Agent Provocateur Christmas Sale – 2016 Prime Picks

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This weblog post consists of affiliate links.

This will be my final post prior to Christmas, which is in fact tomorrow as far as I’m concerned – we’re spending it with my fiancé’s household who have their massive Christmas meal on the 24th and then open presents at midnight. I will also be offline for the subsequent couple of days, so I wanted to take this chance to want all of my readers a very beautiful Christmas. I hope Santa brings you whatever lingerie you have been dreaming of, but if he doesn’t, there’s often the Agent Provocateur Christmas sale to treat yourself with 😉

I have to say I’ve been a little disillusioned with Agent Provocateur of late. This was 1 of the extremely 1st luxury lingerie brands I ever discovered, and undoubtedly the one I’ve purchased the most from, but I’ve only spent £25 with them this year. I always looked to them for styles that have been fresh and exciting and new, but for the final couple of seasons I’ve felt like that innovation has been missing. The lingerie is as luxurious as ever, but aside from the odd piece (I do not dislike everything) it just feels like more of the very same. Is that just me?

For instance, they are only not too long ago beginning to release bralettes, arguably the most significant lingerie trend of the previous couple of years, and it is strange seeing a brand that’s generally making the trends attempt to play catch-up alternatively. It’s a shame, simply because I actually would have loved to have noticed what Agent Provocateur could have come up with if they’d taken this trend and run with it.

Still, if what you are looking for is just very quite lingerie, Agent Provocateur will usually do that properly. And with numerous pieces now as considerably as 85% off, it’s the ideal time to treat your self to something you have been lusting after, or to try the brand for the initial time. Here are my favourite pieces, and you can see the complete sale here.


Evalyne bra – Was £95, Now £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)

Evalyne knickers – Was £85, Now £20 (~$ 25 / ~23€)

Evalyne suspender belt – Was £95, Now £20 (~$ 25 / ~23€)


Axis bra – Was £95, Now £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)

Axis knickers – Was £85, Now £20 (~$ 25 / ~23€)


Gi-Gi playsuit – Was £245, Now £85 (~$ 104 / ~100€)


Theadora bodysuit – Was £395, Now £50 (~$ 61 / ~59€)


Alina basque – Was £325, Now £65 (~$ 80 / ~76€)


Gina bra – Was £75, Now £35 (~$ 43 / ~41€)

Gina knickers – Was £55, Now £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)


Bubbles hold-ups – Was £35, Now £15 (~$ 18 / ~18€)


Amara slip – Was £495, Now £245 (~$ 301 / ~288€)


Dioni bra – Was £395, Now £95 (~$ 117 / ~112€)

Dioni knickers – Was £395, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)

Dioni suspender belt – Was £295, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)


June bra – Was £85, Now £40 (~$ 49 / ~47€)

June knickers – Was £65, Now £30 (~$ 37 / ~35€)


Champagne / Dark Pink stockings – Was £25, Now £15 (~$ 18 / ~18€)


Zaharah bra – Was £345, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)

Zaharah knickers – Was £225, Now £45 (~$ 55 / ~53€)


Purrrfect set of three knickers – Was £95, Now £45 (~$ 55 / ~53€)


Summer time bra – Was £95, Now £45 (~$ 55 / ~53€)

Summer time ouvert knickers – Was £75, Now £35 (~$ 43 / ~41€)


Bar bra – Was £75, Now £35 (~$ 43 / ~41€)

Bar knickers – Was £55, Now £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)


Czarinah bra – Was £295, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)

Czarinah knickers – Was £245, Now £50 (~$ 61 / ~59€)


Fifi bra – Was £85, Now £30 (~$ 37 / ~35€)

Fifi ouvert knickers – Was £75, Now £25 (~$ 31 / ~29€)


Astra bra – Was £395, Now £95 (~$ 117 / ~112€)

Astra knickers – Was £325, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)

Astra suspender belt – Was £395, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)


Gabriella bra – Was £195, Now £75 (~$ 92 / ~88€)

Gabriella knickers – Was £145, Now £55 (~$ 67 / ~65€)


Earine knickers – Was £35, Now £15 (~$ 18 / ~18€)

And with that, I’m off to pack. Satisfied purchasing, and pleased Christmas! Do let me know what you think of Agent Provocateur’s designs lately – are you finding them as exciting as usual?


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Weblog & Sample Sale!

