 18 / ~17€)

Ships from the UK

Buying for someone who likes to be on-trend and likes lingerie with a twist? This cool, crossover neckline is undoubtedly eye-catching, and will be unlikely anything they already personal! It comes in 30C to 36DD and the thong from a UK six-16. For an additional £1, there’s also a brief available.


ColieCo Kelly bralette, £26 (~$ 33 / ~31€)

ColieCo Kelly knickers, £22 (~$ 28 / ~26€)

Ships from Portugal

1 for the individual who’s addicted to prints! This slightly athletic-seeking bralette is produced from a firm scuba fabric and would also make a great gift for somebody who does yoga, pilates or another low-effect sport.


Bluebella Emily prime &amp shorts set, £48 (~$ 13 / ~12€)

Ships from the UK

Another one particular for a person who loves a bit of lace! Know an individual who loves cropped tops? With a bra or bandeau underneath this one particular will double as gorgeous outerwear come subsequent summertime, so it is virtually like two presents in a single appropriate?


Boux Avenue Kiki chemise &amp robe set, £48 (~$ 13 / ~12€)

Ships from the UK

This two-piece set is available from a UK six-18. The elegant midnight blue and antique ivory mixture is best for winter, though it is also accessible in plum.


Coco de Mer Red Space bra, £35 (~$ 44 / ~41€)

Coco de Mer Red Area thong, £15 (~$ 19 / ~18€)

Ships from the UK

Know a person who’s dreamed of owning Coco de Mer lingerie but it is forever been out of reach financially? Then check out their new, less expensive diffusion line in conjunction with Fifty Shades of Grey. This bra is a much more reasonably priced version of their £165 Angelica bra – the fabrics are not so fancy of course, but it is no less attractive! If your price range will stretch to an extra fiver, the matching peekaboo short is properly worth the further cost (unless your giftee is a fan of thongs of course).


Karolina Laskowska Ara knickers, £50 (~$ 63 / ~59€)

Ships from the UK

Luxury, independent brand Karolina Laskowska is a firm favourite amongst fans of handmade lingerie. Whilst a full set may well be out of attain if you’re working to a £50 spending budget, it’s just the proper amount to get these metallic leavers lace knickers, with the designer’s signature crossover front. Your giftee can effortlessly pair them with a black bra they already own.


Boux Avenue Peta pyjama set, £50 (~$ 63 / ~59€)

Ships from the UK

A pair of button-down pyjamas is a classic Christmas present, but that doesn’t mean it is boring the burgundy satin and fairly lace trims make this set unique sufficient for present-giving. It is available from a UK six to 18.

line break

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you discover a present a person you know will love! If you’re debating spending a tiny more, remain tuned for my subsequent lingerie gift guide covering treats costing up to £100. Estelle

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2016 Christmas Lingerie Gift Guide: More than £250

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This weblog post includes affiliate links.

As promised, right now I’m sharing my final gift guide of 2016 and it’s all about those extravagant and breathtaking pieces for when money is no object, and for when only the extremely ideal will do. So if you are hunting to really spoil someone rotten (possibly yourself!) this Christmas, study on for tips starting at £250. As usually, be certain to check delivery occasions with the retailer – it is obtaining quite close to December 25th if that is when you’re buying for, but a lot of luxury retailers offer express shipping either as common or for an additional fee.


Harlow and Fox Viola Almond bra, £189 (~$ 236 / ~226€)

Harlow and Fox Viola Almond tie-side knickers, £105 (~$ 131 / ~125€)

Ships from the UK

There aren’t a lot of bras on today’s list, because when you are functioning with an unlimited price range it’s quite tempting to preserve going for the type of opulent robes and gowns that simply aren’t accessible at a decrease value point. But of course, some people are a lot more comfortable in a great ol’ bra and knickers set, and here’s a spectacular choice for the complete-busted particular person in your life. The bra is obtainable from a 30DD by way of to a 38G.


Evgenia Rebelle gown, $ 390 (~£312 / ~373€)

Ships from the USA

One of my favourite lingerie ranges to come out of 2016, Evgenia’s velvety Rebelle is perfectly on-trend, and completely festive in this rich, red colour. A classic black is also offered nonetheless if you consider that is what your recipient would choose.


Boudoir by D’Lish Dita Von Teese Collection Vacation dressing gown, $ 399.99 (~£320 / ~383€)

Ships from the USA

Burlesque performer and costumière Catherine D’Lish is generally the person anybody in the know turns to when they want a gown that oozes more than-the-leading glamour, and now she’s teamed up with Dita Von Teese for this spectacular, limited-edition piece. I couldn’t choose if this silver or the wealthy bordeaux version was much more excellent for winter. Sadly, this will not attain you in time for December 25th as D’Lish is totally booked for orders now, but if your giftee can hold out until January it’ll be worth the wait!


Coco de Mer Ranelagh slip, £325 (~$ 406 / ~388€)

Ships from the UK

Practically nothing says luxury really like golden lace, and right here it is been combined with silk georgette for a delicate touch. Pair with the Ranelagh thong and eye mask for an even far more impressive gift. Does your giftee choose the old Hollywood glamour of floor-sweeping loungewear? There’s also a full-length version obtainable here.


Among The Sheets Deco Lace chemise, $ 445 (~£356 / ~426€)

Ships from the USA

In between The Sheets is an ethical, sustainably-developed brand that manufactures in New York, if that is the sort of thing that matters to your recipient. This stunning chemise is produced from peach silk and sheer lace, and is slightly flexible on fit (i.e. Little fits a UK six and 8) so excellent when you are not completely certain of the person’s dress size.


Agent Provocateur Karlotta babydoll, £395 (~$ 493 / 472€)

Ships from the UK

The gift of transforming into the luxury lingerie equivalent of a snowball! The fluffy marabou trim and pom-pom puffs are just oh-so-Christmassy, and the French Leavers lace is stunning. This is now only available in size M/L, but it also comes in black for which the S/M is also in stock.


I.D. Sarrieri La Naissance de Venus bra, 245€ (~£205 / ~$ 256)

I.D. Sarrieri La Naissance de Venus high-waisted knickers, 315€ (~£264 / ~$ 329)

Ships from France

The outstanding lacework on the knickers especially is simply a work of art. Navy blue is obtainable also. The bra sizing is really limited, but if your giftee’s size is not catered to the knickers alone will still make a stunning gift.


