My Top 5 Lingerie Purchases of 2016

Author: Estelle

As usual, I’m ending the year with a round-up of my very favourite purchases from the past 12 months. Previously I’ve carried out a ‘top 10’, but when I was going by way of my purchases this year I realised just how small I’ve in fact purchased – perhaps my existing one particular-item-per-month limit won’t be so hard to stick to right after all. Sharing my ten favourites with you would essentially just be a ‘here’s everything I bought that I didn’t dislike’ list, so for 2016 I’m going with five.

As in previous years, only things that I’ve truly paid for myself are featured here. My testimonials are usually honest regardless, but this way the skeptics amongst you can be sure the picks below haven’t been swayed by freebies! These are the 5 purchases that have truly stood out to me this year for a single cause or another…


five. Maison Lejaby Nuage balconette bra

Mini assessment right here

I believe this is the plainest bra I’ve ever purchased, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m not usually one for basics, so for a bra like this to get onto my ideal-buys-of-the-year post means it is something truly particular. It’s properly-produced, the match it spot on, I adore the perfectly rounded shape it gives, and it is super comfy. Yeah, it is nonetheless fairly boring but that’s an easy repair – I have about a squillion pairs of fancy black knickers to pair it with!

I’m in Spain proper now and had to pack light (a suitcase complete of Christmas gifts and nappies doesn’t leave considerably area left for garments!) so I only brought two bras with me, and this was 1 of them.


4. Escora Zohra quarter-cup bra set

Evaluation here

I in no way would have purchased a quarter-cup bra if I hadn’t tried one on to write this post and realised just how supportive they could be. Considering that then I haven’t been hunting out for one particular precisely, but I stopped ruling them out at initial glance. I’m glad, due to the fact this bra is actually exciting and diverse to anything else that I personal.

The detachable choker is so ‘me’, as are the tiny Escora ‘E’ important charms which I pretend are Es for Estelle! I also adore the embroidery on this set which is an unusual blend of floral and geometric. This set was my very first buy from a brand I’ve been eyeing for a while, and I’ll undoubtedly be back for far more.


3. Ted Baker Peony chemise

Overview right here

The growth of digital printing has been a single of my favourite factors to occur to fashion lately. I’ve really noticed it in the lingerie globe this past couple of years with floral prints that have a depth of colour and a realism that is just so much much more intriguing than your normal, vaguely-cartoonish searching floral. It’s like wearing a bouquet.

As far as mid-priced lingerie and swimwear (and other clothes) goes, no a single does realistic-searching floral prints far better than Ted Baker. It wasn’t just the print I liked on this chemise even though, the glossy scalloped edging and rose-gold charm are genuinely pretty as well. I couldn’t think this was only £30 when I saw it in the shop, it appears like it need to have price much more.


2. Rosie for Autograph silk bra set

Review here

If you read my assessment of this set then you knew it was going to be on today’s list. I gave this set a 10/ten score for almost everything, which was a 1st for this blog, so yeah, I adore it! I’d been hunting for my ideal red lingerie set for actually years – it would have to be lovely but not too fussy for every day put on, it would have to be just the correct shade of wealthy, deep-but-vibrant red, and of course it would have to match like a glove. I type of believed it was a pipe dream, but no, that set was out there for me and this is it.

There’s also the reality that all 3 pieces (all silk, I may add) totalled £58.50. Yes, I’ve owned fancier items, but none of them had been so reasonably priced as this. Ideal sixty-odd quid I spent all year as far as I’m concerned.

La Lilouche Adelle grecian bra review

1. La Lilouche Adelle bra &amp Lana knickers

Overview here

I like scoring factors I overview on distinct aspects such as fit and durability because it is useful (I hope) for you as the reader to see, at a glance, exactly where a piece stands out and where it falls down. But that on its own is a extremely mathematical way of approaching lingerie which ignores that one particular, much a lot more important issue – how does the lingerie make me feel?

The M&ampS set above may possibly have received my ideal review points-sensible, but it wasn’t my favourite issue I bought this year. This La Lilouche set was, because it tends to make me feel like an absolute princess! It is just so, so stunning that I get that sense of awe each and every time I appear at it, even right after owning it for a even though. Yeah, it’s super delicate and not all that practical, but I value it much more as a function of art than anything else. One day when I’m wealthy, I’ll get all my underthings from La Lilouche.

