That Time I Realised That My Body Didn’t Require To Modify By Rosie Red

Oh hey guys! So my gorgeous friend Rosie Red of Rosie Red Corsetry &amp Couture has written me yet another outstanding post. Take it away gorgeous…

When I sit on the toilet (bear with me) I have a mirrored cabinet directly opposite me. I haven’t but put it on the wall. As a lot as I’m good with a needle and thread, I would feel significantly more comfy glue gunning it, and I just don’t feel it would be robust adequate.
Anyway, back to the point… when I am about to get in the bath and I sit on the toilet this mirror is positioned in the exact way that I can see my naked physique, hunched more than. I have a tummy that sits on my lap, and I have boobs that in spite of getting large and searching gloriously spherical in a bra, realistically sit in uneven melted ice creams down my chest.
When I am naked and looking in this mirror I do see my narrow waist and big hips, but I mainly see all the fat regions that are by all intents and purposes seen by the mass media as ‘bad fat’.
Lets be real, curvy is acceptably appealing. I can pose in a bikini and look the ‘good’ kind of fat. The shaggable type of fat. It’s only very recently that I have come to realise that a person can locate my physique lovely. They do not just find it acceptable, but really beautiful at any and every single angle.

I don’t know anybody that hasn’t had problems with their physique. Mine had been far a lot more prominent as a child and teenager. I consider as I have grown up I have taken a more f*** you approach to it. My body has had so much rubbish thrown at it, and but it has accomplished incredible things. That stated, I’ve usually thought in attracting (and maintaining) a mate I would have to alter my physique. Or, if I decided not to, that a person would have to tolerate it. My body would never ever be adored, or loved, but tolerated. How grim is that?
But it is happened. Someone thinks I’m lovely. Not just gorgeous in a tight jumper and high waisted skirt hiding all my ‘flaws’ type of way, but the hunched-on-the-toilet-belly-roll sort of beautiful. It got to a stage in our partnership exactly where I realised I couldn’t hide my physique or just pose flatteringly anymore. This person was going to see me naked. Opening the curtains in broad daylight sort of naked. And guess what? He didn’t run.
When we fall asleep in bed he typically holds my tummy. He doesn’t have a weird fetish (or if he does I am however to discover it), but the information are that it is soft, and perhaps in some approaches comforting. If I’m being honest I feel the 1st time he went to hold me there it was a sort of trust test: would I flinch, ask him to cease or move his hand away. I didn’t. He desires me he deserves the correct to be permitted to adore each portion of me. I don’t ever want our bodies to be off limits from every single other because of insecurity.
I am sometimes painfully aware that his ex girlfriends have been far thinner than me. But, they are ex girlfriends for a cause, and are in his past and not his present. It’s odd is not it, how we typically feel threatened by someone’s previous. How odd that we pin all of our concerns over someone’s appearance. It is as though we have been programmed to think this way.
It was in the course of a bath time conversation I dared to ask that dreaded query ‘would you choose me to be thinner?’ He told me that he loved me. Weight doesn’t play any element in that. The tube in my stomach (you can read all about my kind 1 diabetes right here), the bionic implant in my arm, and my ‘chunky bits’. They make me me. Wonderful I thought. But constantly wanting to pry a bit deeper I then asked, but what if I was to lose weight, or to acquire weight? Would you nonetheless discover me eye-catching then? Now as some background info, my chap is a really black and white type of guy, he’s to the point. “Yeahhh”, he said, “Do what you want with your physique. It’s your physique. I love it when we have sex, I adore it when we have days out, I adore it when we go for meals and to the cinema and for drinks. I really like the experiences your physique affords, why change?”
And that was it. That was the turning point for me. Not only did I realise that this guy found me entirely appealing, but that my appearance is not the only thing he’s attracted to (duuurrrrr naturally). He’s the initial man in my life that openly calls me lovely. Not the teenage boyfriend’s compliments of yeah you’re quite but kind of weird hunting, or later down the line of, yeah you are sort of hot in your own way… He says that I am stunning. And it is not a one particular off, he tells me often.