La Perla Maison bodysuit, £557 (~$ 696 / ~666€)

Ships from Italy

The smooth, stretch silk on this bodysuit tends to make it nearly appear like swimwear from the front, although the back is created from sheer mesh. It is offered in UK ten-16 sizes, and in black, white and an icy blue colour too.


Coco de Mer Alyssa robe, £595 (~$ 743 / ~711€)

Ships from the UK

The swirling, floral lace on this robe is basically gorgeous, and the deep crimson colour is each festive and boudoir-ideal. For these who want to spend a bit much more, a range of matching pieces are offered from an eye mask to a silk babydoll.


Amoralle Silk Greek Goddess nightdress, 730€ (~£611 / ~$ 763)

Ships from Latvia

Silk feels wonderfully luxurious against the skin, and with this gown your giftee will be in a position to wrap themselves in swathes of the stuff. Just note that Amoralle’s robes and gowns are made for tall ladies – I purchased a single once and was drowning in it at 5’3, so only get it for someone of less-than-typical height if you’re also satisfied to pay for it to be tailored to suit!


Agent Provocateur Christalina bra, £395 (~$ 493 / 472€)

Agent Provocateur Christalina knickers, £295 (~$ 368 / ~352€)

Ships from the UK

With silver lurex embroidery for a lightly festive touch, this is the best luxury bra set for any individual who’s still loving the strappy trend. The straps on this 1 are encrusted with hundreds of glittering Swarovski crystals!


Agent Provocateur Anissa slip, £695 (~$ 868 / ~830€)

Ships from the UK

Portion of Agent Provocateur’s premium Soirée variety, this beautiful silk slip dress is embroidered all more than with tulips, and can be worn as both decadent loungewear and sophisticated eveningwear. It is obtainable in S-L sizes but note that Agent Provocateur sizing tends to run tiny, so it is best for a giftee who’s usually a Medium or below.


Harlette de Falaise Sovereign State robe, £695 (~$ 868 / ~830€)

Ships from the UK

For the particular person who likes to dazzle! This metallic robe is covered in golden ‘sovereigns’ and with a entertaining, fringed sash. It can be worn as luxe loungewear, or shown off poolside as a glam cover-up. In truth, I believe it would appear beautiful in spot of a jacket as eveningwear too, so your giftee is positive to get plenty of chance to wear this 1.


Agent Provocateur Nayeli slip, £795 (~$ 993 / ~950€)

Ships from the UK

Another Soirée garment, this glamorous, floor-length chemise is produced from golden silk with huge swathes of sheer lace.

amoralle-navy-blue-velvet-robeAmoralle Sapphire velvet &amp fur robe, 1,245€ (~£1,042 / ~$ 1,301)

Ships from Latvia

Lastly, if ever there was a piece of luxury loungewear produced to epitomise Christmas spirit, this is it! The deep, jewel-toned blue, the thick and cosy velvet, the oversized fur cuffs in white… this is totally the sort of robe that the elegant Mrs Claus from Marks and Spencers ad this year wears.

Which is your favourite piece right here? And which lingerie or loungewear piece would you love to get, or treat a person to, if price had been no situation?

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2016 Christmas Lingerie Present Guide: £250 and Under

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

This is my penultimate gift guide of the year, with recommendations ranging from a little more than £100 to a tiny beneath £250. I think the pieces on my up-to-£100 guide were already quite unique, with silk and lace galore, which indicates that today’s picks are pretty a lot all firmly in the luxury category. This is the guide for those of you who do not have an unlimited spending price range (that’s coming tomorrow!), but you are pleased to splash out and are looking to find the most lovely and impressive pieces inside your value variety.

If you want to give your present on the 25th, remember to check the delivery times to your or your giftee’s nation before you purchase, as we’re now just 5 functioning days away (so exicted!).


Viva Voluptuous Celina robe, £105 (~$ 131 / ~125€)

Ships from the UK

This plus-sized robe is offered in two sizes, to match from a UK 16 to a UK 30. The bright yellow daisies are super entertaining, and for an added £75 you can include the adorable babydoll worn underneath too (sizes 36D to 42G or 44D).


NK iMODE Morgan Cradle Bust chemise, CAD$ 190 (~£114 / ~US$ 142 / ~136€)

Ships from Canada

You cannot go incorrect with a classic, black, silk-and-lace chemise, provided your giftee is into nightdresses of course. Cut on the bias, it has a wonderful, swishy match, and is a excellent gift for somebody with sensitive skin as silk is a natural, hypoallergenic and super-comfy fabric to put on.


Mimi Holliday Amaryllis bra, £78 (~$ 97 / ~93€)

Mimi Holliday Amaryllis knickers, £42 (~$ 52 / ~50€)

Ships from the UK

This is no ordinary bra! Know an individual who likes their lingerie racy, lacy and certainly not boring? The ribbon lacing on this bra make it a statement piece, whilst the knickers feature a cheeky ouvert back with a clasp.


Fantasie Sofia bra, £48 (~$ 60 / ~57€)

Fantasie Sofia knickers, £26 (~$ 32 / ~31€)

Fantasie Sofia suspender belt, £50 (~$ 62 / ~60€)

Ships from the UK

Coming in at £124 for the set, this is an elegant bra set for a D+ cup sized giftee. The bra is unpadded, and all 3 pieces function a delicate gold bow and charm detail.


Vollers Hollie Florar Mania corset, £125 (~$ 156 / ~149€)

Ships from the UK

Others could disagree but personally, I wouldn’t advise acquiring a corset for a person who’s by no means expressed an interest in them, as they’re not one thing everybody enjoys wearing. If you know your giftee likes them, or they’ve particularly asked for 1, this is a wonderful ‘beginner’ style as it provides a gentle waist reduction only. It’s also gorgeous! It is less complicated to get the match correct with an underbust corset such as this as you only genuinely need to have to know their waist size.


What Katie Did 1930s velvet pyjamas, £135 (~$ 168 / ~161€)

Ships from the UK

A unique twist on the classic PJs-for-Christmas idea, these ones by What Katie Did are each ideal for the vintage vixen, and bang on trend given that it’s all about velvet underthings this wintertime! I love the emerald green but they also come in an equally-festive red.