Author: Estelle

It is been practically half a year since my final weblog sale and my lingerie drawers are starting to overflow once again, so I decided it was time for an additional clear-out! I was also performing a bit of general spring cleaning and came across a few Esty Lingerie sample products that I had forgotten about, so I thought I’d give my blog readers very first dibs on these as well.

Postage is £4 in the UK, £8 to Europe and £10 elsewhere (per order, not per item) which includes tracking. I can accept PayPal or credit/debit card only, and am not accepting returns on the things listed right here.

If you see something you’d like to get or have a query, you can either email me at or leave a comment below – please note comments are moderated so it won’t show up immediately! Products are not reserved until paid for, and I’ll mark them as sold once they are so you know what’s still obtainable.

Dirty Pretty things rose print silk knickers

Dirty Quite Items 95% silk Juliet rose-print knickers (RRP £49)

Size: Labelled a Huge but come up little, fit a UK 8

Condition: New with tags

Price tag: £15

Silent Assembly Cira bra set

Silent Assembly Cira push-up bra &amp thong set (RRP £80)

Size: 32D and Little

Situation: New with tags

Cost: £20

Silent Assembly Elidi bra

Silent Assembly Elidi bra (RRP £38)

Size: 32DD

Situation: Lightly worn. A few of the chiffon flowers are fraying

Value: £5

Panache Cleo Jolie bra

Panache Cleo Jolie bra (RRP £26)

Size: 30E

Condition: Lightly worn, excellent condition

Value: £8

Roza Grase bra

Roza Grase bra (RRP £20.99)

Size: 32E

Situation: New in box

Price: £10

Roza Grase bra set for sale

Roza Grase bra and suspender belt set (RRP £41.99)

Size: 32D (fits much more like 32DD)

Condition: Lightly worn, very good situation

Cost: £15

Kris Line Bonnie bra for sale

Kris Line Bonnie bra (RRP £28)

Size: 32DD

Condition: New with tags but pearl missing from centre-gore

Price: £5

Kris Line Bonnie suspender belt

Kris Line Bonnie suspender belt (RRP £23)

Size: Small

Situation: New with tags

Price tag: £5

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur bridal garter

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Aliia garter (RRP £15)

Size: One Size

Situation: New with tags

Cost: £3

Emma Highfield purple leopard print velvet bralette

Emma Highfield purple leopard velvet &amp mesh bralette

Size: No label, roughly a Tiny / UK eight

Situation: Lightly worn, good situation

Value: £10

Tutti Rouge Nichole bra for sale

Tutti Rouge Nichole bra (RRP £29.50)

Size: 28F

Situation: New without tags

Value: £8

between the sheets robe

Among the Sheets Leopard Play robe (RRP £84)

Size: Modest

Situation: Worn, the gold leopard foiling has worn off. There is nonetheless a subtle leopard print to the fabric but the gold is totally gone.

Price tag: £15

Lulu Tout Fleur Rose bra

Lulu Tout Fleur Rose bra (RRP £24)

Size: 30DD

Situation: Lightly worn, exceptional condition

Price: £5

Wolford Ekaterina floral tights

Wolford Ekaterina floral net tights in Honey (RRP £31)

Size: Added Tiny

Situation: Worn twice, excellent condition

Price tag: £5

Ayten Gasson plum teddy

Ayten Gasson one hundred% silk teddy (RRP £82)

Size: Small

Situation: Lightly worn, great condition. Please note it is a lot more purple than it looks in the picture.

Value: £20



Wild Parsley Multiback bra + 3 changeable bands: black cotton, denim cotton, red silk &amp lace (RRP £74)

Size: 32DD (but I believe it fits closer to 32E)

Condition: Lightly worn, excellent condition

Value: £15

Esty Lingerie suspender skirt

Esty Lingerie 10-strap suspender skirt

Please note this is not genuinely created to hold stockings up (it might do for a photo shoot, but not for longer wear), it was intended as a decorative, lingerie-inspired outerwear piece as pictured. Floral skirt not incorporated.

Size: Fits 24-30″ waist

Situation: New with tags

Price tag: £20

Gold sparkly star bra

Esty Lingerie sparkly gold star harness bra

I decided this was too release along with the Estrella harness knickers and garters – it took over six hours to hand sew! It was made to be portion of the exact same set, so those things are available in the boutique if you want to purchase matching pieces.