So this is my straightforward message to you, and I apologise for obtaining it to you in a quite rambly way: your body deserves to be far more than just tolerated. Your physique deserves to be loved, adored and worshiped. No buts, or maybes, or after you’ve lost 20lbs, but right now. This immediate.
I consider I grew up with the idea that to have a person love you (and your physique) you had to adore your self and your physique initial. Properly that is bollocks. I came into this relationship far from content with my naked body. Occasionally it takes a person else to assist glue our pieces with each other, and to teach us that those tummy rolls and those melted ice-cream boobies are loveable, not tolerable.

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Overview: Rosie for Autograph Silk & Lace Unpadded Balcony Bra Set

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: I purchased this lingerie with my own cash and was not asked to assessment it. This post contains affiliate hyperlinks.

Marks and Spencer – the home of ‘this is not just food’ food, Percy Pigs, and lingerie. Can you think I’ve lived in the UK for 26 of my 27 years, create a lingerie weblog, and had by no means till not too long ago bought underwear right here?

M&ampS sell over 61 million pairs of knickers per year and claim that 1 woman in three owns a bra by them, and over their 90 years in the lingerie biz they’ve carried out some fantastic items such as launching nude lingerie for multiple skin tones back in 2011, but I’ve constantly located their styles a tiny standard for my personal taste. They’re the place to go for spending budget-friendly, every day wardrobe staples apparently, but that is not actually my issue.

Then, in 2012, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and M&ampS with each other launched Rosie for Autograph which rapidly became the quickest-promoting lingerie range in their shop. Preconceptions are hard to forget though and I still didn’t actually pay the brand any consideration, till I was in their café earlier this month across from the lingerie division and figured I could as effectively have a browse.

I was right away drawn to two Rosie for Autograph bras in a glorious shade of red, and I also picked up this unlined balcony bra in a pinkish-cream to try on. The fit of the red ones didn’t kill me but oh, the third bra! I left the shop devastated it wasn’t red too and seriously thinking about acquiring a single plus a packet of dye.

Properly, silly me, it does come in red. And in black and a cool olive-and-cream combination. The 1 time I try lingerie purchasing in a shop and I nonetheless finish up purchasing on-line!




The Silk &amp Lace Non-Padded Balcony Bra is an sophisticated affair combining lace, sheer mesh and silk, and the colour is glorious. Specifically the shade of red I have been hunting for a lingerie set in because forever ago – not too bright and orangey, not also dark and burgundy. Just a rich, deep, lovely red.

The Brazilian short-style knickers are lovely, with a wide lace trim, silk front and a tiny rose-gold charm like the bra. I know rose gold is everywhere right now and it’s the ‘cool’ point to like but I do not care, I really like it and it operates perfectly alongside this shade of red.

And then there’s the French knickers. Soft, slippery, glossy silk with a little mesh and lace trim. Can you think these are only £20?!

Verdict: ten / 10



I expect a certain level of good quality when I’m acquiring lingerie on the higher-street, but this set exceeded those expectations. Almost everything is just perfectly sewn with each other with tiny little stitches, and the ‘Rosie’ embroidered elastic on the bra straps is a detail I certainly didn’t believe I’d find on a £26 bra. (Other, padded bras I tried on in the shop had Rosie’s signature imprinted into the lining). I can see why M&ampS is a favourite in the nation’s lingerie drawers.

Verdict: ten / ten




Either M&ampS does not carry Rosie’s line in retailer in 30-bands, or they’d all sold out, so I attempted on a 32D. It match nicely but a tad loose in the band so I ordered a 30DD online, and I couldn’t be happier with the match. It’s like the bra was created just for me! It’s so comfy I barely notice I’m wearing it as well.

The matching briefs and French knickers I bought my usual size of a UK 6 and they both fit correct to size also.

Verdict: 10 / ten




This is a silk and lace set with an underwired bra, and do you know what? It’s all machine washable up to 40 degrees. I haven’t attempted that, I’ve only hand-washed the set, but I can inform you it doesn’t leak a drop of dye which is so unusual for a silk this richly-coloured.