For Love &amp Lemons Solina sleep shirt, $ 171 (~£137 / ~164€)

Ships from the USA

Best for the eternal bedhead! Know a person who loves a great lie-in and has a penchant for fairly evening-factors? This silk and chiffon shirt has the shape and comfort of a classic, oversized-shirt style nightdress, but with added glam issue.


Versace bra, decreased to £90 (~£112 / ~108€)

Versace knickers, reduced to £55 (~£69 / ~66€)

Ships from Italy

If you are acquiring for somebody who loves designer labels, why not treat them to this beautiful bra set by Versace? It is heavily decreased – the ‘was’ costs on Yoox are roughly half what the RRP would have been, meaning this set initially retailed for somewhere in the area of £500! Nevertheless (and I see this a lot on lingerie by ‘designer’ clothes labels – why?) it’s sold by dress size i.e. offered in UK 8-12 rather than band and cup sizing. I’d steer clear of this set if your giftee is full-busted, just in case.


Aubade Bahia Couture half-cup bra, £99 (~$ 124 / ~118€)

Aubade Bahia Couture thong, £55 (~$ 69 / ~66€)

Ships from France

The starry embroidery on this luxury bra set reminds me a small of snowflakes, and the silvery-grey colour just adds to that wintery really feel. It is festive, but in a subtle way. A brief is also accessible if your recipient doesn’t like thongs.


Agent Provocateur Lorna bra, £75 (~$ 94 / ~90€)

Agent Provocateur Lorna knickers, £35 (~$ 44 / ~42€)

Agent Provocateur Lorna suspender belt, £55 (~$ 69 / ~66€)

Ships from the UK

Lorna is one of AP’s bestselling ranges, and also a single of their most affordable. The supersized, almost cartoonish-seeking scallops are genuinely cool, creating this a bra set that is eye-catching but not so fancy it can’t be worn for everyday wear.


Buttress &amp Snatch White Swan bra, £98 (~$ 122 / ~117€)

Buttress &amp Snatch White Swan knickers, £79 (~$ 99 / ~94€)

Shops from the UK

What do you purchase as a a lot more-particular-than-usual present for somebody whose lingerie style is generally fundamental whites? This basic however beautiful and luxurious bra set that features silk tulle frills and silk rosebuds!


Alexandrea Anissa French Maid four-piece set, $ 265 (~£212 / ~254€)

Ships from the USA

Hunting for a present that is decidedly cheeky? This handmade take on a classic French Maid set is component lingerie and element costume – best for dressing up, but with out the suspender belt it also makes for a cute, casual bralette set for everyday put on as well. Two in one particular gifts are the greatest correct?

Which of these would be your present of decision, for yourself or a person else? Do not forget to verify back tomorrow for my favourite gift guide of the year – the no-upper-price range a single!

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2016 Christmas Lingerie Present Guide: £100 and Under

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate hyperlinks.

Whoops, it’s been 10 days given that my last gift guide and probabilities are you’re properly into your Christmas purchasing by now – but if you are nonetheless hunting for the perfect present, today’s post is for you. My preceding present guide covered gifts up to £50 and whilst there are some extremely beautiful pieces on it, today’s £100-budget guide is the one exactly where you’ll begin to see some luxury options – less polyester satin and more silk satin for example.

With 13 days to go, right here are my 13 leading picks priced from £51 to £100, such as plus sized and DD+ recommendations.


Evgenia Night Garden knickers, reduced to $ 65.ten (~£51 / ~61€)

Ships from the USA

If you are purchasing for someone who likes all factors pretty and feminine, then you genuinely can’t go wrong with these knickers – they’ve got a beautiful floral print, all various shades of pink and purple, and a giant bow created from lace! They’re on sale which is excellent for your wallet, but does mean they are now only available in a size Massive.


Fantasie Marianna bra, £38 (~$ 48 / ~45€)

Fantasie Marianna knickers, £18 (~$ 23 / ~21€)

Ships from the UK

This sophisticated, DD+ bra is accessible in 30-40 band sizes, and the matching knickers in S-2XL. The dark green colour is wonderfully festive, and the sheer/opaque lace provides the impression of individual lace appliqués which would cost a complete lot a lot more.


Lola Luna Gaia bra, £31.99 (~$ 41 / ~38€)

Lola Luna Gaia ouvert thong, £25.99 (~$ 33 / ~31€)

Ships from the UK

Here’s one from my shop, and a single I know a lot of individuals are obtaining this Christmas as it’s flying off the shelves! It does say out of stock correct now, but will be back in stock later this week. This beautiful set is a great present when you want anything that’s beautiful but also quite, very sexy. I would nonetheless only advise buying a quarter-cupped bra for a recipient who already owns one particular or who has expressed an interest in receiving a single, as they’re a bit of a Marmite garment – you love them or you hate them. A non-ouvert version of the thong is also obtainable.


Cervin Chenonceau suspender belt, 70€ (~£59 / ~$ 74)

Ships from France

If your recipient wears stockings often, then a very good-top quality suspender belt is a sensible gift they’re confident to get a lot of use out of. And practical needn’t mean boring – this double grips on this one particular by Cervin are a fashionable and eye-catching touch! It’s offered in S-3XL sizes.


Ultimo Lyra bra, £40 (~$ 51 / ~48€)

Ultimo Lyra knickers, £19 (~$ 24 / ~23€)

Ships from the UK

This bra is available up to a 38G and down to a 30D or 32A (click right here for the A-D sizes) and the bottoms come in UK eight-18. It is best for the recipient that likes lingerie that tends to make a statement! The rope is detachable, and can also be threaded by means of the loop on the knickers so there are a lot of combinations to try out.


L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Kellie bra, £45 (~$ 57 / ~54€)

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Kellie thong, £24 (~$ 30 / ~29€)

Ships from the UK

This classic black-and-pink colour scheme and pretty floral embroidery imply this is a bra set that will appeal to lots of people. There is also a brief obtainable, and a suspender belt if you don’t mind spending just a tiny a lot more than £100 for the three pieces.