Size: Best suited to 34D-E, 36C-DD or 38B-D

Situation: New with tags

Value: £20

Grey tie side knickers

Esty Lingerie grey print knickers with side bow

Upcycled from a vintage scarf. Minor construction imperfections (e.g. label sewn in a bit wonky) but nothing visible from the outside.

Size: Tiny / UK eight

Situation: New with tags

Cost: £5

green print tie side knickers

Esty Lingerie green print knickers with faux tie-sides

Upcycled from a vintage scarf. Price is reflective of some rather messy stitching about the leg openings!

Size: Modest / UK eight

Condition: New with tags

Value: £2

Esty Lingerie Glimmer sparkly lace slip

Esty Lingerie Glimmer slip

A first sample for the Glimmer chemise. It is longer than the final design and style and features a different neckline, elastic trim and straps. It was a really hastily place-collectively sample to test the pattern and as such, has some stitching imperfections.

Size: Extra Modest / UK 6

Situation: New without having tags

Price: £8

Pivoine sheer pink camisole

Esty Lingerie Pivoine camisole

A first sample for the Pivoine camisole. It is created from a various mesh, and doesn’t feature any chiffon flowers like the final design. As pictured, there is a section at the neckline exactly where much more of the elastic is showing than need to be.

Size: Small (UK six-eight)

Condition: New with no tags

Price tag: £5

White lace bridal tutu belt lingerie

Esty Lingerie lace tutu waist belt

Size: Fits 28-32″ waist

Situation: New with tags

Price tag: £5

Kaylaa harness in yellow

Esty Lingerie Kaylaa harness in lemon (RRP £24.99)

Size: Little (UK six-ten)

Situation: Worn once for photo shoot, no tags

Value: £8

line break


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Sale Lingerie of the Week: Sparklewren Black Amethyst Corset


At 1st glance, it may seem a bit strange to have a £500 corset as this week’s Sale Lingerie of the Week. Yes, it’s been reduced from £1200 (just more than $ 1700 USD) to less than half that (just more than $ 700 USD), but that is nevertheless an undeniably lavish sum for most men and women. However Sparklewren is undeniably worth it. If you’ve dreamed of owning a Sparklewren creation, and if her couture designs are not quite inside reach, then this is a way of partaking in the beauty of an exquisite brand for a fraction of the usual cost.

I don’t feel it’s overstatement to describe Sparklewren’s corsets as literal functions of art. You could location this piece on an hourglass mannequin in your residence, and exhibit it as you would a painting or sculpture or similar. Although I adore this image and think it belongs in the TLA archives, I know there are numerous particulars I just can’t see since of the limitations of a 2-dimensional photograph. Imagine being capable to begin your day with a meditation on lace and symmetry. But I digress.


Sparklewren’s Black Amethyst Corset is 23″, which means it ideal fits those with organic waists among 25″ and 27″. It’s made of black silk duchess and lined in amethyst purple duchess (that interior shot tends to make me really feel all fluttery in my chest), and is adorned with hand-painted purple lace blossoms over couture black lace “shadows.” Excellent hip and waist measure for this sample piece is 31″ for both (Jenni Hampshire recommends this corset for dramatic hourglass figures).

If you are slightly larger (say about a US eight,), Sparklewren also has a 25″ sample offered in the sale named ‘Foxglove.’ This piece is also created of silk duchess and handpainted floral lace, and is very best suited for organic waist measurements among 27″ and 29″ respectively. The sale cost is £220.00 (about $ 312.22 USD), down from an original cost of £800.00 (approximately $ 1,135 USD).

sparklerwen foxglove

As for the fine print, no refunds are accessible for either piece. These interested should make contact with Sparklewren directly with further concerns, like any relevant match concerns. If you like these items, but are outside of the sizes shown, custom commissions are also available…although they do come with a 6 month wait at this time.

I’ve been following Sparklewren’s perform given that the quite beginning, and it is a total delight and pleasure to watch this brand grow and develop and push the boundaries of what contemporary era corsetry can be. Interestingly enough, I commissioned a custom Sparklewren underbust of my own last year, and I plan to share it here on TLA in 2016. It’s practically too pretty to touch.

Had you heard of Sparklewren ahead of nowadays? What do you consider of their interpretation of corsetry?