What was the ideal lingerie that you bought or received this year?


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The Cyber Altering Space: A 1st-Timer’s Guide to On the web Lingerie Purchases

Author: Avigayil

If you have in no way purchased lingerie on the internet just before, it is understandable that you may be a bit worried. What if the item does not match? What if you do not like the colour? What if the item comes damaged? I know all of these questions by rote as I have usually asked them myself!

This guide is designed to help 1st-time buyers assess the garments the get and determine on an proper course of action: to maintain or to return. I walk you by way of the procedure of returning lingerie bought on the web and clarify who pays for what charges. If you are new to the globe of online lingerie shopping, then this guide is for you!

checking bra fit

Be positive to check the fit thoroughly ahead of you take away the tags (or hygiene patches), as you can’t return lingerie once they’re gone

Stage 1 – Assessment

Usually check the labels first to ensure you in fact received what you ordered. Verify for each sizes (L, XL, 34D 32C, and so on.) and designs (balconette, plunge, thong, bikini, and so on.). Whilst attempting on lingerie may possibly be an easy way to decide if they sent you the incorrect size, it can result in damaging the garment. As a result, you want to verify these specifics just before anything else.

Next, you need to check the lingerie for damage before you attempt it on. Make certain to check delicate fabrics for pulls or holes and inspect the seams as effectively. It is imperative you verify for harm just before you attempt the lingerie on as, if broken, the damage can be exasperated via put on.

If you have received the correct style/size and there is no damage, then try on the lingerie! Do not remove tags at this stage. When attempting on a bra or lingerie item with lots of straps, loosen all straps just before placing on and then tighten as soon as wearing. When attempting on knickers, wear them over a pair of your personal. The identical rule applies to bodysuits, teddies and anything with a crotch.

These measures are equivalent to trying on lingerie in a physical altering area: in each situations, you handle the garment with care and make sure that you have been given a excellent-situation item in the size you asked for.

The final part of stage a single is to make a decision: are you going to maintain the piece or are you going to return/exchange it? For lingerie you plan to hold: move to Stage 2. For lingerie you strategy to send back: move to Stage 3.

Washing lingerie

Maintaining your obtain? Wash it before the initial put on to take away excess dye

Stage 2 – Maintaining

You have decided to hold your incredible new piece of lingerie! At this point you can take away hang tags. In no way pull these out to stay away from damage, most will have a clasp that can be opened. If they do not, then use scissors.

Hand wash your new lingerie before wearing it. Most lingerie has come straight from manufacturing so it will still have residual chemicals, excess dye, starch and much more nonetheless clinging to the fabric. As your skin is an organ, it absorbs what it comes in get in touch with with so these chemicals will finish up in your blood stream. Who needs that?

Make certain to hand wash all delicate lingerie – attempt to stay away from machine washing. Use cold water as it will support ‘set’ the dye. Dye bleed (when the water turns the colour of your garment) increases with hot water. Cold water also substantially reduces/prevents shrinkage.

Either hang your lingerie up (hang bras by the gore) or lay flat to dry. Do not stick your new lingerie in the dryer for a myriad of motives such as shrinkage and elastic damage. Soon after your new piece has completed drying, appreciate wearing! Usually make positive to study care guidelines before washing: if an item is dry clean only then the steps above surely do not apply (I am pondering of corsets here).

Remember to repack your purchase well - you're responsible for it until it arrives back to the brand, so you don't want it to get damaged in transit!

Keep in mind to repack your purchase effectively – you are responsible for it until it arrives back to the brand, so you don’t want it to get broken in transit!

Stage 3 – Returning | Exchanging | Selling

What to do if you do not want to keep the item you have just purchased? Very first you must establish fault: who is accountable for you not keeping the item?

If the item received is a) not the item you ordered or b) comes damaged, then this is an ‘at fault’ situation (i.e. the shop did one thing wrong). A ‘no fault’ circumstance is when you received, undamaged, what you ordered and are returning due to motives such as style, fit, design, look, etc.