Sulis Silks Amalie bralette, £39 (~$ 49 / ~46€)

Sulis Silks Amalie knickers, £32 (~$ 41 / ~38€)

Ships from the UK

You may well recognise this brand from my present giveaway (nevertheless time to enter!), who manufacture here in Britain – an added bonus if your giftee is a fan of supporting local firms, though this is a beautiful gift regardless. Although bralettes are a huge trend appropriate now, this does not feel like a ‘hot trend’ piece that’s going to go out of style quickly and it also appears like it would appeal to a variety of ages. The icy silver and white colour scheme is ideal for winter as well!


Viva Voluptuous Lara chemise, £75 (~$ 95 / ~89€)

Ships from the UK

The luxury plus-size lingerie marketplace is expanding, but it is still relatively difficult to find beautiful, decadent pieces that go beyond a 38-band size. This babydoll runs from a 36D to a 44D, and goes up to a G cup in the 42-band size. With lashings of French eyelash lace and a scalloped edge, it’s perfect for the individual who loves a bit of glamour in their wardrobe!


L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Sydney camisole, reduced to £39 (~$ 49 / ~47€)

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Sydney shorts, decreased to £42 (~$ 53 / ~50€)

Ships from the UK

With the cami’s racerback style and the shorts’ elasticated waistband, there’s one thing slightly athletic and youthful about this cami set. I believe it would make a beautiful gift for an individual who likes their nightwear or loungewear as sensible as it is fairly, and right now you can advantage from slightly lowered sale rates!


Amoralle ivory lace bodysuit, 99€ (~£83 / ~$ 105)

Ships from Latvia

How decadent does this bodysuit look?! Ideal for somebody who can never get sufficient lace! If you’ve got a fashionista giftee to acquire for, this may possibly even double as a chic evening best under a jacket or paired with a maxi skirt. I believe I might even require to acquire this one as my Christmas gift to self.


Sulis Silks Gabrielle nightdress, £95 (~$ 120 / ~113€)

Ships from the UK

This is the variety of classic, sophisticated piece that will merely never ever go out of style. Other colours are available as well for these who choose a bolder splash of colour.


Kiss Me Deadly Grace gown, £98.99 (~$ 126 / ~118€)

Ships from the UK

A single far more from my boutique, and ones for fans of retro Hollywood glamour! These beautiful, floor-length gown has semi-sheer side panels and a bias reduce for a actually gorgeous (and, helpfully when you are not certain of your giftee’s size, quite versatile) match.


Marks and Spencer Rosie for Autograph silk pyjamas, £99 (~$ 126 / ~118€)

Ships from the UK

Classic pyjamas are a classic gift! Nothing’s much more comfortable or feels much more luxurious against the skin than sleeping in silk satin, and this rich red shade is just perfect for the festive season. They’re at present sold out on-line in a UK 6, but otherwise obtainable via to a UK 22.

See something right here that you may get for a person else, or would enjoy to locate parcelled up under your Christmas tree subsequent week?Estelle

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2016 Christmas Lingerie Present Guide: £25 and Below

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This blog post includes affiliate links.

If you haven’t started pondering about gifts for December 25th however, now is a good time to start off looking if you’ll be buying on the web. The postal program slows proper down at this time of the year with the Christmas rush, plus ordering early provides you some time to return the gift and pick something else if you decide you do not like it.

My 1st gift guide of the year focusses on gifts that cost £25 or less. Most of these are tiny, stocking-filler kind tips, but I’ve also picked out a couple of larger pieces that offer great worth and would make a lovely primary present if this is your total budget. I’ve noted below which of these I’m recommending from private encounter, as I love 4 of the things on this list adequate to have purchased them for myself!


Tease Wildflower glitter pasties, $ 7.95 (~£6 / ~8€)

Ships from USA

These single-use pasties are a enjoyable, sparkly stocking filler. They have a peel-off backing, so there’s no need to have to bother with glue or tape.


Tutti Rouge Knicker in a Bauble, £6.99 (~$ 9 / ~8€)

Ships from UK

You do not get to choose the style of knicker that you get with this 1, just the size of course (which runs from XS to XXL), but surprises can be enjoyable! At £6.99 this is a excellent value gift – why not buy a handful of to hide amongst the baubles on your tree?


Charnos Sparkle Spot tights, £9.99 (~$ 12 / ~12€)

Ships from UK

Clothing all look to get a bit sparklier at Christmas time, and these subtle, glitter-dot tights are a excellent, chic-but festive stocking filler. They’re available with gold or silver jewellery (hint: if you know your giftee tends to climate either silver or gold footwear/jewellery to parties, decide on that colour).


What Katie Did retro seamed stockings £10 (~$ 12 / ~12€)

Ships from UK

What Katie Did’s retro seamed stockings are some of my favourite hosiery, I personal a number of pairs and very suggest them. If you are getting for someone who wears a lot of colourful lingerie, these are a excellent choice – as properly as green, they come in blue, burgundy and red, plus some much more neutral colours.


Pierre Mantoux Sibilla socks, £11.99 (~$ 15 / ~14€)

Ships from UK

Yeah, I know, socks for Christmas. Original appropriate? But this fun, fishnet design and style is not your regular pair of socks! Other colours are obtainable, as well as tights (which nonetheless come in at below £25).


Viva Voluptuous Sparkly Lizzy Hold-Ups, on sale for £12 (~$ 15 / ~14€)

Ships from UK

Available in size XL only, these sheer hold-ups function gorgeous, glittery detail at the higher and ankle that is perfect for those Christmas and New Year parties! The sale value is valid for a short although longer, soon after which they’ll be back up to £15.


Esty Lingerie sparkly gold suspenders, £12.99 (~$ 16 / ~15€)

Ships from UK

This is 1 of my personal creations. One more festively-metallic stocking filler, they’re hand sewn and use gold-plated hardware. They can be worn with most knickers, basques and corsets that come with detachable suspenders.


Bluebella Tala chemise, on sale for £15 (~$ 19 / ~18€)

Ships from UK

I purchased this chemise for myself. I haven’t gotten round to reviewing it but (or wearing it for that matter), but I can inform you that it is an absolute bargain at just £15. If you’re hunting for a gift that looks way far more luxurious than it in fact fees, this is the 1! Another delightfully shimmering selection.


Bluebella Thea bodysuit, on sale for £15.20 (~$ 19 / ~18€)

Ships from UK

Is your recipient’s style a lot more sleek and athletic than sparkly and lacey? I also really like this understated bodysuit with its graphic diamond mesh. Available from a UK eight to 18!


