Giveaway! Win a Silk Loungewear Set by Sulis Silks

Author: Estelle

Sulis Silks got in touch not too long ago to introduce themselves and I quickly fell in love with the brand. Not only are they primarily based proper by me in Bath (exactly where they manufacture everything), but they have some actually beautiful lingerie and nightwear.

As the name suggests, they work exclusively with silk (plus lashings of wonderfully detailed embroideries) and cover UK sizes eight to 24 with bras operating from a 32A to a 40G. Plus, the rates are totally reasonable the sets pictured under all come in at under £100. Count on to see them popping up a lot more than when in the rest of this year’s Christmas gift guide series!


Left to proper: Danielle basque set, Amalie bra set, Mariana camisole set

Alongside the silk-satin lingerie and nightwear, Sulis also tends to make a wide range of soft, silk-jersey loungewear to aid you kick back and loosen up in total comfort. Knitted from high-top quality threads, the pure-silk jersey has a all-natural stretch and is breathable, which means you will keep cool and comfy even if you wear it to sleep in. Silk is also a hypoallergenic fabric, creating it best for those with sensitive skin.

The silk jersey loungewear and nightwear range comprises six nightdresses – from a basic, oversized-t-shirt style one to a more glamorous cowl-necked version to a floor-length gown with a wide lace yoke that has a distinctly antique-repro vibe – and lounge pants, plain shorts and lace-trimmed shorts with a variety of long-sleeved and sleeveless tops to match. Also in the range is a set made from ribbed, ivory silk jersey which is created from a slightly weightier, warmer jersey than the rest of the collection.


Silk jersey and lace camisole in Lemon, £28

Silk jersey and lace shorts in Lemon, £32


Long-sleeved, lengthy length silk nightdress in Sky, £60


Extended-sleeved silk best with guipure lace in Black, £39


Silk jersey camisole in Berry, £24

Silk jersey lounge pants in Berry, £38


Ribbed silk jersey leading in Ivory, £42

Ribbed silk jersey lounge pants in Ivory, £42


Silk jersey slip in Berry, £33


Silk jersey and lace nightdress in Ivory, £58


Silk jersey cowl prime in Dragonfly, £32

Silk jersey lounge pants in Dragonfly, £38

I don’t know about you but all I crave via these frosty British winters is some thing cosy and comfy to adjust into when I get house and potter about the house in. It’s no wonder pyjamas are such a popular Christmas gift, and with Sulis you can treat a person to a actual silk pair for much less than you’d almost certainly anticipate.

Plus, one particular of you is going to be acquiring a set of your personal completely totally free! The beautiful men and women at Sulis Silks are supplying 1 of my readers their option of either the cowl top, cami prime or ribbed jersey prime, plus either the ribbed jersey bottoms or the smooth jersey ones to match. You can choose from any of the colours obtainable on their site, which differ depending on the best and bottoms style you pick.

To enter, leave me a comment with your favourite item or set from the Sulis Silks site – loungewear or otherwise – and then click the hyperlink under to record your entry by way of Rafflecopter to make sure it gets counted. This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 18th December.


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Fire, Stone, Ice and Silk: The Amongst the Sheets ‘Andromeda’ Collection

Note: The under lookbook contains photos which are NSFW.

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Golden Circle Forged Black Silk Gilded Lace Bralette Tap Pants

Every single after in awhile, and I do mean on very rare occasions, I run across a collection that I want I could hold secret. I really feel so spellbound, so mesmerized, that trying to commit my sentiments to paper (or WordPress) seems nearly sacrilegious. There’s a power in secrets, in issues hidden from sight and known only to a pick couple of.  In an era when most brands are clamoring for interest, Amongst the Sheets has gone in really the opposite direction, releasing a new collection that’s elusive, mysterious, and utterly sublime.

Andromeda, Amongst the Sheets’ first bespoke collection, draws on myth and legend to explore concepts like enjoy, sacrifice, strength and energy via the medium of lingerie. The lookbook, shot on the unreal beaches and vistas of Iceland, perfectly conveys that tension in between strength and malleability, a tension reflected in the composition of the pieces themselves, a brilliantly creative fusion of soft, diaphanous silk and tulle with brass, copper, Swarovski crystal, and cord. This collection is beautiful, yes, but it is also thoughtful, philosophical even, nudging gently at the concept of what lingerie can be. By reimagining the myth of Andromeda, designer Layla L’obatti also reimagines womanhood and femininity, especially the contrast among one’s outer presentation and inner self.