Verdict: 10 / ten


Truly need to reduce that label out!


Worth for Income

So here’s the best bit – for the three-piece set I bought, you are hunting at significantly less than sixty quid! £26 for the bra, £20 for the French knickers and £12.50 for the briefs. This is only marginally much more than they’re charging for considerably less fancy bras – tons of Marks and Sparks’ plain-searching t-shirt bras are retailing for £25 – but this one’s beautiful, and it’s silk.

£20 for the silk French knickers is an absolute bargain too – a swift search reveals similar-looking types by other brands at £20 and up, in polyester satin.

Verdict: 10 / 10

Er, so, I just rated this ten out of ten for every thing which is a first on this blog, and should tell you every little thing you need to know about my opinion of this purchase! That doesn’t imply it is my favourite lingerie I’ve ever bought by the way (it’s not), but for the price it charges I actually can not fault it.

The unlined bra is obtainable here, the French knickers here, and the Brazilian briefs here, all in a selection of colours. Also in the same range are a padded balcony bra, padded plunge bra, padded ‘beau’ bra, shortie knickers, high-leg knickers, teddy, pyjama set, brief chemise, extended chemise and robe. You can’t say M&ampS does not give you possibilities!

What do you think of this bra set, and have you ever attempted anything from Rosie for Autograph? 


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Rosie Red Revisited

I adore Rosie Red. Not only have I been involved in some extraordinary shoots exactly where I have got to put on some extraordinary creations of hers, she also pimped my wedding dress and made me a dress coat, has created me three incredible corsets and a dress, and has been one particular of the most loyal individuals in my life for really some time now. And so when she invited me to do one more shoot with her I was over the moon – particularly as it woud be with 1 of my extended time world wide web crushes, the great powerhouse that is Elly Mayday!

We actually had portion of the shoot in my back garden which was incredible as it’s a bit of a function in progress right now! And then we headed to a nearby park and had a handful of outfit and hair changes. It was such a joy to watch Elly at work and be in the presence of someone so sort and sweet and inspirational. She genuinely suited Rosie’s pieces – especially the red and black Belladonna dress. Richard Wakefield the photographer was just the proper mix of professional and complimentary. It is so nice to work with an individual with such a visible passion for photography and creating fantasy pictures. He was really joyful about every thing he did and that aids get the ideal benefits. It was also excellent to operate with hair stylist Lucy Jayne once again as she is such a sweetheart. She is just so talented at what she does, and Elly and I had hair extensions and she was magical at receiving them to behave! She assisted on the shoot with corset lacing and smoke bomb waving as nicely!

So right here are some of the images from the shoot. I have to say I really loved the black and purple creation. The colour of the skirt was out of this world, and it was good to unleash my darker side! And, of course, it’s often wonderful to put on the ‘Wild Roses’ pieces.

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I’m Not Diabetic Since I’m Fat By Rosie Red

One particular of the most particular people in my life right now is Rosie Red – she of the corsetry and couture brand. Rosie is a single of the strongest men and women I know due to the fact each hour of every day she fights with an awful disease. And as I have gotten to know her I have gotten to know much more about diabetes, the misconceptions, the agony, the worry, the way you cannot switch off – ever. And so with so considerably speak about it in the news correct now I believed I would ask Rosie to share some insight into the illness.

I’m not diabetic due to the fact I’m fat. That is as merely as I can place it. And, I actually wanted a ‘grabby’ headline for you. I really like corsets, wearing and producing them beneath my brand Rosie Red Corsetry &amp Couture. I also have a chronic disease which kills far more than breast cancer, implies the possibilities of nonetheless birth, blindness and amputation (just as a tiny taster of the big selection for you) are crazy high and I wear the snazzy accessories of a tube in my stomach, and an implant in my arm. I am 1 of the ten%: I have kind 1 diabetes.
If Simon has 12 Mars Bars and eats all of them in one particular hour, what does Simon now have? No, Simon does not have diabetes, Simon is greedy. And whoever came up with jokes like this are damaging to so a lot of children, teenagers and adults everywhere.
The difference between type 1 and kind two diabetes is so vast that lots of men and women have petitioned for a name modify. I truly wanted to be capable to use this report to correct some common myths for you, and to give you an understanding of what it is like for me to live with this illness.