Trasparenze Platino floral tights, £15.99 (~$ 20 / ~19€)

Ships from UK

I bought these tights not too long ago and they’re fantastic! The bright, colourful floral design is so unusual and eye-catching, which makes these a wonderful present. From my knowledge, I’d recommend acquiring your giftee a size up from what the size chart suggests, specially if they’re tall.


Seven ’til Midnight crochet bodysuit, $ 23.95 (~£19 / ~23€)

Ships from USA

This is a really fairly bodysuit for the price! It has a good reduce-out back with strapping detail as well. It’s obtainable from S to XL, though as it has wired cups and is not sold by cup size, I would note that it’s unlikely to match someone with a quite full bust.


Playful Promises satin tap pants, £19.99 (~$ 25 / ~24€)

Ships from UK

A single from my boutique – these delightful tap pants are from the Bettie Page by Playful Promises collection, and are just wonderfully swishy and fabulously retro.


Rosie for Autograph at Marks &amp Spencer silk French knickers, £20 (~$ 25 / ~24€)

Ships from UK

I reviewed the red version of these tap pants not too long ago, here, and could not fault them! They are genuinely such a bargain for £20. They’re silk but the exact same price tag as you will uncover comparable designs in cheaper polyester fabric for. As properly as the red, they’re also offered in black. Sizes from UK six to 20.


Escante Inner Goddess bodysuit, $ 25.95 (~£21 / ~24€)

Ships from USA

The metallic accents on the lace give this bodysuit a luxe touch – I was surprised at how reasonably priced the price tag is! It comes in sizes S-L, and thanks to the stretch fabric there’s a very good opportunity of it fitting your recipient well even if you do not know their precise dress size.


Olivie Seven lace-trim knickers, $ 30 (~£24 / ~28€)

Ships from Croatia

How lovely are these knickers? They’re handmade also, perfect for an ethically-conscious giftee.


Gio fully-fashioned cuban heel stockings, £24.99 (~$ 31 / ~29€)

Ships from UK

If you know the individual you’re purchasing for loves stockings, then you really cannot go incorrect with a totally-fashioned pair. I like this exciting blue colour for something a little bit different, but they also come in a light beige colour and in a darker bronze.


ColieCo Jessica harness knicker, £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)

Ships from Portugal

Know a person who loves the strappy lingerie trend? Obtainable in XS to XL, this handmade knicker combines sheer and polkadot mesh, and will be simple for your recipient to mix-and-match with whatever black bras they currently own.

Will you be treating an individual to something from this list? If you are planning to invest more than £25, check back quickly for my subsequent present guide covering products costing up to £50.


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What is Transgender Lingerie? A Cis-Gender Guide

Pictured above: All of a sudden Fem red satin corset

Author: Avigayil

Disclosure: This blog post includes an affiliate hyperlink.

June is Pride Month in both Canada and the USA. For readers in the UK, February is Pride History month but there are UK pride events going on in June as effectively.

For these not familiar with Pride Month, it is a month not only to celebrate being queer: it is a month to celebrate the right to exist with out persecution. This is a idea some nations – like the USA with their war on transgendered bathrooms – have not fairly figured out but.

During the month of June, you will see the term LGBT (LGBTQIA+, LGBTQ, and so forth.) spring up in numerous articles focused on gay rights, pride parades, and queer lifestyles. LGBT – the simple acronym – stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Nonetheless, the majority of these pride month articles will focus on gays and lesbians, with a smattering of bi and a minuscule dash of transgender if there is any mention at all.

As blogger Erica from The Polycule stated recently on Twitter: This pride month let’s pledge to not say LGBTQ when we really imply LG(b)”. Point taken! In honour of Pride Month, I am focusing on the “T” in the LGBT acronym and lingerie that has special significance for the transgender neighborhood.

What is transgender?

To realize transgender lingerie, we initial need to have to comprehend transgender. A individual is transgender if their self-identified gender does not align with their biological sex. (If it does, that’s cis-gender).

A rapid note: this is the ‘transgender for dummies’ definition. Gender, as we recognize it, is not an either/or equation. Gender is like a sliding scale or a spectrum, exactly where you may possibly uncover yourself at either extreme or somewhere else along the bar.

Some transgender females and men go for surgery to make their physical anatomy a lot more closely align with their gender identity. Others choose to by no means go via surgery (or lack access, funds, and so on.) and live in a physique that does not align with the way they really feel. In the latter case, lingerie can help bridge the gap amongst look and gender identity. Beneath, I outline functional lingerie for transmen and transwomen.

gc2b All Nude chest binders

gc2b All Nude chest binders

Lingerie for Transmen

Chest Binders

Binders are reinforced tops that pull the breasts in towards the body, thus minimising their look. Binders come in different mediums: a chest band, a cropped vest, a full shirt, and far more. They also come in different strengths: from light binding to much more heavy duty binding for bigger breasts and/or complete minimisation.

Gc2b lately produced headlines with their line of nude binders (pictured above) accessible in 5 skin tones. They are just one of a lot of companies making binders these days. Danae is one of the couple of companies I know of who tends to make a chest binder band instead of a complete or half top, leaving you to style it as you please.

Although one may well think that binders are exclusively transgender lingerie, they are also quite popular among the cosplaying neighborhood. Superman looks wonderful with boobs but a far more genuine Superman cosplay is better with a binder.

Origami Customs bamboo packing brief

Origami Customs bamboo packing brief (photo by Michelle Davidson-Schapiro)

Packing Briefs

Packing briefs are underwear that both accommodate a packer or stand-to-pee (STP) device and hold it safe. They come with a built in pocket to fit the packer and may have added features such as padding for comfort/bulk or added straps for security.

Packing briefs are not worn solely by transmen they are also worn by a lot of gender fluid individuals for whom packing is element of their gender expression.

RodeoH is identified for making packer-friendly briefs, which are briefs with a simple hidden pocket that can be worn with or without having the packer. Bluestockings Boutique, an on the internet lingerie shop that particularly caters to the queer neighborhood, sells eco-friendly Bamboo Packing Briefs by Origami Customs. The briefs (pictured above) are made to work with each an STP device and a packer.