As opposed to the primary Among the Sheets line, Andromeda is not a collection developed with the intent to mass generate. Each piece is made to order, bespoke, cost-free from mundane concerns such as hanger appeal and storage. It’s beauty for beauty’s sake, and these interested in ordering from the Andromeda collection can make contact with the brand directly ( for prices and solution information.

What do you believe of Among the Sheets’ new collection? Would you put on something from their debut bespoke variety?

Credits –

  • Model: Arden Leigh
  • Photographer: Josh Verleun
  • Design and style, Styling, Hair: Layla L’obatti

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Constellation Playsuit

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Constellation Playsuit

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Golden Circle Silk Lace Dressing Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Golden Circle Silk Lace Dressing Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Constellation Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Riverside Alchemy Lace Silk Babydoll

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Riverside Alchemy Lace Silk Babydoll

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Laid Bare Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Laid Bare Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Laid Bare Playsuit

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Patina Gown

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Black Silk Gilded Lace Babydoll

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Black Silk Gilded Lace Babydoll

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Vik Alchemy Blush Silk Gilded Lace Bralette Tap Pants

Between the Sheets Andromeda Lookbook Golden Circle Forged Black Silk Gilded Lace Bralette Tap Pants

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Overview: Rosie for Autograph Silk & Lace Unpadded Balcony Bra Set

Author: Estelle

Disclosure: I purchased this lingerie with my own cash and was not asked to assessment it. This post contains affiliate hyperlinks.

Marks and Spencer – the home of ‘this is not just food’ food, Percy Pigs, and lingerie. Can you think I’ve lived in the UK for 26 of my 27 years, create a lingerie weblog, and had by no means till not too long ago bought underwear right here?

M&ampS sell over 61 million pairs of knickers per year and claim that 1 woman in three owns a bra by them, and over their 90 years in the lingerie biz they’ve carried out some fantastic items such as launching nude lingerie for multiple skin tones back in 2011, but I’ve constantly located their styles a tiny standard for my personal taste. They’re the place to go for spending budget-friendly, every day wardrobe staples apparently, but that is not actually my issue.

Then, in 2012, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and M&ampS with each other launched Rosie for Autograph which rapidly became the quickest-promoting lingerie range in their shop. Preconceptions are hard to forget though and I still didn’t actually pay the brand any consideration, till I was in their café earlier this month across from the lingerie division and figured I could as effectively have a browse.

I was right away drawn to two Rosie for Autograph bras in a glorious shade of red, and I also picked up this unlined balcony bra in a pinkish-cream to try on. The fit of the red ones didn’t kill me but oh, the third bra! I left the shop devastated it wasn’t red too and seriously thinking about acquiring a single plus a packet of dye.

Properly, silly me, it does come in red. And in black and a cool olive-and-cream combination. The 1 time I try lingerie purchasing in a shop and I nonetheless finish up purchasing on-line!




The Silk &amp Lace Non-Padded Balcony Bra is an sophisticated affair combining lace, sheer mesh and silk, and the colour is glorious. Specifically the shade of red I have been hunting for a lingerie set in because forever ago – not too bright and orangey, not also dark and burgundy. Just a rich, deep, lovely red.

The Brazilian short-style knickers are lovely, with a wide lace trim, silk front and a tiny rose-gold charm like the bra. I know rose gold is everywhere right now and it’s the ‘cool’ point to like but I do not care, I really like it and it operates perfectly alongside this shade of red.

And then there’s the French knickers. Soft, slippery, glossy silk with a little mesh and lace trim. Can you think these are only £20?!

Verdict: ten / 10



I expect a certain level of good quality when I’m acquiring lingerie on the higher-street, but this set exceeded those expectations. Almost everything is just perfectly sewn with each other with tiny little stitches, and the ‘Rosie’ embroidered elastic on the bra straps is a detail I certainly didn’t believe I’d find on a £26 bra. (Other, padded bras I tried on in the shop had Rosie’s signature imprinted into the lining). I can see why M&ampS is a favourite in the nation’s lingerie drawers.

Verdict: ten / ten




Either M&ampS does not carry Rosie’s line in retailer in 30-bands, or they’d all sold out, so I attempted on a 32D. It match nicely but a tad loose in the band so I ordered a 30DD online, and I couldn’t be happier with the match. It’s like the bra was created just for me! It’s so comfy I barely notice I’m wearing it as well.

The matching briefs and French knickers I bought my usual size of a UK 6 and they both fit correct to size also.