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Agent Provocateur Flash Sale – March 2016 Leading Picks

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: This weblog post contains affiliate links.

It’s Agent Provocateur sale time once again! Their newest flash sale has just launched and ends on Tuesday, so be quick if you want to snag a luxury bargain. My favourite picks are under, or you can click right here to check out the entire sale.

I’ve not featured swimwear here but you need to certainly also verify out this Kimmi bikini, decreased from £290 to just £40! I reviewed it here and extremely recommend it at this price tag.

agent provocateur zuri basque

Zuri basque – Was £395, Now £70

Zuri thong – Was £55, Now £15

Zuri is a single of my favourite ever Agent Provocateur designs thanks to all that vibrant, tropical colour. This basque is now massively lowered, and though the thong is only left in one size, the basque would look just as lovely with a plain black short to match its sleek black sides.

agent provocateur ellin black bra suspender belt set

Ellin bra – Was £95, Now £30

Ellin suspender belt – Was £75, Now £20

Ellin knickers – Was £75, Now £20

Yet another massively-decreased set, I adore the Austrian embroidery right here which looks like a contemporary, geometric take on a leafy lace. Even if you cannot afford the full set, the suspender is an cost-effective treat that would appear fantastic paired with any classic black bra set.

agent provocateur masie purple bra set

Masie bra – Was £110, Now £55

Masie knickers – Was £85, Now £40

This is a new, present-season design that I hadn’t really spotted just before these days, and I adore it! It functions barely-there silk cups, covered with sheer leavers lace that wraps right around the back, and is completed with unusual double straps and a peep-hole at the back of the brief.

agent provocateur leisa mustard yellow black lace bra set

Leisa bra – Was £110, Now £55

Leisa suspender belt – Was £95, Now £55

Leisa thong – Was £75, Now £35

I’m a huge fan of yellow lingerie, and this vibrant daffodil silk appears specifically striking against the black Chantilly lace. I consider it would look incredible paired with these black and yellow stockings from Cervin!

agent provocateur willa navy blue lace bra set

Willa bra – Was £110, Now £55

Willa knickers – Was £85, Now £40

I’m genuinely loving these cutaway-gore bras proper now – you can see my evaluation of a equivalent style by Agent Provocateur here. This Willa a single is made from a stunning and delicate leavers lace, which has been gathered with each other actually beautifully on the back of the knickers.

agent provocateur larisza black bra set

Larisza bra – Was £125, Now £30

Larisza thong – Was £95, Now £20

Yet another massive bargain at now just £50 for the set (and still obtainable in a wide range of sizes also), this gorgeous bra set is made from wet-appear lace shot through with silver metallic thread, and attributes buckles which you don’t usually see on lingerie.

agent provocateur callie silver lace bra

Callie bra – Was £75, Now £35

Callie suspender belt – Was £65, Now £30

Callie knickers – Was £55, Now £25

Speaking of cutaway gores, here’s an additional! This is almost certainly my favourite set from the entire sale and it is surprisingly inexpensive for becoming Agent Provocateur. The sheer tulle characteristics an exclusive turquoise embroidery and sweeping scalloped edges. I’d be getting this set myself if I hadn’t already splurged on a new luxury set this month!

agent provocateur zahara gold lace bra set

Zahara bra – Was £345, Now £100

Zahara suspender belt – Was £395, Now £125

Zahara knickers – Was £225, Now £75

Component of Agent Provocateur’s deluxe Soirée line, this amazing bra set is created from decadent gold leavers lace, embroidered in raspberry-red for a warm shimmer. I want the gold stockings pictured here were nevertheless accessible – how amazing are gold stockings?!

agent provocateur lilian dress

agent provocateur lilian silk and lace inner dress

Lilian two-piece dress – Was £795, Now £395

Straddling the line between lingerie and outerwear, this two-piece dress characteristics a sleek satin inner dress topped with sheer, one particular-sleeved, eyelash-edged lace dress. Put on them separately or with each other for three various appears!

agent provocateur cathie navy blue lace dress

Cathie gown – Was £795, Now £395

How glamorous is this floor-sweeping sheer gown, in midnight blue lace? Like the piece above, this would make great outerwear too if worn more than a straightforward, physique-contoured mini or knee-length dress.