Suddenly Fem super strong gaff-slimmer combo

Suddenly Fem super robust gaff-slimmer combo

Lingerie for Transwomen


A gaff is underwear developed to smooth tucked genitals (penis and testicles), therefore presenting a clean visual line. The wearer tucks and then the gaff – produced of robust or reinforced material – is created to maintain everything in place, smooth, and hidden from view. Most gaffs come in a thong or t-string as only the front bits need controlling.

Transwomen who are pre-surgery or who opt not to have surgery will often wear gaffs to support mold their physical appearance in order to a lot more closely resemble their gender identity.

There is a massive selection of affordable gaffs at Abruptly Fem (pictured above). They come in a lot of bright colours and good fabrics including satin and lace. For far more luxury gaffs, try the brand Chrysalis Lingerie (presently on hiatus) – they are a luxury lingerie brand specifically developed for transwomen.

Alternatively, Lycra underwear and underwear with a front control panel can act the very same as a gaff by keeping your bits tucked in and by presenting a smooth silhouette.

Gaffs also show up in the cosplay planet. I was not too long ago at a convention where a gentleman cosplayed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element (the white bandage costume) and genital handle was definitely an integral component of his costume.

Amoena Jane pocketed bra

Amoena Jane pocketed bra

Pocketed Bras

Pocketed bras are bras developed with a constructed-in, discreet pocket in every single cup that fits a breast form. A breast form is a silicone or similar form that looks like and mimics a breast, which includes weight, density, malleability, and appearance. Breast types can appear so organic that some pocketed bras come in a sheer fabric.

Breast forms are typically sold separately so you can decide on ones that very best match your sense of body, body size, and skin tone. Merely place the forms in the pocketed bra of your option for an immediate ‘boobs in a bra’ look.

In the queer community, pocketed bras are frequently worn by transwomen. If you program on possessing surgery, breast forms can be a way to figure out what size and shape of breasts you want. Breast types in pocketed bras give immediate breasts: best for transwomen who are pre-surgery, do not want surgery, who are not on hormones, or those who are on hormones but have but to grown their own breasts out to the size they want.

Pocketed bras are not exclusively transgender lingerie: they are also created for breast cancer survivors who may possibly have lost each breasts, one particular breast, or a partial breast to the disease.

Firms like Amoena (pictured above) design mastectomy bras but they are also a excellent place to uncover pocketed bras that accommodate breast forms. TheBreastFormStore is also a excellent web site to choose out each breast types and bras, like this sheer bra.

Rebirth Garments clear vinyl underbust corset

Rebirth Garments clear vinyl underbust corset

Corsets &amp Shapewear

Corsets are extremely handy for nipping in the waist and delivering a a lot more traditionally feminine silhouette.  Good quality corsets created with steel boning can offer substantial waist reduction, producing a curvier look. The article Corset Purchasing for Trans Ladies at The Lingerie Addict is really a great resource thinking about the certain wants of a trans women.

Shapewear, like a corset, molds the body by means of compression. Shapewear can be employed by both trans guys and females to modify the appearance of their physique to greater align with their gender identity.

Transwomen might use shapewear to tuck in a tummy and tuck in their biological sex organs. Shapewear combined with body pads can develop smooth, extra curves exactly where they are preferred, such as the butt or the thighs.

Transmen could use shapewear to minimise the appearance of their butt, their hips, and a lot more.  For transmen, shapewear is like a chest binder for the rest of the body and like chest binders, shapewear comes in distinct strengths for a customised compression level.

Corsets, while often thought of as Victorian-era lingerie, are producing a comeback in a large way. Personally, I personal a number of corsets and appreciate wearing them for particular occasions. Shapewear is usually regarded a basic in any woman’s wardrobe and it is even marketed towards men who want a small non-surgical nip and tuck.

Spanx Lounge-Hooray! slimming shorts

Spanx Lounge-Hooray! compression shorts

I have subtly tried to make a point all through this post by mentioning mastectomy bras, gender fluidity, Victorian-era lingerie, and cosplaying. Transgender lingerie is transgender simply because of who wears it. Therefore, a chest binder is not transgender lingerie if a cis-gender female wears it to cosplay as a male character. That is roleplaying – it has nothing to do with private gender identity. Likewise, a corset is not transgender lingerie for a cis-gender female, only is if it is worn by a transgender female. Every single item becomes transgender lingerie when worn by somebody who identifies as such.

This post primarily serves to highlight lingerie that is functionally beneficial to the transgender community. Nonetheless, any lingerie that a transgender person wears is transgender lingerie.

The beauty of lingerie is that it is just cloth: pieces of material sewn collectively to make one thing stunning that sits against the skin and acts as a barrier among it and our clothing. It has no inherent gender in and of itself except what we place upon it. In the end, transgender lingerie is just lingerie. It is the identical lingerie we all wear plus a few far more specialised pieces.

Do you have any expertise with chest binders, packing briefs, pocketed bras, or gaffs? If so, we would love to hear your story!


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The Cyber Altering Space: A 1st-Timer’s Guide to On the web Lingerie Purchases

Author: Avigayil

If you have in no way purchased lingerie on the internet just before, it is understandable that you may be a bit worried. What if the item does not match? What if you do not like the colour? What if the item comes damaged? I know all of these questions by rote as I have usually asked them myself!

This guide is designed to help 1st-time buyers assess the garments the get and determine on an proper course of action: to maintain or to return. I walk you by way of the procedure of returning lingerie bought on the web and clarify who pays for what charges. If you are new to the globe of online lingerie shopping, then this guide is for you!

checking bra fit

Be positive to check the fit thoroughly ahead of you take away the tags (or hygiene patches), as you can’t return lingerie once they’re gone

Stage 1 – Assessment

Usually check the labels first to ensure you in fact received what you ordered. Verify for each sizes (L, XL, 34D 32C, and so on.) and designs (balconette, plunge, thong, bikini, and so on.). Whilst attempting on lingerie may possibly be an easy way to decide if they sent you the incorrect size, it can result in damaging the garment. As a result, you want to verify these specifics just before anything else.

Next, you need to check the lingerie for damage before you attempt it on. Make certain to check delicate fabrics for pulls or holes and inspect the seams as effectively. It is imperative you verify for harm just before you attempt the lingerie on as, if broken, the damage can be exasperated via put on.