Fat people get diabetes proper? You consume also much cake you get diabetes?
Let’s get this straight initial. There are TWO types of diabetes. The more Western illness which has not too long ago hit headlines more than usual, for sweeping through the UK and USA like a ‘modern plague’, and accounts for 90% of diabetics is type two diabetes. This is an illness connected with way of life. This contains obesity, inactivity, smoking and alcohol/drug abuse. It is achievable (in extremely uncommon circumstances) to create sort two diabetes after specific operations and in old age.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness. It belongs to the identical loved ones as CF, Crones and some thyroid diseases. It is when the body actually decides to randomly destroy one more element. For no frickin’ explanation. Achievable Motives that researchers have whittled it down to are either a virus, or significant trauma working as a catalyst. It tends to crop up for the duration of childhood (I was aged 11) which is where it gets its nickname ‘juvenile diabetes’ from. Some symptoms include: intense thirst, intense tiredness, needing to pee a lot, weight loss, smelly breath, and depression.

But insulin cures it right?
Incorrect. Insulin is a therapy which ALL type 1 diabetics have to take to survive. Without having it we would fairly just slip into a coma and that is the end of that. Becoming a kind 1 diabetic indicates that we create no insulin whatsoever, and as a result we are reliant on giving ourselves doses of the hormone. There are two ways this can be done, either by a number of every day injections, or by insulin pump. I wear an insulin pump in my bra which looks a lot like an old college iPod attached to a tube which is then on a cannula in my stomach. This is anything I have to modify myself every single two-three days. I’m fairly badass. And do not talk to a t1 diabetic about pain management, they got this!

If you have that many needles in your life, surely you’re used to them?
Needles hurt anyone. It is a really grim portion of the illness, and it is just one thing we have to get on with. My stomach is frequently black and bruised, lumpy and without having considerably elastic left in the skin. Can you picture getting more than 22,000 injections in your belly? That’s not going to appear quite.

Stop! You can not consume that!
Hold up appropriate there, we can eat something. Gimme a complete household sized lemon meringue pie and I will show you specifically what I imply. (Disclosure I have never ever really eaten a full lemon meringue pie solo, but perhaps it is worth a shot). The one exception is that we can not drink complete sugar drinks such as Coke or Lucazade. This is simply because the glucose in the drinks gets into our blood stream more quickly than the insulin we administer can. When you eat a sugary food, at least there is some digestion that needs to take location 1st. And as for diabetic chocolates, just don’t touch them. They typically contain sweeteners with laxative effects. I may possibly or may not know this from encounter of eating a full bag of Thornton’s diabetic toffee…
Nevertheless when our blood goes hypoglycaemic, these sugary drinks actually save our life!

You ought to be grateful even though, there are far worse illnesses!
The factor I battle with each single day is the way in which there is no hope. There is no obtaining much better. No matter what I drink, eat, how significantly I physical exercise, and how I sleep, this illness is never ever going away. Like I mentioned prior to, each single region of my life is affected. Some days I am so unwell I can’t get out of bed, and other individuals I am on prime of the planet. We also have to come to terms with the fact that type 1 diabetes considerably complicates each aspect of our physique and overall health. Research have just stated that it is the most demanding of all the chronic illnesses, both psychologically and physically. It is a 24 hour 7 day a week, every single day of the year kind of job!