agent provocateur robyn strappy black silk bra set

Robyn bra – Was £95, Now £45

Robyn knickers – Was £85, Now £40

How unusual is this set?! I especially like the way the 3 cut-outs on the knicker look like petals, and the design is repeated at the back. It’s all created from glossy, sleek black silk with fairly, leavers lace inserts.

agent provocateur stevie black lace bra suspender belt set

Stevie bra – Was £125, Now £50

Stevie suspender belt – Was £110, Now £40

Stevie knickers – Was £85, Now £30

This unusual set is now significantly less than half value. It’s a truly enjoyable and different combination of soft, French lace with multiple gold eyelets – I feel like this bra is just crying out for a cropped denim jacket and cowboy hat!

agent provocateur emie red silk lace full length slip dress

Emie slip – Was £1,595, Now £795

I’ll finish with one that’s firmly on my lust list, simply because even at this reduced value it’s some thing of an investment – but if you can afford it, I can not think of a better way to treat oneself than with this drop-dead-gorgeous slip. Crafted from lipstick red silk with windows of scalloped lace and a low-reduce back, it is just breathtaking and some thing that will never go out of style.

Is there anything featured right here that you will be buying, or would get if money had been no object?


Esty Lingerie Weblog

Blog Sale – Aid Me Clear Out My Lingerie Drawer!

Author: Estelle

As I’m positive numerous of you are doing as well, I’m getting a large New Year’s wardrobe clear-out, starting with my lingerie. Many of these are items that I do like but basically do not get adequate possibility to put on to justify maintaining them, while other individuals are brand new pieces that weren’t a great fit. It appears a shame for all of this to stay buried away at the back of my drawer – plus I could do with a bit more drawer space!

As with last year’s weblog sale, postage will be £4 inside the UK, £8 within Europe and £10 elsewhere. This consists of tracking/insurance, and is per order, not per item. As I am selling almost everything here properly beneath the RRP, returns are not accepted. I can accept Paypal, credit/debit cards or bank transfer.

If you’d like to acquire anything, please leave a comment (if you are a initial-time commenter it won’t be visible until authorized, so no want to leave another if it does not show up correct away!) or email Items will be marked as sold as soon as they’re paid for so you can see what’s nonetheless available.

Bous Avenue Juliet bra for sale

Boux Avenue Juliet bra, RRP £28

Asking cost: £15

Size: 30F

Situation: Gently employed, perfect condition. Sadly changed sizes shortly after acquiring this beautiful bra!

Kris Line Bonnie bra for sale

Kris Line Bonnie bra, RRP £28

Asking value: £15

Size: 32DD (EUR 70DD) – although I would say it fits more like 32E

Situation: Brand new with tags but missing faux pearl bead from the centre gore

Kris Line Bonnie thong for sale

Kris Line Bonnie thong, RRP unknown

Asking cost: £5

Size: Large (UK 12-14)

Situation: Brand new with tags

Kris Line Bonnie suspender belt

Kris Line Bonnie suspender belt, RRP £23

Asking value: £15

Size: Little (UK 8-ten)

Condition: Brand new with tags

Ann Summers Kate bra

Ann Summers Kate bra, RRP unknown (padded version is £26)

Asking price tag: £12

Size: 32DD, I consider it fits a lot more like a 32E

Situation: Gently utilised, great condition

Tutti Rouge Nichole bra for sale

Tutti Rouge Nichole bra, RRP £29.50

Asking cost: £10

Size: 28F

Situation: Brand new without tags

playful promises temptation corset

Playful Promises Temptation corset (plastic boned), RRP £75

Asking value: £15

Size: Added Little (UK eight)

Condition: Brand new with tags

playful promises ghost bodysuit

Playful Promises Ghost bodysuit, RRP £45

Asking value: £10

Size: Little (UK 10)

Condition: Brand new with tags

Playful Promises Dominique bra

Playful Promises Dominique bra, RRP £45

Asking value: £10 SOLD

Size: 34C

Condition: Brand new with tags

Playful Promises Pippa Dandelion bra

Playful Promises Pippa Dandelion bra, RRP £30

Asking price: £8

Size: Medium (UK ten)

Condition: Gently utilized, very good condition

Playful Promises heart bra

Playful Promises Sweetheart bra, RRP £20

Asking value: £5

Size: Medium (UK 10)

Condition: Fair situation, some wear. Also I replaced the original pink straps with red ones.