If you have received the correct style/size and there is no damage, then try on the lingerie! Do not remove tags at this stage. When attempting on a bra or lingerie item with lots of straps, loosen all straps just before placing on and then tighten as soon as wearing. When attempting on knickers, wear them over a pair of your personal. The identical rule applies to bodysuits, teddies and anything with a crotch.

These measures are equivalent to trying on lingerie in a physical altering area: in each situations, you handle the garment with care and make sure that you have been given a excellent-situation item in the size you asked for.

The final part of stage a single is to make a decision: are you going to maintain the piece or are you going to return/exchange it? For lingerie you plan to hold: move to Stage 2. For lingerie you strategy to send back: move to Stage 3.

Washing lingerie

Maintaining your obtain? Wash it before the initial put on to take away excess dye

Stage 2 – Maintaining

You have decided to hold your incredible new piece of lingerie! At this point you can take away hang tags. In no way pull these out to stay away from damage, most will have a clasp that can be opened. If they do not, then use scissors.

Hand wash your new lingerie before wearing it. Most lingerie has come straight from manufacturing so it will still have residual chemicals, excess dye, starch and much more nonetheless clinging to the fabric. As your skin is an organ, it absorbs what it comes in get in touch with with so these chemicals will finish up in your blood stream. Who needs that?

Make certain to hand wash all delicate lingerie – attempt to stay away from machine washing. Use cold water as it will support ‘set’ the dye. Dye bleed (when the water turns the colour of your garment) increases with hot water. Cold water also substantially reduces/prevents shrinkage.

Either hang your lingerie up (hang bras by the gore) or lay flat to dry. Do not stick your new lingerie in the dryer for a myriad of motives such as shrinkage and elastic damage. Soon after your new piece has completed drying, appreciate wearing! Usually make positive to study care guidelines before washing: if an item is dry clean only then the steps above surely do not apply (I am pondering of corsets here).

Remember to repack your purchase well - you're responsible for it until it arrives back to the brand, so you don't want it to get damaged in transit!

Keep in mind to repack your purchase effectively – you are responsible for it until it arrives back to the brand, so you don’t want it to get broken in transit!

Stage 3 – Returning | Exchanging | Selling

What to do if you do not want to keep the item you have just purchased? Very first you must establish fault: who is accountable for you not keeping the item?

If the item received is a) not the item you ordered or b) comes damaged, then this is an ‘at fault’ situation (i.e. the shop did one thing wrong). A ‘no fault’ circumstance is when you received, undamaged, what you ordered and are returning due to motives such as style, fit, design, look, etc.

Returns &amp Exchanges – No Fault

  1. 1st, guarantee that the item you ordered qualifies for a return in a no-fault situation, final sale (no-returns) policies apply.
  2. Request a return authorisation number if necessary. Print off and/or fill out the appropriate return types. On this form you will indicate no matter whether you want to return for a refund or exchange for a distinct size. Make sure you stick this form inside your package when creating your return.
  3. Make certain the lingerie is nevertheless clean: that signifies there are no deodorant stains or pet hairs!
  4. Repackage the lingerie in its original packaging: stuff the bra cups, seal in bags, and so on. Make confident to incorporate all accessories (like garter straps or bra cup inserts) with the item you are returning. If you tore the original package in your excitement, then make sure you repackage your return in packing material of equal or greater quality to the packaging you received.
  5. Address the envelope to the acceptable address: most firms have a specific address for returns. If the address does not mention returns, then create ‘return’ on the envelope so that customs does not charge the receiver duty.
  6. Send your package as soon as achievable: there is a limited window of time exactly where returns and exchanges are accepted.
  7. Take pictures of the package with complete labels prepared for shipping – take these pictures at the post workplace. This is crucial proof of shipping! It is specifically crucial if you are returning without tracking and is a nice additional bit of insurance if the package does have tracking.

As this is a no fault predicament, you will pay the price of return postage unless the brand delivers free of charge returns. Nevertheless, the organization you purchased from will normally cover the cost of shipping out a replacement if you requested one.

Returns &amp Exchanges – At Fault

In an ‘at fault’ predicament, final sale policies do not apply.

Email the business as soon as you establish a difficulty with your order. Contain your order number, what you ordered, and what you actually received or what the harm is. Even if you are upset, be polite.

Always consist of photographic proof when informing a business that they produced a mistake. It is also a very good concept to include your original invoice or a packing slip in the e-mail so that it is simple for the company to examine what you received against what you ordered.

Adhere to methods three by way of 7 from the ‘no fault’ situation above as these actions are the identical no matter the explanation for return.

As this is an ‘at fault’ scenario, the business will cover the expense of return postage.

If you want to resell your purchase, keep the tags on and any original packaging like hangers or boxes - it'll be worth more!

If you want to resell your buy, keep the tags on and any original packaging like hangers or boxes – it’ll be worth more!


If the garments had been final sale and you simply do not like them, you will almost certainly want to resell or give the garment away.

Often preserve tags on the lingerie and preserve the original packaging. Clothes that is brand new with tags (BNWT) has a larger resale worth. Original packaging can enhance that worth as it is proof of authenticity, and men and women really like accessories!

Of course, we always hope that the things we acquire will fall into Stage 2: stuff we enjoy and program to maintain forever. However, purchasing on the internet skips the ‘try on’ stage so danger is higher. It is usually worth checking out a company’s return and exchange policy even in a ‘no fault’ scenario the cost of a garment you will not put on and might have difficulty reselling is normally a lot more than the price of paying return shipping.

If you have any concerns about dealing with returns and exchanges when purchasing lingerie on-line, leave them in the comments beneath!


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Christmas Present Guide: 20 Lingerie Gifts for £25 and Beneath

Author: Estelle

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links.

There’s little far more than a month to go until Christmas Day, so it’s time to kick off my series of gift guides. I’m beginning today with suggestions that will expense you £25 or significantly less – no matter whether you’re searching for a handful of small stocking fillers, or a bigger gift that’s extremely budget-friendly, there are some gorgeous pieces obtainable this year.

Fiore Trixie stockings, £5.95 (sizes S-L)

Fiore Trixie stockings, £5.95 (sizes S-L)

 With thick, glitzy bands of shimmering lurex, these stockings are both stylish and festive, and superbly priced too.

Veneziana Madlene stockings, £6.50 (sizes S-L)

Veneziana Madlene stockings, £6.50 (sizes S-L)

These are some of my quite favourite stockings! They’re very budget-friendly and a genuinely unusual style – the romantic rose pattern is a gorgeous alternative to straight seams.