Verdict: 10 / ten




This is a silk and lace set with an underwired bra, and do you know what? It’s all machine washable up to 40 degrees. I haven’t attempted that, I’ve only hand-washed the set, but I can inform you it doesn’t leak a drop of dye which is so unusual for a silk this richly-coloured.

Verdict: 10 / ten


Truly need to reduce that label out!


Worth for Income

So here’s the best bit – for the three-piece set I bought, you are hunting at significantly less than sixty quid! £26 for the bra, £20 for the French knickers and £12.50 for the briefs. This is only marginally much more than they’re charging for considerably less fancy bras – tons of Marks and Sparks’ plain-searching t-shirt bras are retailing for £25 – but this one’s beautiful, and it’s silk.

£20 for the silk French knickers is an absolute bargain too – a swift search reveals similar-looking types by other brands at £20 and up, in polyester satin.

Verdict: 10 / 10

Er, so, I just rated this ten out of ten for every thing which is a first on this blog, and should tell you every little thing you need to know about my opinion of this purchase! That doesn’t imply it is my favourite lingerie I’ve ever bought by the way (it’s not), but for the price it charges I actually can not fault it.

The unlined bra is obtainable here, the French knickers here, and the Brazilian briefs here, all in a selection of colours. Also in the same range are a padded balcony bra, padded plunge bra, padded ‘beau’ bra, shortie knickers, high-leg knickers, teddy, pyjama set, brief chemise, extended chemise and robe. You can’t say M&ampS does not give you possibilities!

What do you think of this bra set, and have you ever attempted anything from Rosie for Autograph? 


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Fairytales by AF ‘Love Me’ Silk SetSweet and easy ideal sums up…

Fairytales by AF ‘Love Me’ Silk Set

Sweet and straightforward greatest sums up this set by Angela Friedman’s diffusion label, ‘Fairytales by AF’, a variety of comfy simple to wear types in pastel shades and a variety of light fabrics. The ‘Love Me’ triangle bralette and brief are made from a sheer silk chiffon with a watercolor-like print. This set just screamed ‘cute and romantic’ to me. The shapes are fuss-free, relaxed and comfortable. The fabric and good quality building are where the beauty lies. I class these sort of designs as ‘not-so-fundamentals. That is they are wearable, straightforward shapes with some kind of gorgeous tiny trait. I personally can not be as well active in bralette styles in basic, but they are what I put on at residence, as going bra-free is not an option for me and this is the most comfy mid-place between ‘no bra’ and a the much more strong support designs I put on every day. If you are a smaller size and/or adore a bralette as your most widespread style, you will adore this- It’s just so darn fairly! The briefs are crazy comfy. I’m speaking like, able to sleep in comfy. General, it reminds me of wearable candy and feeling cute, even at residence, and as Seinfeld’s Kramer said “Here’s to feeling good, all the time!”

The ‘Love Me’ Set by Fairytales by AF is Here

fairytales by AF angela friedman bralet bralette triangle bra soft bra softcup softcup bra bikini brief silk silk lingerie patterned lingerie pastel pastel aesthetic pastel silk patterns watercolor tiny bows lingerie

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Helen Valk Varavin Ariel Bra and Diana BriefI am a silk addict….

Helen Valk Varavin Ariel Bra and Diana Short

I am a silk addict. Most likely, why Helen Valk Varavin is 1 of my favorite indie labels. She tends to make all of her types in 12 different colorways, in this divinely soft 100% silk. In this case, a cute-trippy, watercolor painting print of kittens, seahorses and hummingbirds known as ‘Magic Garden’! This set is the ultimate in at-home comfort. I’m one of these spazzes that can not do their bra up from behind, so love a front clasp and this one particular is a nice sturdy gold 1. The thick underbust elastic and the complete coverage on the triangle bra, as effectively as the solid back band (thanks to that front opening), make it a lot much more safe-feeling then other related style, in spite of the delicate fabric. This sentiment is echoed in the retro-style, higher-waisted short, which gives a lot of coverage, yet due to the silk and fine construction, really feel barely there. I always neglect I’m wearing these. They also feature a keyhole tie at the back of the waist for a much more precise fit, as effectively as getting a fairly detail. The print I am such a sucker for- it is gorgeous, created by the designer herself and I haven’t observed something equivalent. Ariel and Diana are soft and feminine, but quirky and fully functional. The feeling only the skin is exceptional.

Helen Valk Varavin is Right here


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