Returns &amp Exchanges – No Fault

  1. 1st, guarantee that the item you ordered qualifies for a return in a no-fault situation, final sale (no-returns) policies apply.
  2. Request a return authorisation number if necessary. Print off and/or fill out the appropriate return types. On this form you will indicate no matter whether you want to return for a refund or exchange for a distinct size. Make sure you stick this form inside your package when creating your return.
  3. Make certain the lingerie is nevertheless clean: that signifies there are no deodorant stains or pet hairs!
  4. Repackage the lingerie in its original packaging: stuff the bra cups, seal in bags, and so on. Make confident to incorporate all accessories (like garter straps or bra cup inserts) with the item you are returning. If you tore the original package in your excitement, then make sure you repackage your return in packing material of equal or greater quality to the packaging you received.
  5. Address the envelope to the acceptable address: most firms have a specific address for returns. If the address does not mention returns, then create ‘return’ on the envelope so that customs does not charge the receiver duty.
  6. Send your package as soon as achievable: there is a limited window of time exactly where returns and exchanges are accepted.
  7. Take pictures of the package with complete labels prepared for shipping – take these pictures at the post workplace. This is crucial proof of shipping! It is specifically crucial if you are returning without tracking and is a nice additional bit of insurance if the package does have tracking.

As this is a no fault predicament, you will pay the price of return postage unless the brand delivers free of charge returns. Nevertheless, the organization you purchased from will normally cover the cost of shipping out a replacement if you requested one.

Returns &amp Exchanges – At Fault

In an ‘at fault’ predicament, final sale policies do not apply.

Email the business as soon as you establish a difficulty with your order. Contain your order number, what you ordered, and what you actually received or what the harm is. Even if you are upset, be polite.

Always consist of photographic proof when informing a business that they produced a mistake. It is also a very good concept to include your original invoice or a packing slip in the e-mail so that it is simple for the company to examine what you received against what you ordered.

Adhere to methods three by way of 7 from the ‘no fault’ situation above as these actions are the identical no matter the explanation for return.

As this is an ‘at fault’ scenario, the business will cover the expense of return postage.

If you want to resell your purchase, keep the tags on and any original packaging like hangers or boxes - it'll be worth more!

If you want to resell your buy, keep the tags on and any original packaging like hangers or boxes – it’ll be worth more!


If the garments had been final sale and you simply do not like them, you will almost certainly want to resell or give the garment away.

Often preserve tags on the lingerie and preserve the original packaging. Clothes that is brand new with tags (BNWT) has a larger resale worth. Original packaging can enhance that worth as it is proof of authenticity, and men and women really like accessories!

Of course, we always hope that the things we acquire will fall into Stage 2: stuff we enjoy and program to maintain forever. However, purchasing on the internet skips the ‘try on’ stage so danger is higher. It is usually worth checking out a company’s return and exchange policy even in a ‘no fault’ scenario the cost of a garment you will not put on and might have difficulty reselling is normally a lot more than the price of paying return shipping.

If you have any concerns about dealing with returns and exchanges when purchasing lingerie on-line, leave them in the comments beneath!


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My Top 10 Lingerie Purchases of 2015

Author: Estelle

As has become my tiny blog tradition, I’m finishing the year with a round-up of my really favourite purchases more than the previous 12 months. Aside from the corset, I put on everything on this list very frequently – regardless of whether it’s a basic bra set or a luxury a single, absolutely nothing says “great purchase” like anything you really want to put on week-in, week-out and which holds up properly to all that use as well.

Every little thing on this list I’ve purchased myself, but a unique shout-out to Cervin’s Boetie suspender belt (brand-gifted) and Lascivious’ Liana bra set (fiancé-gifted) which I’m truly satisfied with too.

Mimi Holliday Raspberry Ripple pink silk slip low res

10. Mimi Holliday Raspberry Ripple slip

Read my assessment

Initial up is this silk slip that I reviewed yesterday. I’ve lost count of how many instances I’ve worn it considering that I received it significantly less than two months ago – in fact, I’m wearing it appropriate now. It is properly-created and oh-so-comfortable – the only reason it is down at number 10 on my list is because I’ve given that purchased an additional silk slip that I like aesthetically a lot more.

Fogal Peony tights review

9. Fogal Peony tights

Read my overview

Words can’t express how much I adore these tights! I didn’t realise net tights could be so pretty and come in designs that weren’t just diamond-style fishnet. I wear these frequently to work, but they’d be best for a night out too.