Lovarti Heart Eyes sleep mask, ~£7.64 (one size)

Lovarti Heart Eyes sleep mask, £7.64 (one size)

Know an individual who loves all factors quirky and kitsch? This super cute eye mask is excellent for lazy holiday napping, and is handmade in Poland.

Playful Promises Natalia nipple tassels, £12 (one size)

Playful Promises Natalia nipple tassels, £12 (one particular size)

These sparkly pasties with festively-red tassels are oh-so-enjoyable, and come prepared wrapped in a present box with a sticky re-usable backing so there’s no want to worry about getting lingerie tape or pastie glue too.

Adrian Lena and Stones tights, £13.95 (sizes S-L)

Adrian Lena and Stones tights, £13.95 (sizes S-L)

With their velvety ‘gift wrap’ style bow and glossy black ‘stones’, these tights are just perfect for the celebration season!

Cervin Seduction Bicolore stockings, £14.50 (sizes S-XXXL)

Cervin Seduction Bicolore stockings, £14.50 (sizes S-XXXL)

I own these fabulous stockings myself and can genuinely say they’re a luxury-quality product, not to mention entirely enjoyable and uncommon in this colourway! They are also obtainable in classic black though, and other options. You can study my review of them right here.

Lucky Sew &amp Sew Althea knickers, £15 (sizes XS-XL)

Fortunate Sew &amp Sew Althea knickers, £15 (sizes XS-XL)

This delicate ivory chiffon with metallic gold dots is oh-so-Christmassy, without getting too costume-y to wear the rest of the year also. These knickers are handmade in the UK as well.

GS Intimates silk knickers, ~£16.21 (sizes XS-L)

GS Intimates silk knickers, £16.21 (sizes XS-L)

What could be a lot more indulgent as a present than pure silk knickers? These ones are phenomenally priced not just because they’re silk, but since they’re handmade too!

Helen Kuvovski sheer appliqué bralet, ~£16.89 (sizes XXS-L)

Helen Kuvovski sheer appliqué bralet, ~£16.89 (sizes XXS-L)

Sheer, appliquéd bralets are right on trend at the moment, and not only is this one quite quite, it is handmade also. It’s available in this classic black and a wintery white. It even appears like the bra may well come ready gift-wrapped for you.

Gio Havana heel fully-fashioned stockings, £19.95 (UK shoe sizes 3-9)

Gio Havana heel fully-fashioned stockings, £19.95 (UK shoe sizes 3-9)

Fully-fashioned stockings are the crème de la crème of luxury hosiery, so if you are acquiring a present for an individual who loves to put on stockings then you truly cannot go wrong with these!

Esty Lingerie triple choker strap, £19.99 (sizes Regular and Plus)

Esty Lingerie triple choker strap, £19.99 (sizes Standard and Plus)

One particular of my personal styles here – this is one of my bestselling pieces and a fantastic stocking filler idea for any person who likes ‘strappy’ lingerie, as it can be simply attached to any bra in their lingerie drawer to adjust its appear.

Playful Promises Peek and Beau Jessica bra, £20 (sizes S-L)

Playful Promises Peek and Beau Jessica bra, £20 (sizes S-L)

This enjoyable bra is truly a totally cupless style covered up with a thick satin bow, prepared to be unwrapped! Adding the matching knickers would push this more than budget, but the wonderful issue about black lingerie like this is that it can all be mixed-and-matched with what you already own.

H&ampM lace push up bra set, £21.98 (sizes 32A-36D and UK 12-16)

H&ampM lace push up bra set, £21.98 (sizes 32A-36D and UK eight-18)

This blush pink bra set is produced from a lovely, delicate lace with an eyelash trim, and is also obtainable in black. The link above will take you to the bra and the knickers can be discovered here.

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Anetta tie-side knickers, £24 (one size)

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Anetta tie-side knickers, £24 (one particular size)

L’Agent is the younger, cheaper sister-brand to household name Agent Provocateur, and these simple ribbon tie-sides are an Agent Provocateur classic that is now obtainable at a budget-friendly price tag.

H&ampM Black Lace Slip, £24.99 (UK sizes 8-16)

H&ampM black lace slip, £24.99 (UK sizes eight-16)

H&ampM describes this as the corset which it definitely is not. What it is though is very pretty and surprisingly affordable! If your budget will stretch a small more than £25, include some chic stockings to full the appear.

Esty Lingerie Kaylaa harness, £24.99 (sizes S-L)

Esty Lingerie Kaylaa harness, £24.99 (sizes S-L)

Harnesses are a fantastic stocking filler as they can be paired with so a lot of various lingerie looks, and even outerwear. This is a single of my own pieces which is sewn by hand and obtainable in numerous colours, but I consider this deep red with gold-plated hardware is the most Christmassy mixture.

H&ampM black lace corset, £24.99 (UK sizes 8-16)

H&ampM black lace corset, £24.99 (UK sizes 8-16)

Another H&ampM ‘corset’ that is really more of a lightly-boned basque, this is nonetheless a pretty piece of lingerie that’s not also tough on the wallet.

Love Me Sugar Marlene eye mask, ~£25 (one size)

Love Me Sugar Marlene eye mask, ~£25 (one particular size)

I’ve observed Adore Me Sugar designer Natalie’s handmade eye masks up close, and they are divine. They are thickly padded and beautifully produced, and this Marlene sleep mask comes with its own satin gift bag.

Playful Promises Frida harness knicker, £25 (UK sizes 8-16)

Playful Promises Frida harness knickers, £25 (UK sizes 8-16)

This is another piece I’ve bought myself – it’s excellent quality for £25 and perfect for the giftee who likes their lingerie to be a tiny ‘out there’! Verify out my assessment of the Frida harness brief here.

Ann Summers Sascha dress, £25 (sizes Medium-Large)

Ann Summers Sascha dress, £25 (sizes Medium-Big)

With its massive-patterned lace and scalloped eyelash trim, this is a single gift that appears decidedly much more costly and luxurious than it in fact is.

I hope you have located this present guide valuable! What do you like most from it? And if you’re arranging to commit far more than £25, remain tuned for my subsequent guides where I’ll be covering some far more luxurious gift suggestions.


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