Just for entertaining, I want to talk you by way of a first date situation. Now, if you are something like me, I dread initial dates! Eugh! What will they think of me? What shall I wear/how will I look? I want to attempt and assist you imagine what a first date situation can be like when you have variety 1 diabetes. This is simply one situation that requires place in my life as a mid twenties single lady. The thought processes and actions I take are related in all types of conditions no matter whether its on photo shoots, design and style meetings or providing lectures…
8am: Wake up, blood test. Eugh, blood sugar is going low so I ideal drink some lucazade and have breakfast sharpish. But not as well significantly breakfast, if it is too higher I wont be able to drive (by law your sugar has certain perimeters it has to be between to prove you are secure to drive)

9am: Blood sugar creeping up, but I have my eye on it. I am conscious my date and I haven’t spoken about my illness. I wonder if I’m going to be capable to hide it. I’ve scared folks off by letting them know also soon ahead of. And, I don’t want all the inquiries.
9.30am: Yet another blood test and crap it is too higher. I go to check my cannula and CRAP I have a bleed from my tubing. This indicates no insulin is going into my body. Receive a text saying ‘still on for the wildlife park at 11am?’ Reply saying ‘yes of course, *smile face*!’ PANIC.
9.45am: New cannula is now inserted, feeling sore and have had to change clothes since I’ve bled on my cream dress. Give myself a syringe full of insulin so that I know I am going to be safe to drive. Hope I’ve guesstimated correct. Date nerves commence to kick in, eugh, what if I’m ill when I’m with him, he will have no idea and I will look entirely weird.
ten.15am: Blood test once again, thank the gods its coming back down. Feel knackered and am now looking frazzled, but if I do not leave now I will be late.
11am: Arrive early so I can blood test in private and check my insulin pump. Put a temporary setting on my insulin pump simply because we will be walking all day which indicates my sugars will possibly drop. Verify I have almost everything in my bag (I can guarantee my bag is constantly much more full than yours). I can confirm I have my blood tester, spare strips, spare cannula, disposable syringes, vial of insulin, lucazade, bag of haribo, cereal bar, antiseptic hand gel, tissues, oh and lipstick.
11.10am: He arrives! It’s all going fairly nicely so far, fingers crossed!
11.30am: Damnit, my boob just vibrated! I hold my insulin pump in my bra and the temporary setting has just reminded me that it’s turned on. Not sure whether to say something or to ignore it. He definitely heard my boob vibrate though. Oh god, maybe he thinks I’m kinky.
12.30pm: Loo break, I feel a bit dehydrated, possibly my sugars are up. Excuse myself for a toilet break to test them in private. I’ve been ages, he legit should think I have gone for a poo.
1.30pm: Yeah, he seems a genuinely good guy, I like him. So far I have kept issues quiet effectively.
2pm: I’m aware we haven’t had lunch yet, and perhaps we are not going to have lunch? Ought to probably check the sugars to see how they’re managing. I have an additional long loo break. Perhaps he thinks I’m having loads of anxiousness poos.
3pm: Yep, no lunch and I am starting to feel a bit jittery. I can’t function out if its nerves simply because he just stood actually close to me and said I looked cute. Cute like a red panda. Or if it is the blood sugar. Better test once more.
three.30pm: Uncover a toilet to blood test in and find it is borderline low! Eugh! What a messed up day overall health, could you not have given me one day off?! I get the bottle of lucazde out of my bag and down it. Downing drinks is one of the several capabilities diabetes has taught me. He must think this is a genuinely large poo. I’ve been gone ages.
4pm: The park closes and I presume that’s the finish of the date. I can not wait to just get into bed and hide. How have you let me down so significantly in one day physique?! I feel drained. I can not have come across well. BUT WAIT, he is saying we need to stay out longer and suggests the cinema.
4.15pm: Blood test again to check I’m okay to drive
5.30pm: Head to the cinema and we get popcorn. Eugh, how can I count the carbs in popcorn, specially when we are sharing? Perhaps I just will not consume any, but I’m hungry and I don’t want to look like one particular of these girls that do not consume. In the darkness it looks like I am fondling my boob as I attempt and subtly attain my insulin pump. He goes to hold my hand, must be since he thinks I’m up for a good grope seeing as I’m currently at it.
8.30pm: The movie finishes and we go to the automobile park. More driving means much more blood testing. He is parked next to me and I need to make confident that he leaves 1st so that I can once again blood test in private. He kisses me! Was not expecting that.
9pm: I get home and am starving. I eat all the issues. But keep in mind to count all the carbohydrates so I can calculate my dose effectively (10g=1unit. I have had 68g= six.eight units). Get a text by way of saying he would like to cook me dinner! Score!
ten.30pm: Get my drained sorry butt into bed and start off to think about date quantity two.
3am: Blood sugar is hypo, I’m sweating and shaking so call mum for help.
6am: Blood test to check that the hypo wasn’t over treated and my sugar is not now crazy high. I’m safe so go back to bed.
8am: Wake up, I have a meeting with a group of design pros and have to do this all over again…