I only added these to my basket due to the fact I didn’t want to pay £5 postage for just one pair of tights, and I’m so glad I got them – the high quality is basically outstanding and significantly better even than my Wolford net tights, a brand that is supposedly the crème de la crème of the hosiery world.

Ava Corsetry Audrey plunge overbust review 2

eight. Ava Corsetry Audrey overbust corset

Read my assessment

This handmade piece is by far the highest-top quality corset I’ve ever purchased, from the premium duchess satin to its incredible shaping skills. I just wish I’d opted for a style with a busk at the front instead simply because this requires me forever to get on and off, which is precisely why I hardly ever wear it and why it is down at number eight on this list.

Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou bra set

7. Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou shoulder bra set

One particular of my a lot more current purchases, I plan to evaluation this one quickly but suffice to say I’ve been actually impressed by it. Bisou Bisou is one of Mimi’s most iconic types and I sort of felt like it had been accomplished to death, released in a lot of colours over the seasons, but now that I’ve noticed it up close I do get the appeal. It is beautiful!

Vivi2Anna review

6. Vivi2Anna rose print bra set

Study my assessment

Although not the most fascinating or groundbreaking of designs, this bra set has nonetheless gotten as a lot put on as my luxury favourites since it is just so comfy and so sensible. With the bra’s smooth cups and the thong’s flat edges, it is wonderful for a smooth line beneath tight-fitting clothing, and its way prettier than most remedy-put on.

It was also a bargain at about £20 for a handmade set, and I’ve been so happy with how it has lasted that I’ve just placed another order with this designer.

Review of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur bra

five. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Marisela bra set

Read my evaluation

Like the Vivi2Anna set above, this set gets worn at least after per fortnight since it’s a excellent, comfortable ‘basic’ that stays hidden under garments, but looks beautiful too. The match is also spot-on. I identified I was wearing it so typically that since writing my assessment, I’ve completed my set with a thong and suspender belt (the one particular pictured above is by yet another brand, Arabelle).

Fleur of England Signature bra set review

4. Fleur of England Signature bra set

Read my overview

The lace on this British-made bra set is just amazing – certainly check out the back of the knickers in my overview linked above if you haven’t seen it! It is a genuinely elegant, classic design and I’ve been wearing it non-stop with my basic black suspender belt from Cervin.

belle et bonbon emilia bra set review

three. Belle et BonBon Emilia bra set

Read my assessment

This bra set is not a excellent match – the knickers are a bit baggy and the bra has a flattening effect which I’m not a fan of – but I honestly don’t care due to the fact it’s such a lovely, gorgeous bra set! From the divine purple and gold lace, to the crossover straps, to the way suspender grips have been utilised for decoration, it’s just specifically my aesthetic. It is beautifully created as well and I appear forward to attempting a lot more Belle et BonBon in 2016!

Sapphire Bliss navy blue silk slip

two. Sapphire Bliss Audrey Kiss chemise

Another extremely recent obtain, I am hoping to create up a review of this towards the end of the week. As with the Mimi Holliday slip at the start off of this post, I’ve identified it so versatile that I’ve been wearing it all the time, day and night, and located it wonderfully comfortable.

The only explanation it’s considerably larger up on this list is due to the fact of its visual appeal – rich, navy silk and black eyelash lace combine for a look that’s decadent and oh-so-high-priced!

Pleasure State Couture Glimmer review

1. Pleasure State Glimmer bra set

My quite, absolute, mostest favourite lingerie buy of all? This divine bra set from Australian brand Pleasure State which I picked up in a sample sale. I knew as quickly as I started writing this weblog post that this piece would be at the best of the list simply because 10 months soon after getting it, my heart nevertheless beats a little more quickly each time I get it out of its box to wear.

The Swarovski crystal deals on this set – they are just sprinkled everywhere – are outstanding, and its one particular of those pieces that looks even a lot more incredible in genuine life because of the way these sparkle when they catch the light. This is the purpose I really like lingerie so considerably.

And now, I am off to pack for a tiny spa retreat in the Pyrénées. I anticipate I will not have any web exactly where I’m going, so I’ll catch up with you all in 2016 – until then, have a fantastic New Year!

What was your favourite lingerie acquire of all this year? Do you personal something on this list?


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