Paige Italian Lace bra set for sale

Midnight Grace by Figleaves Paige bra &amp thong, RRP £38

Asking price: £15

Size: 32DD &amp UK 10

Condition: Brand new without having tags

Figleaves Olivia bra set

Figleaves Olivia bra &amp thong, RRP £38

Asking price: £20

Size: 30DD and UK ten

Situation: Brand new with no tags

Claudette Dessous leopard print bra

Claudette Dessous bra, RRP ~£43

Asking price: £10

Size: 30E

Condition: Gently used, very great condition

Claudette En Dentelle bra

Claudette En Dentelle bra, RRP ~£48

Asking price tag: £10

Size: 30E

Condition: Gently used, best situation

Claudette En Dentelle bra set

Claudette En Dentelle bra &amp thong with detachable suspenders, RRP ~£67

Asking cost: £25

Size: 30F and XS

Condition: Bra worn as soon as, thong brand new without having tags (as I also purchased the matching knickers)

Claudette Paramour bra for sale

Claudette Paramour bra, RRP ~£48

Asking price: £10

Size: 32DD

Condition: Gently utilised, label has come out but otherwise excellent condition

Nichole de Carle Opal bra

Nichole de Carle Opal silk bra, RRP roughly £100

Asking price: £25

Size: Medium

Situation: Gently utilized, outstanding situation

nichole de carle
nichole de carle babydoll

Nichole de Carle Opal silk babydoll &amp trousers set, RRP £300

Asking value: £100

Size: Extra Modest (UK 8) – fits smaller sized cup sizes

Situation: Brand new with tags &amp storage bag. However I modified the babydoll by adding additional strapping detail to the sides of the cups as pictured. Please note the knickers pictured on the model are not incorporated.

Amoralle bandeau halter bra

Amoralle bandeau halter bra, RRP unknown

Asking price: £15

Size: Little (very best suited to smaller cup sizes)

Situation: Worn once, ideal situation

Rebel Madness Cyan corset review low res
Rebel Madness Cyan corset low res

Rebel Madness Cyan underbust corset (steel boned), RRP ~£52

Asking value: £40

Size: 20″ waist (for 22-26″ organic waists)

Condition: Gently utilised, exceptional condition

H&ampM bra

H&ampM bralet, RRP unknown

Asking cost: £5

Size: EUR 40 / US 10 (fits about a 32D)

Situation: Gently employed, excellent condition

Emma Highfield bralet

Emma Highfield longline bralet, RRP unknown

Asking value: £10

Size: No label, fits like a little

Situation: Fair situation. About 1cm of stitching on the hem has come undone, could be repaired. This was a a single-off sample sale piece from a brand that’s no longer about, so quite uncommon!


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Sale Lingerie of the Week: Claudette Dessous Mesh Underwire Bra

claudette black mesh dessous 1

The 1st of the year is often a time of resolutions, of promises to do issues greater and differently than they have been done last year. I have a resolution of my own for 2016 (a lot more on that later), but if your new year’s purpose has something to do with acquiring new lingerie, I recommend taking a appear at Claudette’s Encore shop.

A recent addition to the Claudette internet site, Encore is a direct-to-consumer shop for designs and colorways from prior seasons. Whilst you won’t be able to buy the newest merchandise right here (to keep away from competing with their stockists), you can find some stellar bargains on most almost everything else – such as some pieces from their really first range.

claudette tan mesh dessous

With rates as low as $ 19.99, this is the best opportunity to stock up on a brand that’s a favourite of a lot of lingerie bloggers. Though the classic mesh Dessous featured right here has a location on the TLA Hall of Fame, their now-discontinued Cool Cotton types are worth a try as effectively, especially for wearing in the course of the hot summer season months.

A handful of rapid caveats (due to the fact there often are when we’re speaking steep discounts like this). For some things the complete size variety is not offered – so what you see is what you get, essentially. Also, Claudette only ships to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, and Ireland at this time (although they are contemplating consumer feedback for exactly where to begin shipping next). Lastly, all sales are final Claudette is not presently providing returns or exchanges on Encore products.

claudette dessous sandstone

With all that mind, if you are willing to experiment or if you already know your size and want some new bras for the new year, this a great spot to start. Claudette’s complete size range goes from A-G cups and 30-38 bands, and matching knickers for some styles start at $ 9.99.

If you’ve tried Claudette before, what are your thoughts on the brand? And are you a fan of Dessous?

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