Kind 1 diabetes is the most significant burden I have to carry in my life. There are times I consider that it has offered me so a lot gumption to strive for every thing I want in life, and for that I am thankful. I am determined and ambitious, because regardless of every little thing I want to prove to myself that I can do this. But, if you gave me the decision, a life without having type 1 diabetes would be oh so significantly easier.
The subsequent time you hear someone generating a sweeping statement about ‘diabetes’ just please remember that ten% of us are battling an autoimmune disease in a way that feels comparable to attempting to handle a tornado. And please ask inquiries! The only way we ever learn is to ask.

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Bras N Things ‘Rosie’ Plunge Bra, Suspender and G-string. This…

Bras N Things ‘Rosie’ Plunge Bra, Suspender and G-string. This has been a surprise addition to what I call my ‘Wearable 3-Pieces’. That is, it’s a bra/suspender/bottoms set that is completely functional, even if it’s marketed or intended to be ‘sexy’. If your taste in underwear tends to run basic, I can see how this would be considered ‘fancy’ lingerie. If that’s the case, I definitely recommend it. However, as someone who’s lingerie is a little more elaborate&amphellip well, I’d still recommend it! I thought this would be a great, simple set for beneath skirts and dresses on days I wanted to wear stockings and I was right. It’s a sheer pale pink lace, over pale pink opaque stretch fabric, with black piping detail. The black detail extends to a strappy, cut-out feature on the back of the suspender that I like. The suspender belt is also lightly boned (which I really like) as it holds in place and feels a bit more secure and shaping. The g-string is a simple V shape, comfortable and doesn’t move on me, as most do. I forget I’m wearing it, which is rare for me with any thong style. The bra is a moulded cup with good lift. I find the fit great and the sizing spot on. Again, very comfy. Being a mid-range bracket and style, the hardware and fabric are OK and good for the cost, but of course, not luxury or anything. That is fine and to be expected at this reasonable price point, as this set’s strong point is definitely it’s fantastic fit and comfort levels, as well as it’s ability to walk the line between simple and special.‘Rosie’ styles by Bras N Things HERE

Bras N Things ‘Rosie’ Plunge Bra, Suspender and G-string. This has been a surprise addition to what I get in touch with my ‘Wearable three-Pieces’. That is, it’s a bra/suspender/bottoms set that is completely functional, even if it is marketed or intended to be ‘sexy’. If your taste in underwear tends to run basic, I can see how this would be considered ‘fancy’ lingerie. If that is the case, I absolutely advocate it. Even so, as an individual who’s lingerie is a little far more elaborate… properly, I’d nonetheless advocate it! I believed this would be a wonderful, easy set for beneath skirts and dresses on days I wanted to put on stockings and I was appropriate. It’s a sheer pale pink lace, over pale pink opaque stretch fabric, with black piping detail. The black detail extends to a strappy, cut-out feature on the back of the suspender that I like. The suspender belt is also lightly boned (which I really like) as it holds in place and feels a bit far more secure and shaping. The g-string is a easy V shape, comfortable and does not move on me, as most do. I overlook I’m wearing it, which is uncommon for me with any thong style. The bra is a moulded cup with excellent lift. I locate the fit great and the sizing spot on. Once more, extremely comfy. Becoming a mid-range bracket and style, the hardware and fabric are OK and great for the price, but of course, not luxury or anything. That is fine and to be anticipated at this affordable price tag point, as this set’s strong point is undoubtedly it is amazing fit and comfort levels, as properly as it is potential to stroll the line amongst basic and specific.

‘Rosie’ types by Bras N Factors Right here

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